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  1. ESeffinga

    Old School Love And Rockets

    This is genuinely great! Love me some old L&R. Congrats.
  2. ESeffinga

    Alex Ross Kingdom Come Cover - "Revelations"

    Cool piece. I looked it up. I knew I remembered seeing it somewhere, but when OP called it the 5th book, I got curious. Been years since I flipped through the Revelations book on the LE slipcase. I owned the Deadman pencil drawing in it for a number of years. I want to say that came from 4 Color Gallery, in NY. Sold the Deadman drawing years ago, along with my Deadman KC pages (also from 4 Color). "Even though I got no eyes!"
  3. ESeffinga

    Best way to store OA?

    Suuuuree. You said it just like that in your snootiest voice. “Do you know who I am?!?”
  4. ESeffinga

    E level art

    It's probably me being OCD, but it seriously bothers me that the math is wrong on that cover. I'm sure it was intentional, but it doesn't look like the basic 1+2= 4 kind of gag. And also... OCD!!!!
  5. ESeffinga

    B level art

    The entire conversation rests on where the goalposts are placed, and who is placing them. That is no doubt. And comparing an artist's work against his or her oeuvre is pretty self-explanatory. Every individual has their own internal ranking, and average enough together and certain preference patterns will emerge. What is a more interesting mental exercise to me personally, is when we do start to look at those un-like comparisons at a strictly dollar for dollar level. I was just reading though some of the ongoing threads here on the boards, and pulling these two completely different comps together, I'm struck by how conflicted it makes me feel. I am thinking of the recent Killing Joke 1 page, and the recent Frazetta painting sale. Some proffering that the KJ page is a B (or even C), and many feel similarly about the Frazetta piece. I know that examining these individually myself, neither does a whole lot for me, so irregardless of their prices, I'd never be actively chasing either one. Which leaves me feeling at least somewhat objective in looking at where they do really stand if I was comparing these apples and oranges as if they were obtainable. They are from completely different disciplines, with completely different goals. They are also both works created when many feel they were in their "prime" years. The Frazetta is "complete" in that it doesn't require any before and after, to know what it is. It's light, for a Frazetta. There's danger, but the palette is almost pretty and reminiscent of Frank's lighter whimsical watercolor pieces. The piece is more about a tenseness and suspense, rather than the explosion of action that so many other pieces of Frazettas have. These could all be seen or pros or cons, depending on the viewer. While I may not be a huge fan of this particular Frazetta, I can't help but find myself being surprised that the KJ piece even within 1/6 the value. Killing Joke IS a seminal work. Moore and Bolland at their finest. And yet, this exact page feels to me, like a consolation prize. Would a truly stellar page from KJ feel worth more than the Frazetta to me? Absolutely. I'd take a top-tier KJ page over the Mid-Tier Frazetta any day. But this ain't that. To me, the Batman arrival page is total setup. And not even important setup, or exposition, or anything narratively crucial to the book. On the art side, you get some rain, a couple non-dynamic Batmobile partials, Batman limb, a small Batman Silo Batman from the back, and then 2 decent shots of Gordon and an officer with bits of Batman in the corners. It's VERY solid storytelling, and beatifully rendered but it's wholly unremarkable. The most remarkable thing about it is what it is a part of. The remarkable stuff is ALL on the other pages of the book though. And then I think of the other thread, and how upon seeing all the thumbnails of the pages laid out before me, I said I felt like I'd take any page from about half or more of the book, than this one. Looking back on it now, I'd probably take more than 3/4 of the book over P1. So I look at the KJ page end price, and I look at the Frazetta one, and it's a little scary to me how close the P1 KJ gets to the Frazetta. We all know all this stuff is relative and subjective, but as I said in the other thread, it's a little freaky how quickly these "nostalgia" driven prices are rising. And if you don't like the Frazetta comparison, I seem to recall someone said that a really good KJ page could set you back $500-600K. I'd trade 6 copies of P. 1 for the great pages all day long and twice on Sunday, if that comparison makes more sense to folks. The idea that it would only take 6 p.1 quality pages to have a great piece seems like a deal to me. But then looking at what P1 costs, what a Great page costs, I come back to reality. How did we get to these figures in the first place? By rationalizations like mine. It's nuts! I'm nuts. -e.
  6. ESeffinga

    Weird ebay bid history question

    ... and yeah, the one bid canceling guy totally tried to come back and scoop it up for cheap. Thankfully others came in with their sniping bids and pushed him well out.
  7. ESeffinga

    Weird ebay bid history question

    Bid history.
  8. ESeffinga

    Weird ebay bid history question

    Just wanted to say the auction ended, and did better than I was afraid it would. Sold for more than prior to the bid retraction amount, so I can’t complain at all. As soon as I get a chance, I want to take a look to see if those guys came back to try and bid again. Only thing I know for sure is neither of them won, so...
  9. At the very least, it crosses the mind doesn't it? Even if it's just in abstract ways.
  10. I hate the idea of price guides with art. There's no way to build solid metrics. Keeping a database/book of public sales for sold art is really the only metric available. And then we factor in our own personal rationalizations. The way my Dad always put it was "something's only worth the price someone's willing to pay you for it". My interest in owning a KJ page evaporated with the prices of YEARS ago. As much as I like the book, that money can and does buy a lot of art (not to mention other things). So today's KJ prices are of little more than a passing interest, and raised eyebrows. FWIW, I looked over the KJ book pages all spread out above, without giving them more than a cursory glance, and I was surprised to discover liked about half of them more than that #1 page. I bet I could find even more than that, if I took the time to really peruse the book with what I like MORE than p1 in mind. And so... IMO prices like these for pages like these are a threat, not just for skewing pricing for KJ, but because they skew overall perceptions of what a dollar can buy. I assume everyone does the mental gymnastics I do when I see art like this sell. I think what would I take OVER what is on offer. What would I rather spend the money on? What does this do to our price rationalizations for pieces we're interested in by other artists? If KJ page 1 sold for this, it makes that cover over there seem awfully good deal by comparison (even if that cover's well overpriced by other metrics). Is this an outlier caused by a p1 designation? What a weird thought. I miss the days when a great page brought the big bucks, and you could at least get a feel for why it sold for the price it realizes. Here any more, I'm having trouble fathoming some of the reasoning behind the big ticket sales. You can say as always, it's just supply and demand, and the heart wants what it wants at it's core, sure. But I think it's the thought processes of some buys I just can't get a bead on anymore. Where'd I leave that Bubalicious jpg?
  11. ESeffinga

