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  1. I think you know exactly where to begin. The problem is figuring out how long it will take before you get to stop. Boris art requires commitment, Gene.
  2. Fake everything. After seeing listing after listing of hilariously bad fakes from a who’s who of art royalty, I decided to dig a little deeper. I picked an artists name at random, but whose work I am very familiar with. Not only do they have multiple pieces by this artist (how?!?), but they have the same exact knockoff drawing, done twice, in 2 ways. Hahaha. They might as well have the Mona Lisa. Or a Mona Lisa prelim pencil on paper. I’m fact, I should search it, it’s probably in there. Good grief.
  3. When I follow the link, it takes me to Facebook, then Asked it is on to leave Facebook, which bounces to a news page on CAF that doesn’t say anything about a CAFcon. Weird.
  4. I long for the days when people were satisfied with putting a digital frame on their desk or wall, and letting the art flip like a slideshow. We could collectively make fun of them, and talk about how looking at a digital pic is silly (hang the damn art). Now it's all virtual world galleries, with sketches the size of the castle front door, and people in digital red socks wandering around. I've been trying to look at screens less, not more. Just over the screen I'm looking at now, Sandman pages. To the left and to the right. I'm surrounded by the stuff. And no special glasses. And it'll always look that cool. No, other folks can't see it, and I get the idea. Back in the 90s I too had a webpage for sharing my comic art with others. The virtual thing is just a refresh of that idea. Cool. In the not too distant future, it'll seem as cutting edge as p.s. anybody that didn't watch Caprica, the Battlestar Galactica spinoff, it delved pretty heavily into virtual worlds of the future. Makes me curious how it's aged, only 10 years out.
  5. Holy . Here's another copy, signed by Wilford Brimley. Will this madness never end?
  6. I won't argue that the female form isn't more attractive artistically, across the board. But that's not what I'm talking about in those artist's work, or the work that floats to the top of CAF. It is very much sexually charged. Even the "innocuous" stuff. Most of them would not deny it. And again, it says more about the folks visiting CAF than the folks creating the work. Though there is a creative artistic argument to be made against artists who take the "easy sell" as well. But horses for courses.
  7. Take a look at the rest of that list. What isn't nude is largely still in that cheesecake, sexualized, nude or nearly nude area. Manara, Vampirella, Bill Ward, Bisley, Timm, Root, Cho and Hughes can all be colored with a similar brush. Not all their work of course, but a very large chunk of it. Unfortunately in my mind, it even tarnishes the result for Wonder Woman. I'd like to think it's because people are inspired by a strong female leader, but I can't help but look at the rest of that list, and thing there's some dudes wanting to see up her skirt instead. And I am not saying those artists are not talented, as clearly many of them are, insofar as style and illustrative quality go. ANd I've no beef with sexuality in art. I think the list speaks more to the folks seeking it out, than it does to the names listed, IMO. I'm at least heartened a bit, to see Sienkiewicz on the list.
  8. The drawing above is FAR more accomplished than the drawing below. It's not even a contest. Of course NEITHER is Ditko, and that's not what I'm getting at. But IMO, anyone that can't tell the difference in actual drawing accomplishment... might want to take up woodworking or maybe model trains? I realize the comments are probably hyperbole and said in jest, but just in case. If someone told me the top drawing was by someone like say, Paul Grist, I'd believe it's possible. It certainly has style. I do kinda wish the bottom one was flipping the bird. It' would be improved immeasurably, as a form of Meme engine. I know I'd use it all the time. Now back to your regularly scheduled head shaking at "Invaluable".
  9. Meanwhile, in the much more tasteful Brontyverse...
  10. FWIW the adhesive from those Velcro strips will do a LOT more damage to the average wall when removing them than a couple tiny nail holes in a proper picture hanging hook. The tiny nail holes can be patched in seconds. The adhesives from those Velcro strips are not exactly archival friendly. They may stain the wall they are applied to as the residue ages on the wall (depending on how long they are left in place. And the longer an adhesive stays on a wall, the more aggressive it becomes. Eventually likely to take the paint off the wall (and possibly some drywall with them, at or larger than the surface area of the strips. Thise are the ones that stay up, the web is littered with complaint reviews about people’s art taking a tumble. But, maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones? If it’s my art, I’m securing it to the wall or not hanging it.
  11. Just lovely drawing and ink work, with a healthy dose of serious style!
  12. Actually I was incorrect. I bookmarked it when it popped up, but when I went to watch it this afternoon it was just a thing about the doc by it’s creators, not the doc itself. After a bunch more searching YouTube it’s not available, just trailers as others reported.
  13. That works. You gotta just go to YouTube and search for the title yourself. It just won’t play with redirect links.