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  1. Same here. I've had things disappear from my cart because I took to long. C'est la vie !
  2. I remember looking at an Overstreet around 1977 or 1978 and there was a dealer article in it which compared the prices of Howard the Duck #1, Amazing Spider-Man #1, and Conan #1. The guys conclusion was that Howard the Duck #1 was THE book to own if you were a serious investor. It would soon be worth more than ASM #1 and would skyrocket because the writing and art was just that GOOD! He compared it to Windsor-Smith in Conan. Windsor-Smith to Howard the Duck. The Hype for Howard was unbelievable even to a wee Cub Scout. I was ~11 years old and walked away from Overstreet for 3 years because of that article.
  3. Badger


    Look of shock to look of pain!
  4. Badger


    From 46 to 66
  5. Here, think of it as Sqegg's Comic Book. Just as with Schrödinger's Cat, where we do not know if the cat is dead or alive until we open the box, we do not know if you should keep or sell a book until we determine the fair market value. Until we do, it is equal parts sell and keep. In this unknown, yet known, state you can comfortably keep your book, or sell it, as determined by when the FMV is established. If you want the cat to be alive, don't look in the box. If you want to keep the book, don't worry about its fair market value.
  6. Badger

    Show Us Your Ducks!

    Gotta new one thanks to my wife.
  7. Badger

    [CLOSED] Closed

    This may be the Hawkeye pedigree. Great book!
  8. Badger

    Show Us Your Ducks!

    It is truly, "A Small World."
  9. Oops, sorry. $131,000
  10. The one with extensive restoration sold for $71k. The 2.0 sold $17.1k
  11. Will it have to be auctioned again? Restart with a minute on the clock?
  12. 29 seconds and 2 million 5 thousand. Somebody just had a stroke (probably the poor I.T. guy.)
  13. Did it crash for anyone else?