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  1. An example from this lot, just back from Sarasota...Whitman designation not acknowledged.
  2. Reserve(s) not met...Those Byrne X-Men pages are 'toxic', at those prices, for certain.
  3. Yes I do. I would like to own a CGC 10 example of the Wolverine Hologram to round out the presentation.
  4. Anyone here use 'bots' to beat the competition? Either during Felix's art drops or elsewhere? Across the yard, the toy guys are getting crushed by 'bots' in seconds of vendors activating online inventory, allegedly...
  5. What did 'we' decide was the previous sale price of this McSpidey Venom page? $30k? $35k? Has it been confirmed?
  6. I was describing the Tradd Moore Silver Surfer: Black art drop to an 'experienced', older original comic book art guy who has long been "out of touch" with 'real-time' valuations. He 'sees' through the filter of yesterday's asking & realized prices. If the work doesn't appeal to his Frazetta, Eisner, Adams, & BWS taste, then he doesn't 'value' it & certainly not even close to what today's 'market' yields. He reviewed the selection & took a minute to accept the results of the SSB #2 drop[50k!?!?]...his first reaction was that the art was 'underpriced' by a minimum of 25%. His claim was solely based on the 'speed' at which all of the pages sold.
  7. I have been 'here' before, many times before...& I too have learned my lesson. Once upon a time, I had the 'drop' on a healthy chunk of 'early' Charlie Adlard original comic book art to The Walking Dead. This was several months before the AMC series was shooting. Well before the classic SDCC trailer drop. Long story short, I flinched while consulting & negotiating with others who did not share my vision. The 'deal' vaporized. And, the rest is history... While I still look at 'most' of the original comic book art dealer updates, these days, only Felix Comic Art & Nostalgic Investments have presented material that appeals to both me & my wallet. For many years now, only the 'big two' auction houses have consistently presented 'vintage' material that appeals to both me & my wallet. Certainly, private sellers, comic book shops, & eBay have provided excellent opportunities.
  8. No. This example had moderate amounts of paper loss along the spine & edges.
  9. BLACK HOLO, no image visible, no green, no blue, no yellow or any other color...CGC notes "Distorted Hologram"...this one will be auctioned next week via MCS (My Comic Shop)...
  10. Sometimes, comparing McSpidey DPS's feels like comparing Hattori Hanzo just don't do it! However, we'll almost always hear/read someone championing an example over another, & perhaps brazenly accuse the example being sold/auctioned as 'the cheapest[weakest] one you're gonna get...!'
  11. Issue 7 Issue 8 Issue 10 Issue 11 Issue 14 Issue 16
  12. For all of you McSpidey-maniacs!!...Mr. McFarlane had 12 double page splash(DPS) examples published during his 15 issue run on Spider-Man(1991). There were no DPS examples published during his 28 issue run on The Amazing Spider-Man series. Rank the 12 Spider-Man DPS examples, from 'Best' to 'Worst' using the numbers 1-12 where #1=Best & #12=Worst. Or, just make it easy on yourself & pick your Top 4 examples!! Spider-Man issue 1 = UNDENIABLE #1 Spider-Man issue 2 = Spider-Man issue 3 = Spider-Man issue 4 = Spider-Man issue 5 = Spider-Man issue 6 = Spider-Man issue 7 = Spider-Man issue 8 = Spider-Man issue 10 = Spider-Man issue 11 = Spider-Man issue 14 = Spider-Man issue 16 = Issue 1 Issue 2 Issue 3 Issue 4 Issue 5 Issue 6