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  1. Kind of unrelated, but I was listening to a report yesterday that Urban Outfitters is going to begin renting clothes. Yes, you read that correctly. Obviously if we are talking fashion, it's so very temporary and the turnover in styles is great. But at the core of what they were discussing in this program was that they are looking at a generation for whom owning things is so very low priority. That experiences is where they prefer to put their money, and so things like travel, and dining and events are important. Having their own clothes is not a big deal. So having every color variant of a whatsit is much farther down the list, on the whole. Are there some folks for whom the collecting bug is a thing? Sure. But how big will that segment be?
  2. I have had many TLH and Dark Victory pages over the years. Too many. 3 (technically 4) up on CAF. This has been my favorite for more than 20 something years, by a country mile...
  3. Pretty sure Palmiotti’s name is on that cover for a reason.... FWIW.
  4. Me. In a heartbeat. Los Bros Hernandez have been and are seen as arteurs outside of mainstream comics, in a way that Chaykin never has been. I’m not talking about being an outsider from the perspective of comic shop frequenters, but being artists doing something interesting to non-comic readers. Your New Yorker magazine crowd that doesn’t like “comics” but appreciate Spiegelman, Ware, Tomine, etc. And truly where would most Indy comics be today, never mind just the award winning autobiographical ones be, if Love & Rockets hadn’t been paving the way. Jamie Hernandez is the favorite artist of so many of today’s favorite artists. He’s your favorite band’s favorite band. Some creators are only appreciated for the character, and at the end of the day it’s Batman or Spider-Man that is important. L&R is important because of Jamie Hernandez ( and his brothers) and their life experiences and imaginations. Rather than the other way around. AF was a good finite read at a point in time. Dated and passing from consciousness. L&R while not huge numbers is still effective and effecting today. The parts that are dated are clearly of a time. Unabashedly so, but fitting within a larger scope of growth of characters and storylines. It’s a pretty monumental achievement. No matter how much a fanboy pays for the latest McSpidey, or Bat-cover. The Hernandez bros will be so much closer to the art gallery set. Crumb’s content is starting to rankle society, as we are discussing the appropriations in Egyptian Queen. L&R represents the opposite. Inclusiveness. Creativity without animosity or the mean spiritedness of the white male gaze. I’d say L&R has the legs for the long race hands-down. -e.
  5. Funny guy! I’m serious though. Rick Berry. Richard Corbin. Mike Kaluta. Kent Williams. Makes me think of the Oni press covers for Whiteout (also a great series). They had an embarrassment of riches too, time and time again. Mignola, Miller, Wagner I digress. Back to Tim Sale...
  6. Flinch had so many great covers. Sadly the interiors were so uneven.
  8. Fritz gave the art world so many wonderful things. IMO that piece is very far from one of them. I’m not saying the painting is a total POS, I’m just saying in the pantheon of late era Frazetta art, that’s definitely a piece that doesn’t get picked for dodgeball.
  9. Certificates, foil stamps, holograms and any other doohickeys are useless and a waste, not counting being an eyesore in the print to boot. It is this simple, and always has been since someone first sold. Limited anything to the world. Either you honor the limited nature you sold the item under or you don’t. Those that don’t will reap what they’ve sewn. Who would buy from anyone that says this is one of x, when it later is not? Their market crumbles, the end. Is this helpful for making someone feel at ease in the initial purchase? Probably not. But the holofoilcertificate doesn’t mean anything more than that original agreement did. If someone wants to make and sell more, they will. Even with more certs and more broken promises. The upright folks have a good rep and earn trust. The folks that don’t, are hosed. There are centuries of cases of this to look back on.
  10. He is a *spoon*. A con-man. A shameless promoter of BS. And at the worst for our hobby, peddles in fakes, and tries to disguise them in slippery word-play. And he has been doing it for a long time. He has been nailed time and again for it. He slinks away, and then resurfaces years later, like the proverbial bad penny. He has take. People for a lot of money, and he himself sees nothing wrong with his descriptions and presentation of work, no matter how horrendously misleading they may be.