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  1. I love books like this. One or two major, but minor to me, flaws that kill the price. You now have a complete book that looks great! Congratulations!
  2. What a great book! White pages. Congratulations!
  3. No kidding! That's crazy awesome and $550 seems like quite a deal to me!
  4. I'm conflicted on CC and Metro. I've never had a bad purchase from them and, if I can speak with Vincent, I've made a couple of great deals through the years. What bothers me is the wait when you buy something. If I pay $1000 for a comic that is listed in regular inventory and has been there for a couple of years I would hope they actually have it in stock/on premise. This waiting for someone to ship it to them and then wait for them to ship it to me just introduces too many chances of damage. It bothers me and it has kept me from buying some of the more common items that I otherwise would have snapped up. I hope they actually have the items on-hand before they auction them. Seems like rolling the dice on whether the item will arrive and if it will be undamaged. That said, I am giving them the benefit of the doubt on shipping this time because of the massive effect COVID had on New York.
  5. I got a notice a week and half ago. USPS said it wasn't in their possession until last Monday.
  6. I agree. Its the hunt for the right book at the right price at the right time that is fun for me. There are a few books in my collection where price/value was not a consideration but not many.
  7. My upgrade from the last ComicConnect auction arrived. Here is the splash page from All Select #3.
  8. Leaving the Allied Sphere and Entering the Nazi Sphere
  9. I just shipped a package off to Canada and was surprised at how easy it was. If you use USPS site or Paypal it will guide you through. However, the one big question Paypal and USPS never answer is, "What is the HS Code?" This must be filled out when shipping to Canada. I used 4901.99.0099 as the code. Also, be sure to put "Used Comic Book" in the customs description. If you put anything else Customs can treat it as a newly manufactured collectible in which case there is a duty.. Great books and Welcome to the Boards (WTTB)!
  10. Never apologize for Timelys! You have an outstanding run started and I hope you keep going. My collection is all over the place in terms of grades because I'm always looking for a "deal". Well, except for my All Select set. I've gotten a leeeetle carried away on it.