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  1. Hey everyone, I usually don’t make these types of posts, but before I hit the bay and take that risk, I’d like to see if there is anyone here who might have what I’m looking for. Looking for a MOC Kenner ROTLA Indiana Jones. Card doesn’t have to be mint. This was always a line I wanted to collect and never did. I think it’s time. Thanks everyone!
  2. That is insane. Sienkiewicz is a giant tool. Yeah, that’s the way business works. I’ll pay you up front for a job and wait 3 years to get the work. Then you draw that for me. Screw you pal.
  3. I’ll be 37 in June and I still smart off to my pops once in a while just to hear him say that.
  4. I don’t give two squirts who you are. If I come up to your table and am polite and professional and you tell me the only reason why I want the signature is to sell it on eBay, I’ll promptly tell you to shove it. It’s ridiculous how some of these guys act. Especially when you’re paying most of them for their sigs!
  5. Wouldn’t it be a conserved label (blue with gray strip) if it had archival tape. I didn’t think that fell under the purple label anymore.
  6. Exactly. It’s surprising how many people don’t do this. I’ve seen dealers at shows snag their own books trying to be hot shots and pull the book out of the bag fast.
  7. After almost 2 months of not hanging out, I went to a friend’s house this past weekend. We kept a large distance between us at all times. He wanted to let a few books go so we made a deal.