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  1. The 'talking heads' have kindly reminded all of us 'collectors' that "this is like one data point" & "it doesn't quite work [that way]"... So, to paraphrase, the recent $120k sale of the ASM 328 page is not a reliable data point for collectors to use when attempting to valuate their Mcfarlane Spider-Man art work. Be mindful of sudden "knee-jerk reactions" when valuating your examples based on this result, leave pricing and sales to the 'professionals', & please do not try this at home. [Ironically, many 'dealers' reference the most recent Heritage Auctions sales results when explaining their asking price for an example of original comic book art by the same artist. Sometimes the 'comp' is also from the same comic book series & timeframe, when available.]
  2. 'The Scarecrow' comission has gone missing...allegedly, and more...
  3. The withdrawn lot...made the front cover of the catalog...huh...
  4. Ex-Machina #42, end splash page Tony Harris pencils & Jim Clark inks
  5. Once upon a time, among the collection of Henry H. Huie...
  6. A Nason/McSpidey page is a page of Todd McFarlane drawn original comic book art from The Amazing Spider-Man series which is being sold by Jeff Nason via Heritage Auctions.
  7. This McSpidey is currently at $49.2k w/BP...I guesstimate that it will have breezed past $65k(all in), before the floor bidding begins...let's all recalibrate. [...wonder if 'they' will throw another Nason/McSpidey page out in one of the Sunday auctions before the next Signature auction?]
  8. ...just acquired Our Gang #1 in a lot...first appearance in comics of both Our Gang and Tom & Jerry, for those still keeping score at home. The lot also featured a Carl Barks signed copy of Uncle Scrooge #1...
  9. An example from this lot, just back from Sarasota...Whitman designation not acknowledged.
  10. Reserve(s) not met...Those Byrne X-Men pages are 'toxic', at those prices, for certain.
  11. Yes I do. I would like to own a CGC 10 example of the Wolverine Hologram to round out the presentation.
  12. Anyone here use 'bots' to beat the competition? Either during Felix's art drops or elsewhere? Across the yard, the toy guys are getting crushed by 'bots' in seconds of vendors activating online inventory, allegedly...
  13. What did 'we' decide was the previous sale price of this McSpidey Venom page? $30k? $35k? Has it been confirmed?