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  1. Was reading this article about Ken’s art and this line jumped out at me... “Although few artists now rival Kelly in fantasy pop culture influence, what are the odds that one of them would happen to be his biggest inspiration and mentor? His uncle, through marriage, was Frank Frazetta, a prolific fantasy and sci-fi artist who is now a legend in the field.” Kas as anyone here ever seen Ken as anything other than a footnote? As an aside, I had him do one of my Deadman commissions, back when that was a thing for me. The result was hilarious. Very Ken Kelly.
  2. Your memory is indeed sound. My own, memory on the other hand is rarely so good. You have my envy!
  3. I responded over on the L since I saw it there first. YellowMusicRoom email ID (since you often say people on this board hide behind screen names, and I have always used my real name here.)
  4. Finally, someone posts something readable around here. All you guys with your microscopic text. God knows I don’t mind a ton of scrolling as a trade off to easy legibility from across the room. So good, I’m quoting it here again, in case any of you missed it the first time. If you are away from the computer, maybe you can see it here on my screen?
  5. So is Emin’s Bed now a MYC outdoor installation? Thanks for posting these. I can’t for the life of me figure out the correlation between Quesada’s work and Charlotte’s Web. Next up, Todd McFarlaine and E. H. Shepherd’s Pooh pieces. Or Rob Liefeld and Sir John Tenniel and his Alice plates, but hey! But it was great seeing the pieces!
  6. At least with Emin, you know what all is on that nasty bed. You don't wanna know what Mike might have put in that sock after the show. (Hint: not his foot)
  7. I forgot to mention, those thumbnails on the same board, around the central final piece are also worth their weight in visual gold!
  8. I have always loved that Blazing Combat cover. Certainly not the look or style most are used to seeing from Fraz, and when one says his name, it's not the first piece to spring to mind. All that said, at it's core, it has all the power and muscularity of the most in your face Fritz pieces. I wish there were more of this style floating around out there. More angular and blocky, and less softer lines. VERY comicbook.
  9. Cool. I've seen a bunch of artists with BigCartel sites, but the Etsy one was a new one on me. Looks like there are at least a few. Interesting!
  10. Also some published Batman art on there too. Not familiar with it. Splash page is pretty cool, for $400.
  11. Well this is a first for me. OA on Etsy. I stumbled across a store on Etsy. It’s for the Pander Bros, and they’ve listed a couple dozen vintage Grendel pages on there, along with some other modern things. Most pages with Christine Spar, a few in costume. If anybody is into that sort of thing. PanderBrothers