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  1. Blonde wanting attention to blonde unwanted attention
  2. Stephan King's Sleepwalkers. Only movie so bad that my wife and I left inside of the first 20 minutes. Color changing Camaro, incest, villains who are afraid of cats, and cats who turn into vampire slaying soul protecting bundles of hissing fury. Seriously, the stuffed cats were the best actors in the movie and I'm pretty sure they could not have the old "no animals were harmed during the making of this film" tag at the end. Not that I stayed around to find out.
  3. Wow that is horrible Jim! You and I have interacted a little on Facebook so its like I'm taking this personally! Very happy to hear about the insurance though.
  4. The no gloss on the Four Colors through me for a loop when I first got a high grade copy. I'd always had beaters before that and I just assumed beater copy=no gloss.
  5. From Ant Men to Scared Men
  6. Not to bring this thread back on topic but new Heritage purchase. Was going to pass on it until my wife commented on how cheap it was going!
  7. Were most comics reprinted in B&W in Australia? Just wondering about the bragging rights to "ACTUAL Full Colour COMIC PAGES!" Very cool books! :)
  8. Wish I could remember the name of the store but it was the mid-90s early 2000s if I remember right. I went in looking for Gold or Silver and the guy behind the counter says he might have some at the end of an isle, on the floor, which I thought was a really weird answer but kewl books. So, I go to the box he indicated, kneel down, and start flipping though. Its all porn comics; not even underground comics that might have some other redeeming social qualities, just porn comics. I look up and the guy is no where to be seen. I am alone in the store. I yell, "Hello?" The reply come quickly with dude yelling, "Sorry! I'll be back in a moment!" Creeped out, I leave. I read a few months later that the store was closed down and at least one employee (the owner?) is accused of showing porn comics to children. He would allow them to come into the store and "discover" the porn comics then he would sneak away and watch them through a hidden peep hole.
  9. I give you props for giving an estimated grade in your listings. So many chicken out yet want top dollar.
  10. Feel free to email with offers but first , or equiv, in the thread wins. I will mark the item sold as quick as I can but if someone sneaks in with an before I do, they win. No returns on CGC graded books No reprobates or HOS. Paypal preferred but will take check/money order. Please allow at least 7 business days to ship if paying by check/money order. Payment is due within 3 days of posting or equiv in thread or through PM. This book is just about a unicorn in the world of Timely collecting: it has White pages! Head over to the Timely thread and look at all the wonderful books posted there and see how tough a White paged Timely is to find.
  11. Nice one, Marty! That looks like one you should get graded!
  12. Your paragraph contains a germ of a great idea: books sent in for the same day tier require 3 of 5 graders to agree on the grade before assignment. Could also be 2 of 3 or something similar. They used to do this but when TAT slipped CGC modified the number of graders that looked at a book. We should get back to this at least on expensive books.
  13. I agree that it is a generous 9.4 but it is a 9.2 in my opinion (from picture for what that is worth). Still, I disagree. Timely is hot right now. Its crazy and Cap is leading the charge. I feel safe in saying it will hit 1 million.
  14. Nice! I had not thought of that possibility. Makes sense.
  15. I want to form a new sticker authority. It will warn people of over-graded books and books that might technically not be over-graded but still have ridiculous or weird damage. It'll be called "WTF".
  16. Barks Ducks in 9.0 and above are climbing back up.