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  1. Deodato's take on a 'classic' scene... The Incredible Hulk vs. The Wendigo, and now...The Wolverine! ...Wolverine Origins #28, pgs. 9 & 10
  2. It was graded in 2018...I need to look up the serial number for the specific date...
  3. I know...late. Extremely late. Yes. It does say Newsstand Edition above the barcode...
  4. Thank you. No, not that one...but, this one I did!
  5. This is how the 'one-time popup notification' was presented (mobile version)...
  6. @GreatEscape provided this pic of Moy's booth...just noticed the top banner about high end graded comics...if that is his sign, then, is it a "new" sign, & does it represent a significant deviation from a more typical 'original comic book art only' reseller strategy?
  7. Excellent timing...Did you see any Uncanny X-Men pages in the stacks? Uncanny X-Men #212, perhaps...
  8. Before placing a bid two days ago, I was met with a 'medium sized' notice after logging in...Texas was 'now' on the List. The next move was simple, & instinctual, as I quickly closed the browser window. No further bids were placed for the remaining open lots.