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  1. I want one...not one of the variant comics, an original mosaic[by Matt Dimasi]...
  2. One would incorrectly assume that Heritage Auctions hires 'Experts'. Much less 'Pokemon Experts'...
  3. Absolutely my favorite statement/comment regarding the recently ended HA Signature Auction...
  4. ASM 308, pg. 13... Nov. 22, 2019, HA - $18k Sep. 2020 till Now, Nostalgic Investments - $32k
  5. Undoubtedly, at least 'some' of, the 'younger' buyers [not to be mistaken for 'art collectors', whatever the BLEEP that means] are 'seeing' aesthetic & monetary values in McFarlane's Amazing Spider-Man/Spider-Man original art work(s) which can & have been partially influenced by generational 'constructs' or context. Nevertheless, there have also existed some 'older' buyers whom have had, & may still do, the ability to 'see' aesthetic & monetary value in bidding or buying McFarlane's ASM/Spider-Man work. For example, the father of Jeff Nason. His father once purchased multiple e
  6. The 12 McSpidey "Double Page Spreads", sorted from "Best" to "Worst"... Spider-Man issue 1 - "Best" Spider-Man issue 11 Spider-Man issue 8 Spider-Man issue 6 Spider-Man issue 7 Spider-Man issue 3 Spider-Man issue 14 Spider-Man issue 16 Spider-Man issue 4 Spider-Man issue 5 Spider-Man issue 2 Spider-Man issue 10 - "Worst" In that order, I would also set their valuations from highest to lowest. If the auction were to take place during 2021, then I guesstimate the Spider-Man #1 DPS to sell for no less than $250,000... (No offence to those who do not discuss "
  7. Along with one link to the newest Donnelly Bros. Live Meet & Greet episode, we're provided with links to a dozen different "creators'" podcasts & YouTube videos...
  8. Show of hands...who else here would try to watch/listen to the first few minutes of a Donnelly Bros. podcast/YouTube vid.??
  9. The 'talking heads' have kindly reminded all of us 'collectors' that "this is like one data point" & "it doesn't quite work [that way]"... So, to paraphrase, the recent $120k sale of the ASM 328 page is not a reliable data point for collectors to use when attempting to valuate their Mcfarlane Spider-Man art work. Be mindful of sudden "knee-jerk reactions" when valuating your examples based on this result, leave pricing and sales to the 'professionals', & please do not try this at home. [Ironically, many 'dealers' reference the most recent Heritage Auctions sales results when