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  1. Badger

    OAFCON -- October 6-7, 2018

    I've made my reservations and I'll be there the 6th!
  2. I only submit for grading things I'd value at least $100.
  3. Badger

    Show Us Your Ducks!

    Looks well worth $20 to me!
  4. Badger

    Are Newton Rings 'normal and acceptable'?

    Well, alright. I disagree with the proof you demanded but agree with your point.
  5. Badger

    Are Newton Rings 'normal and acceptable'?

    Cannot be done since the first generation CGC cases used Borax which they do not now. Different plastics and different light reflection properties when placed on top of each other.
  6. Badger


    Patriotic to Patriotic
  7. Apparently I do not own any rare or valuable comics? I will submit this though. $148 in Gd according to Overstreet. 4 unrestored 1 restored
  8. Badger


    from redhead to brunette in peril
  9. Badger


    Falling to parachuting
  10. Badger

    Brittle Pages

    Much like the books I posted this looks like is a beautiful book with nothing obvious contributing to the Brittle designation. I agree, the grading companies should have some kind of scale, like with restoration, to note extent and location of brittleness. I'm sure we would all look more kindly on a book with brittle corner(s) than a book that is completely separated at the spine with chips falling into the holder. As we all know, if you collect GA and are not made of money sometimes the only copy available to you is one with brittleness. It would be great to be able to have a better understanding of what you are buying.
  11. Badger

    Show Us Your Ducks!

    Good lord that's purdy!
  12. Badger

    Brittle Pages

    I have one brittle book that I bought because I've yet to see another one that was not brittl(USA Comics #8) and I have another book that I read before submitting which came back as slightly brittle (Archie #23). The Archie #23 did not have pieces falling off and there are not little pieces in the slab so ... e
  13. Badger


    No love for Archie! Well, I do prefer Betty and Veronica.