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    Blonde to Blonde
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    The hard to find club in general

    Personal experience says this is a tough one!
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    Show Us Your Ducks!

    Its a great book! If another book that has been on my wantlist for a long-time hadn't surfaced, I'd be tempted.
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    Show Us Your Ducks!

    Good Lord, Richard! very nice books.
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    Show Us Your Ducks!

    Absolutely! One of the first I read and I remember being blown away by it.
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    Jane to Jane
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    Black Cat to Black Cat
  8. Sorry, but, no. The Japanese took the Islands in June of 1942. The U.S. did not start the battle to reclaim until May of 43. In the meantime, the Aleutians were at the top of everybody's fear list in the U.S. I just searched for any area in the Solomans that look like the beach on the cover with no luck. Yet every picture I've found of the Aleutians looks exactly like the cover.
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    Lady in red to lady in red.
  10. No, unfortunately, the cover has nothing to do with the contents. I say Aleutians because the beach is scrub and the weather looks pretty dismal. Solomons was Jungle all the way up to the shore in some places. The sky also has a aurora borealis look to it. This is the Aleutians This is the Solomons
  11. Battle of the Aleutian Islands up by Alaska. These islands were the only U.S. soil the Japanese took and held, at least for a while. Close to Alaska and Japan, kind of. The loss of these islands combined with the earlier Japanese shelling of a refinery in California contributed to the terrified environment which led to the internment of the Japanese on the West coast and the Italians and Germans on the East coast.
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    Show Us Your Ducks!

    That price is why I
  13. Badger

    Show Us Your Ducks!

    This is interesting. A Barks Four Color Mile High sold back in 2006. Totally missed this.