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  1. I review a beer called Quentin Quarantino and talk about comics!
  2. Rogue Dead Guy Ale and Three Jokers! https://youtu.be/ah6_iubQzz4
  3. New episode just dropped, y’all:
  4. @Senormac - yah, I don’t think Warped Wing gets out of Ohio.
  5. OMG, y’all, please check it out!
  6. Please check out the new episode:
  7. Naragansett! Say it with me one time, y'all! New episode just dropped:
  8. I talked a lot about Wonder Woman Dead Earth this episode:
  9. @SenormacI was a little angry for certain. Lol, at your “solution” I should have done that.
  10. Another week of new books and tomfoolery: