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  1. Mike is a really friendly boardie who closed a 4 figure sale with me. I think you'll be happy with buying from or selling to Mike.
  2. Hello, Forgot I had requested this earlier! Thanks!
  3. Congratulations! Easily one of the best motorcycle covers of the GA and it has a Red Skull story too.
  4. Well, speaking as someone who has had to let go of choice Timelys during tough times I sure understand the need. I have been able to replace some of them, upgrade a few others, and I even had one come back to me that I figured was gone forever. Keep hope buddy and I hope all goes your way in the future.
  5. Wow! hate to see anybody abandon such a cool run but I hope you will be replacing it with something even better. Good luck with the sales! For those who might be interested in doing a run, none of these are easy as they are all in high demand right now, but, yeah, the 3, 5, and 7 are TOUGH. The 7 seems to be the scarcest but the 3 is right there with it.