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  1. If you love reprints and modern comics, which I do, you are right! The hobby is fantastic right now. I was bemoaning the fact that I will probably get priced out of original GA stuff in the next couple of years if this continues. I can buy reprints, of the stuff that is actually reprinted, but it is not the same. I love the smell of the old newsprint and finding a new stamp, date, store, or owner, that i had never seen. I've completed the 2 runs that I wanted to complete so at least there's that but I doubt I'll be able to complete any other Timely run, even restored.:
  2. I know a woman who still collects Beenie Babies. Now's the time to snap'em up if you like those things!
  3. Having lived through the 90s boom and bust I am seeing a lot of the same complaints from "real" collectors. I remember when Amazing fantasy went form $10,000 to $30,000 in VF over the course of about a year (92?). I've been priced out of the Timely market with a few exceptions. Even relatively dead titles like Sub-Mariner Comics and Young Allies are going for prices I can hardly believe. Takes a lot of the fun away when you have to spend more on one book than you would have spent on two the year before. For years I was able to buy high grade Disney books for great prices but that appears over. Oh well, I'll keep my eyes open for bargains and send the money I would've spent to send my duplicates to Sarasota.
  4. Andre purchased a Sub-Mariner Comics #12 from me. He paid promptly and let me know that the book had arrived safely. Thanks again!
  5. Exactly. Anyone want to claim the Motion Picture Funnies books were not valid to be slabbed?
  6. Well, huh. Learn something new everyday! Found this on CGC's FAQ page. Trimmed books are given an apparent grade and, in accordance with CGC’s policy, are encapsulated with CGC’s Restored label. I guess the current standard is to put trimmed into a restored holder. So, it depends on when the book was graded as to whether it gets a restored or a universal label.
  7. Trimmed is not considered restoration and if that is all that has been done to the book it will get a Blue Label. It will always be noted when detected. (Not my book.) Bound does not always mean trimmed. Sometimes the binder makes the cover big enough to cover the book. I have neither seen nor heard anything that makes me think this book is anything less than the Marvel it appears to be. I'd own it if I had the money.