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  1. Its at ~$988,000 if the buyer is from a state that collects sales tax. Will it cross 1 million? I think so.
  2. That's still a 30+ year old book, man! We are talking about throw-away paper products cheaply made and treated even worse. Its amazing anything survives. 1986 is great.
  3. My oldest unrestored and restored books.
  4. Badger


    Dude! So sorry, man. Grandfather, father-in-law, and mother all had open heart surgery so I figure my time will come. I know what they went through so my thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery!
  5. Bought an upgrade and I figured I'd see if there is any demand here before I list on eBay. My rules: 1) No HOS or any other reprobates! 2) Payment is due within (3) business days unless an agreement is reached with me before you PayPal is preferred but I will take check/money order. 3) PayPal orders will ship within (3) business days of receiving funds. Orders paid with Check/Money Order will ship within (7) business days of receiving the check/money order; within (3) business days if I know you. 4) I sell on eBay and my Seller's feedback can be found here: 5) in the thread rules all. All negotiations in PM are considered on-going until the buyer posts either through PM or in the thread. On-going negotiations will be canceled in favor of an unequivocal in thread or through PM. I'm happy to mark the sale sold and post a for you, if you wish to remain anonymous, but someone jumping in and claiming the book at full price, before I mark it sold, voids all PM deal arrangements. 6) Shipping is $8 anywhere in the continental United States. If you are seriously interested, PM me and we can discuss International shipping. 7) I'll take a return on CGC ungraded books within 5 days of the books showing delivered. Same rules on CGC graded books but reserve the right to grumble. Daring Comics #10 in CGC Universal 3.0 with Cream to Off-white pages. Great book with one of the best Schomburg WWII covers! One just sold in 6.5 for ~1700 My Price:$550! Thanks!
  6. Thanks, Corey! You'll give in to temptation eventually.
  7. Hello, Please add Thrilling Comics #56, 57, and 58 to the Alex Schomburg Cover Set. Set updated Thanks!