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  1. Over the course of the last week, so many artists I follow have either announced work they have made NFTs for, or that they are currently exploring how they will also be entering the NFT world. This is amazing. Meanwhile, the last month, I’ve been pondering how to best pull back from buying art, and just the internet in general. I’ve said for years, I was trying to get back to some kind of semi-permanent contentment, as I’d had for a few years in the past. Not buying more, just being happy with the art I have. But every year I buy a few things, I sell a couple. But the bulk has seemed
  3. Looks like someone paid $30 for a big old stack of them.
  4. I watch so many documentaries, I just let them run in the background anymore.
  5. I keep a spreadsheet as well. Not for 10-20 years down the line, but for right now. No guarantee any of us makes it through the current year. I try to update my lists every year with more current data. Removing sold pieces, and adding newer ones. I include thumbnail photos, so it’s not just down to a text list. I don’t bother with what I paid, or who the art came from. In a lot of cases the current values are so far away from their start point it’s silly. And a lot of the sellers are gone from the hobby, or do t really matter anyway. And much originated with the artist anyhow. W
  6. I found it dull. There are much better forger documentaries out there, and the prosecution part felt weakly handled to me. I couldn’t help feeling like there was more they knew, but threat of lawsuits of their own might have made them air a less pointed version of what they dug up. Its fine as a time killer, but it wasn’t all that, IMO. I’d Watch Art and Craft, There are No Fakes, and Beltracci for a start.
  7. It's all about the Chewbacca Defense... And I for on LOVE that it has become a thing in real life. Hahahaha.
  8. The whole contract to kick back $ to the artist is very much the BWS agreement all over again, but the modern web-equivalent. We all saw how well that went over. But the kids don’t give two chits, what us old timers think. They will do what they will do. Like CGC, this could prove a sea-change in time, at least for modern OA. But for a while at first, there will be plenty of old guys saying no way, never. Just like the early CGC years. For the record, I’ve never had anything slabbed and never would. And the irony is not lost on me, that I spend as much time as I do on a CGC run
  9. For what it’s worth, McKean already sold all the digital Sandman covers, back in the 90s. At least from the main series. Those were all monoprints. Four Color Gallery in NY had a show with them, and they were sold one by one. A few can be found on CAF. Many have changed hands over the years. The prices always rise, but nothing quite like the physical cover art he made, or interior pages by various series artists. Who knows though. In the face of NFTs, perhaps these pieces find a second wind? -e.
  10. DC has been publisheing their own version of AE books for a while now, called Gallery Editions. I do confess, I often use the term Artist Editions, the way a lot of people will say they want a Coke, rather than the general term soda. A bunch of companies make similar type books, or have in recent years. Jumping on the coattails of the AE, which in and of itself always seemed to me to have stemmed from the way Ashley Wood was producing HIS art books at IDW before the AE editions ever came along. Which is to say, showing all the artwork (whiteout, corrections and all), as clo
  11. As has been stated, the comp USED to be common practice, but as DC is in the toilet these days, and printing and shipping costs continue to rise, especially for short run publications like artist editions... it is totally unsurprising. So why send them a scan at all? IF you are of the sort that believes having the art you own in print, gets more eyes on it, and more exposure = more buyers down the road... It seems to me you are just stoking the potential list of would-be buyers down the road. Another print location for your art’s resume if you will. So your time could be an investme
  12. Too analog. But you could sell sections of a super high priced NFT as distinctive NFT if you like. Everybody gets a unique centimeter. Like a stock split.