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  1. Show Us Your Ducks!

    A reprint of that story Uncle Scrooge #138, the many faces of Magica de Spell if memory severs, was the very first Uncle Scrooge I bought. It made one heck of an impact because I still remember it and, even though I did not buy Uncle Scrooge again until the mid-1980s, I dreamed of owning the Barks lithographs that Another Rainbow put out around then. Loved looking at them in CBG and Overstreet. Now I have many of the lithographs as well as a water color and a 2 preliminary paintings (both Menace out of the Myths). All because of one Barks reprint.
  2. Show Us Your Ducks!

    Somehow I have never picked up a copy which is nuts considering that I have hundreds of Scrooge comics.
  3. Show Us Your Ducks!

    Love the lamp! Never noticed it before.
  4. Buscema's Avengers Kudos/Feedback Thread

    Tim is very easy to deal with and his packing is outstanding! Great deal, great book, and great guy!
  5. Tim is very easy to deal with and his packing is outstanding! Great deal, great book, and great guy!
  6. I'm going 6.0. I have a DD #27 graded 6.0 but looks 9.0. Interior stain looks just like that back cover.
  7. New Year, New GOLD

    Never heard of Jughead's cousin "Souphead!"
  8. Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    Nope, its a curling iron. Almost identical to the one in the picture I provided and the one my grandma used to have. Nasty little sucker would glow yellow at the tip if you left it plugged in too long (yellow tip indicating heat, not copper). We may have to agree to disagree on this one. Just to keep it on topic: here's an obscure Golden Age book!
  9. Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    pretty sure its a curling iron. My grandma had one she let my sisters use when we visited. it got red hot and would leave a nasty welt if one of my sister's attention wondered. That and the electric coil heater in the bathroom were awesomely dangerous by today's standards.