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  1. Get well soon @01TheDude. Hang in there!
  2. I know someone that owns a complete Timely collection. I don’t want to say their name.
  3. Yep. A few weeks ago I was getting irritated because there were 3 shops in town that had 4 copies between them. None of which had the pinup. Apparently the comic gods heard my wish and I ended up with 3 in one week.
  4. I suppose it does depend on how thick the book is. For example, an 80 page giant might be way too tight with two fullbacks. I’ll usually slide the second board in between the first board and the bag (so it never touches the book) and I’ve never had an issue with tearing.
  5. I use the E. Gerber silver and gold bags with two fullback boards. People mock me sometimes about how I use two boards....I never hear any complaints about presentation.
  6. And, the best book by a mile which I already posted in Gold:
  7. A few things I picked up at Wizard last weekend:
  8. While everyone was having a ball in Baltimore, I had to settle for Wizard. Well, turned out alright actually. Never thought I’d find this there. One of those books I thought for sure I’d never own. Just a little glue on the spine and that’s it.
  9. Gaahh! I need an Archie 50. Right now. Stat!