    Weird ebay bid history question

    It's not a comic art auction, that's probably why you didn't spot it. The comic art pieces I put up previously are all set up with BIN and taking offers. This one's for a vintage bass, (other hobbies) which is why I didn't just post a link here. I was mostly just curious if anyone's seen such activity. A double cancellation so close to the end? Especially as I was thinking about tossing a couple comic pieces up for straight auctions to test the waters, but now am hesitant. Though there's new bidding activity again on the bass this morning from fresh faces, and I've had a number of PMs via eBay from would be buyers, so it's possible it could get back up to the $1450 it was at last night, or at least mitigate it going for $750, minus fees... We shall see. Thanks to the folks that have PM'd me directly offering help and with chit chat about it as well. I'm keeping my fingers crossed at this stage, -e.
  12. ESeffinga

    Weird ebay bid history question

    No reserve...
  13. ESeffinga

    Weird ebay bid history question

    Unfortunately if there's less than 12 hours, eBay won't let sellers end an auction. So I would wager that whoever cancelled their bids knew exactly this, and knew I'd not be able to act if they waited until that exact moment to cancel theirs. Maybe the scam here is to bid high enough to scare off any bidders, then cancel all bids in the hopes that another party can scoop it up in the remaining 12 hours with less competition? I've already been contacted by a couple of watchers asking why the price dropped so much, and suspicious that I am up to something, or that somehow people are afraid it's a fake. I guess further scaring off potential bidding competition? Unfortunately I have no way to prove collusion, or even a scam. But it does seem if folks had unrelated bid buddies in other states that ocasionally did this for eachother on high priced items, they could in theory, save themselves hundreds of dollars over time, just being the cancelling party once or twice a year even. Next time they want something, one of their pals plays the role of the cancelling party. It's like a reverse shill? OR, maybe the 3rd bidder outbid the "winner" of the 2-person bidding war. So Bidding war guy looks around and buys himself some other high dollar item, or just sees it as relief he isn't going to win anymore, as he's having second thoughts. BUT then the 3rd bidder backs out, leaving that guy holding the bag, as he's back to high bidder 4 hours later. He gets the congratulations email from eBay, and immediately cancels his as well. Either way, it's spoon! I've contacted eBay, but I'm not expecting much. And it still seems to have some interested parties. I'm hopeful that one or two at least will jump in at the last minute. It it does sell at a loss, it'll be my last eBay auction selling experience. It's become too much of a schit-show.
  14. I've got something up on eBay that is ending this afternoon. It was put up as a 7-day auction last week with an opening bid of roughly half it's "street value". The day it went up, it got an opening bid, so the starting value of half was met. Then last Saturday I was shocked to see a minor bidding war between the first bidder and a second bidder. The first bidder has 4 eBay feedback entries. The second bidder has 400+. They go tit for tat off and on all afternoon. By the time they are done, the auction is roughly at what I would expect the piece to sell for, just with another 5 days of auction left to run. So I don't really think about it again, other than to check the rest of my eBay feed once a day. Every day it sits at the same amount. Then yesterday with about 20 hours left on the clock, one more person throws a bid in there. Bumps it up by $50. This morning I wake up early to discover the guy who threw in that last +$50 bid cancelled his. But then the 400+ feedback guy from the bidding war last Saturday cancelled all his bids as well. Leaving the other bidding war guy with his 4 feedback sitting back at the items original starting price of half, with about 12 hours to go. Now, my first surprise is that they were able to cancel. Didn't it used to be the case that you couldn't cancel within the last 24 hours, to keep people from totally hosing auctions? I could have sworn that was the way it used to be. Granted it's been a while since I've tried using eBay in an auction format setting. And I know eBay keeps pushing the scales ever further in the Secondly, it just struck me as odd that BOTH of these guys cancelled their bids within 8 minutes of each other. They both got cold feet at the same time? Also, the guy with that last +$50 bid put his reason as "entered the wrong amount", which we all know is eBay's get out of bidding excuse. But then the other guy entered "Seller changed item description" as his reasoning. That one is a head scratcher. It's never been updated. I'm curious if people have seen this behavior before, and if this is terribly common, or there's some kind of new strategy at play. Or maybe it's just crappy happenstance. I suppose any of these is possible. FWIW, there are a ton of "watchers" though that doesn't mean anything anymore. I'm hopeful the real bids will come in during the last couple minutes (seconds) of the auction as the typical snipes, which does sometimes happen. But boy, people are really really flaky. Probably why I stopped using eBay before. I waited just long enough to forget about all the headaches. I can follow up this afternoon with how this winds up.
  15. The goalposts... they do often move on us when we least expect it.