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  1. Sometimes(perhaps most of the time), Seller 'A' lists a piece for sale/auction on eBay. Buyer 'A' purchases the piece & then 'flips' the piece to Seller 'B'. Seller 'B' posts the piece for sale on their website with an increased asking price. [This basic sequence takes place in both 'private' sales & across various 'public' auction sites.]
  2. Comic Link has a "dirt-cheap" example of Brigade #1 Newsstand ending in less than a half hour...
  3. HOUSTON COLLECTORS' SHOWCASE Sunday, February 9, 2020 From 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the HOUSTON MARRIOTT SOUTH at Hobby Airport 9100 Gulf Frwy Houston, TX 77017 (Just south of the I-45 South & Loop 610 South interchange) FREE HOTEL PARKING & FREE WI-FI!! WIN a $100 SHOPPING SPREE with paid $5 admission. Drawing held at 3:30 p.m. Must be present to win!! Showcasing the city's BEST vendors offering... Original comic book art, vintage & modern era comic books, both raw & slabbed 'key' comics, 'dollar' comics, graphic novels, vintage toys & action figures, & so much more awesome collectibles!! Join us & spend the day BUYING, SELLING, & TRADING for the BEST available merch. in the city!! Remember to bring in your vintage collections as vendors will be BUYING!! This is your BEST chance to get the BEST $$$ for your items!! Hours: 10:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Admission: $5 (Kids 10 & younger are FREE with paying Adult) Vendors: 30 - 6 ft. tables available. Pre-pay with PayPal, $40 per table. For vendor tables or more information, please contact us at Or call Bini at 281.250.2433 Facebook / Houston Collectors' Showcase Instagram @houstoncollectorsshowcase
  4. How common is it in comic book publishing today, for an interior page from the story to be used as a variant or later printing's cover? ...have any examples?
  5. Going forward, vintage (1990's era) Infinty 'this', Infinity 'that', published original art will continue to have "value" to a specific demographic, especially higher quality examples. Such as the Galactus & Silver Surfer gem that recently sold with HA. Speaking of Galactus...with Thanos out as the 'Big Bad' in the MCU films to come, Galactus is likely to take that role. Today, only a few art collectors can BUY the Kirby/Sinnott Galactus pages...should an example even be offered. And, only a few more art collectors can BUY either the Buscema &/or Byrne era FF Galactus pages, if they become available... Galactus will be officially announced as the new 'Big Bad' in the MCU saga.
  6. 20% Off Sale on The Walking Dead Cover art...anyone??
  7. Agreed. I had blindly 'undervalued' the ongoing technological advances in this medium's creative process for too long...from the penciler to the colorist, their 'modern' skills & techniques have since (re-)gained my appreciation. While the DPS by JR JR & Janson was created 13 years ago, Janson's mastery of the line work was & is still strikingly beautiful. The details of the Apache & support helicopter squadron are mesmerising to review...