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  1. Crossover from the FF collecting thread. Courtesy of @Superworld.
  2. Here’s a .5, beat that! Happy to get this one from @Superworld.
  3. After the bump, the book will settle, possibly even drop back down a bit. I think that in the long run, 1 and 4 will go back ahead of 3.
  4. I received my pile in a quick fashion. Everything was packed with care and very secure. I’ve been having a blast going through the books I bought from RM. 10 out of 10 for Bob from me. Thanks again Bob!
  5. Wowzers! Toooo sweeeeeet! I don’t know how to post memes or I’d find a NWO one.
  6. My mother was a math teacher at the high school I went to. I actually liked my math teachers as well. My senior year my teacher was a guy who also coached the baseball team, so we talked about sports a lot. Awesome guy.
  7. Courtesy of @Superworld for this one. Thanks again Big Ted!