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  1. Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    FedEx gave this to me today.
  2. I haven't had a ~NM Timely in years. With White pages to boot!
  3. Will CLINK ever share data?

    They also would not specifically allow it in their terms of service.
  4. Will CLINK ever share data?

    Since others are posting their wins.
  5. Will CLINK ever share data?

    Only if you have one account.
  6. Will CLINK ever share data?

    Not quite. Heritage will charge the consignor the full bidder's fee if the consignor's bid goes above the reserve even if there is no reserve. Basically, Heritage don't care who is bidding as long as they get their cut. See Heritage's terms of service section 13.
  7. Got the aforementioned AS 10 today so its all good!
  8. Just guessing but because its freakin' gorgeous?
  9. Quick congrats to Mr Billy Parker for kicking me down to the number 4 spot on the All Select Registry set. I see you took the time to update your set and it is where it belongs now.
  10. Oh my lord and little catfishes! I want a 9.x copy of All Select #1 sooooo badly! Great books!
  11. the date stamp! I think with the incredible prices these books were reaching ten years ago it drug more copies out of closely held collections which in turn reduced the realized prices. It is possible that as these copies get sucked into long term collections that the prices will start to go back up until the cycle repeats. I do wonder if the $1,000 6.5 Uncle Scrooge #6 will cause higher grade copies to surface and in what numbers.