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  1. X-Men #21 Beautiful book with White pages! Asking $175.SOLD!
  2. Flash #123 GPA $620 for the last year. $610 in $2019. How about $600?
  3. Hello! My rules: 1) No HOS or any other reprobates! 2) Payment is due within (5) business days unless an agreement is reached with me before you PayPal is preferred but I will take check/money order. 3) PayPal orders will ship within (3) business days of receiving funds. Orders paid with Check/Money Order will ship within (7) business days of receiving the check/money order; within (3) business days if I know you. 4) I occasionally sell on eBay and my Seller's feedback can be found here: 5) in the thread or PM rules all. All negotiations in PM are considered on-going until the buyer posts either through PM or in the thread. On-going negotiations will be canceled in favor of an unequivocal in thread. I will do my best to mark an item sold once we reach an agreement through PM but if someone claims the item before I mark it sold, the item goes to the buyer in the thread and the PM negotiation/agreement is canceled. 6) You can return a CGC graded book but I reserve the right to refer to you as "newb" from then on. Buyer must inform me of the return via PM within 3 days of the book being marked delivered by the shipping company. 7) Shipping/insurance is $15 for US customers regardless of how many slabs you purchase. If you are seriously interested, PM me and we can discuss International shipping.
  4. Absolutely nothing wrong with Conserved, or dare I say, restored copies! Here are a few of my books that are restored or conserved.
  5. Could you please update Donald Duck #26? a 9.0 sold $1680 in Sept 2019 and a 9.2 sold for $5055 in May 2014. Registry # 0913610003 Thanks! Score updated. Please note that the 2014 sale will not weigh heavily into our decision as it may be an outlier.
  6. Tralla La is a classic. One of my favorites.
  7. The deals that can be had on slightly restored books can be incredible. As long as the restoration is disclosed I have no problem buying restored GA anymore. Great book!
  8. Now that Rick's thread is going let's see if anyone is paying attention. Take all 3 remaining books for $600! Thread closes at 10PM ET.
  9. I have seen at least one other with a cursive "S" so maybe she was just practicing. Cursive "S" example
  10. Bump! Take all 3 remaining books, Iron Fist #1, Amazing Spider-Man #102, and X-Men #21 for $630, shipped!
  11. Gun in hand to gun in hand
  12. That is a fascinating thought about CA #7 inspiring the cover of AF #15. I can see it for sure.
  13. Bump for final markdowns. Will Leave these up until Sunday night and then will close the thread.
  14. Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2 $175 Now $160!, SHIPPED in the U.S. NOT PRESSED!SOLD!
  15. Amazing Spider-Man #102 $315 Now $300 Shipped! White Pages! Just a beautiful book which is unpressed.