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  1. 1 book for sale and it sold within minutes for 5 figures yet the thread goes to five pages and over 3.5k views! The key to success, demonstrated by ComicLink and your cuddly Badger, is DO NOT POST BACK PICTURE SCANS! Brought to you by Badger brand comics: Simplifying the sales process since 1998!
  2. Later tonight, or tomorrow night, I will be posting my Daredevil #2 through Daredevil #5. If you want an advance peak they are in my registry set. Badger's Daredevil Registry set.
  3. SOLD! This is an unequivocal I'll take it in the thread. A "I'll take it" pending back cover is common but it is "pendng" even when it is implied and not stated. You do not say you are wanting to see the back cover unless you are leaving yourself a way to back out. All PM negotiations are canceled. I know there are some disappointed people but my rules are clear.
  4. Recent sales are $15,960, same grade and page quality, just last night on ComicLink and a different one on eBay last month for $12,000, also same grade and page quality. So...$14,000 gets you this pretty little number. If you feel I'm out of line on the number, make an offer. I'm not saying I'll take the offer but, hey, I'll listen! If you pay the $14k I'll toss in free overnight shipping in the Continental U.S. Check or Money Order Only. $14,000 SOLD!!!!!!!
  5. Hello! With the recent interest in this book plus a couple of tire kickers taking a look I figured I'd post this and see if there are any takers. My rules: 1) No HOS or any other reprobates! 2) Payment is due within (7) business days unless an agreement is reached with me before you Check or money order only. 3) Orders paid with Check/Money Order will ship after (7) business days of receiving the check/money order; within (3) business days if I know you. 4) I occasionally sell on eBay and my Seller's feedback can be found here: http://feedback.ebay.
  6. Spirit of '41 to the Spirit of '45
  7. bobbing for bodies to bobbing for apples
  8. Body in the water to body out of the water
  9. Pretty much everything I own is for sale but I have turned down some pretty impressive prices for these first 2 comics. At the time I thought the offers for the Cap #27 were crazy high but now I am confident I could sell it for more money than has been offered. Still not listing it but it is nice to know it is valued highly by other collectors. This is the only NM copy graded and the only one I have seen in 30 years of looking. Don't know why I'm so attached to this book but I am. It is not my highest graded copy yet I am sure I would sell my 9.0 before I sell this one.
  10. Money means trouble to money means trouble
  11. Definitely not a set you see completed very often. Very nice! Congratulations!