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  1. Take a photo and share it here. Depending on the amount of water used on the board it may never be perfectly flat. Even with ages and ages of “flattening”. Water expands paper fibers. Nature of using watercolor on watercolor paper. Frequently comes with that kind of art. But the amount of waviness will vary. But the tried and true answer is stick it in a portfolio or the like, and leave it under something heavy for 6 months. I get you don’t want that answer, but it is the correct one.
  2. I know. I don't mean you, I meant them... IMO it doesn't really serve a purpose.
  3. Cool. But why show that book, it's not the same art.
  4. I dunno. Now that Iron Man is dead and Cap is soiling his diapers, Marvel is gonna need some fresh blood in the movies. And we all know nobody draws as much fresh blood as Groo. I just read they’ve confirmed Deadpool into the proper marvel cinematic universe, and not just a side toy. if they can have Ryan Reynolds in there, and a talking tree and raccoon work, maybe the work needs some Groo? He might be one of the new Avengers. Maybe even the best Avenger? Plus, who doesn’t love cheese dip? Folks in the theater sure do. And I bet they want folks back in the theater. I’m hol
  5. I dunno man. Not to be a contrarian, but I gotta say, I for one prefer the white/black classic combo for comic art. Not that that matters one bit. No one asked my opinion. But it’s the internet, so I’m gonna foist it on everyone anyway. Hahaha. That really is a great strip. Looks killer in that frame up. So much class.
  6. I’ve been so pleased that Felix brought back his Podcast for us this year. It’s a bright spot in a hobby that has an ever widening reach and somehow found another gear, even in a pandemic.
  7. Exactly so. We could chase this down, but I don’t want to take the thread off the rails. Enough has been said to explain the ins and outs of the project. It suffices to say that by taking someone’s money to print them a copy of someone else’s copyrighted material, whether it is one or one thousand, is technically illegal on the part of the printer. So you can claim whatever you like. It does not make it legal. It is at its essence the point of who owns the right to produce a copy. If you printed a book yourself on your own printer, fine. Once you pay someone else, all that goes away
  8. This is the part I am most specifically attempting to address in my previous post, regarding the OML theme and the proposal floated of having the printed covers on one side and then the OML commissions on the other. Given the art that is most often represented by the OML theme is from DC or Marvel, and the profile those companies and their properties have these days... as they most definitely are and do. I don’t know that the companies or their lawyers would ever even know this existed unless posted publicly, so if it were me, I’d keep its existence quiet if it ever came to be, and enjoy
  9. The real issue is where/how are you getting the original covers? Are these pieces you have the OA for in your collection? The sketchy bit of the whole thing is technically the copyright for the art lies with someone other than ourselves. In the case of the OP, the commissions were done for him, but presumably the copyright really belonged to the artists that drew those pieces. I personally have no moral issues with someone doing a book like this for their own personal enjoyment. To me it’s not any bigger of a deal than having a website, or even putting the pieces up on CAF. Lega
  10. Anybody that’s noticed my past lists in this annual thread, going back for the last several years will join me in saying, we are rooting for you. Truly. My experience has shown me, it’s nice I keep thinking I’m content on a regular basis. And yet the new things still come. Just less planned for, or as unexpected. Like perhaps Gene going back to sports cards, Voord’s shift from comic to movie OA, or me finding myself making more music and by extension, back in guitars again? These days I realize for me, the collector thing just never goes away no matter how much I think it w
  11. Oh, my concern wasn’t with the site. It’s just that it is a print on demand printer company rather than an actual book printing company. They have a tendency to be hit or miss in print quality. Especially if the work is dark, or in the case of comic art, you want to hang onto subtleties, like shades of off-white. On demand printers essentially take what you send and they hit the print button. No one is doing anything to dial in the files for their actual print equipment, and that can make or break a great printing job 9 times out of 10. But print on demand is super economical, as evid
  12. My hang up would be that they are asking you to trust them with the whole wire transfer while pulling a weird move on the payment method. Yeah, the whole Covid thing has up many businesses. Credit cards just aren’t one of them from anything I’ve seen anywhere. So it smells. And when something starts to smell, I get less trustful without a verifiable explanation. Especially given other experiences are concerned. I’ve used plenty of international wire transfers over the years. It certainly makes sense sometimes to do so. But I gotta trust the place first. And from what I’m reading the
  13. I liked the first one quite a bit. I have been anxiously awaiting this one since I found out it was to be set around Washington, and they were recreating some regional landmarks of the time. By the time they got to the mall fight, I was no longer anxious to watch it. It really didn’t ever improve. I love the actors. I think the movie wanted to be more than it was, and I wanted it to be more than it was... which in the end, was hot trash. So disappointed.
  14. Hah. Please do with the book. I’d appreciate seeing it. And if nothing else, thanks so much for the unintentional reminder. I just shot Sheila a very long overdo email because of this thread.