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  1. How about this classic little L.B. gem. From a bound volume. A little glue left on the spine, but it presents beautifully.
  2. Exactly. I usually get along with this guy, but he seemed particularly agitated this day. I really don’t know what ultimate point he was trying to make. I basically got irritated because he didn’t really want to even hear my logic. I walked away.
  3. I’m pretty certain that just about anyone here owns more comics than I do. If I decide I’d like to purchase a book that is a couple grand, often I have to let a few things go to fund the purchase. This is a bit off topic, but I’ll share. At a store near me a while back, one of the employees was quite animated about the fact that everyone is a “dealer” these days. He asked me if I was a dealer or a collector. I said collector. He asked if I had ever sold a comic. I said yes. He said, you’re not a collector, you’re a dealer. No amount of argument was going to change his mind. There was definitely a bit of a sour undertone to the conversation, but who knows for sure. He’s probably just salty that the store can’t buy keys as cheaply as they once did. Of course I think it’s ridiculous to classify myself as a dealer. I’m not. Have I sold books in the past, sure. Anyway, I don’t really even know exactly what requirements one must achieve to be classified as a dealer.
  4. My deepest condolences to the family. RIP Bob.
  5. If a collection of 8k books would be considered average, I don’t have a collection at all. I currently only have 1 magazine box.
  6. I was actually wondering about both of them this week. It’s been quite some time.
  7. You can’t beat Friday night hangouts with a bunch of GA.