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  1. Badger

    Show Us Your Ducks!

    Did you ever call CGC to find out if it had been downgraded due to the stamp? I would bet they would listen to an appeal.
  2. Time to change your passwords! A brand new data dump comprised of over 1,000,000,000 (yep that billion with a B) unique email addresses and passwords is floating around the interwebs. Combine that with previous year's dumps and there are now sources for over 3,000,000,000 (yep , again, that's billion with a B) unique username and passwords. Looking through the latest list of supposed sources for these username and passwords I only found one that I recognized as being related to our lovely little hobby: It looks like someone snagged a plain text copy of their new customer signup database. So, if you use or reuse your password that you used on pedigree's site it would behoove you to CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS everywhere you used it or something similar. For those of a doubting mind, please check these links for info and to see if your lovely email address or username shows up in any known lists. The Register article about password breach Check to see if your username/email address is in the list as potentially compromised List of alleged site hacks
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    Cruelty to horror
  4. Badger

    Stolen comics

  5. Badger

    The Top Two In My Collection

    For some reason this always reminds me of Ronald Reagan.
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    From December to January
  7. Badger

    Stolen comics

    That sucks on a monumental level. Fingers crossed he gets them back.
  8. Badger

    What was your first purchase on these boards?

    Pretty sure it was June 2012 and ASM #189 and 190 from LordRahl. I over paid for ungraded books, NEWB!, but they were really pretty 9.6/9.8s. No regerts and I still have them. Someday I should get them graded.
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    Not to be a, well, me but are there any cool books soon?
  11. Here's a dumb question: You are happily selling your small offerings throughout the year, never collecting sales tax because you wish you sold more than 200 items to customers in a single state or $100,000 in merchandise, but it just does not happen. Somehow, miracle of miracles, at the last minute of the year you sell that 201st item to some nice guy in MD. Does the sales tax rule only apply to that 201st item, and any others you sell, to customers in MD, after that point in the calendar year, or do you have to review all of your transactions throughout the year, find the ones for the state of MD, and retroactively pay sales tax on them? If it is just the 201st item and those after, then that's manageable but if its retroactive to the initial 200 items that could become a costly nightmare. Actually, another dumb question: Who knows when you have exceeded that threshold? If you sell on eBay, they know. Paypal more than likely knows. Who reports it? Is Paypal going to be required to send 1099s, or state equiv, for every state you have done business in? Passing the laws that businesses must pay taxes is just the first step in collection. Next comes the paperwork and bureaucracy. It does not take much imagination to see that the states will want some kind of reporting method, from the payment processors and or Internet sales sites, of applicable transactions so that they get their pound of flesh.
  12. Badger


    Green dress to green (Christmas) mask
  13. Found this in a second hand book store right after Christmas.