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  1. I believe Alterna Comics use newsprint. At least they say they do. I have yet to but one of their comics.
  2. Newton rings are one of the main reasons I do not submit comics to CGC. When I buy a slab, if it has newton rings, it does factor into my buying. I have passed on comics where the rings were just too bad. They do make a difference on the desirability of the comic IMO. I've held off saying anything because a lot of forum members dismiss what people say who haven't been active here for forever and a day. Regardless, I'm going to say what a lot of people are thinking. CGC will only address this issue when it hits them in the wallet. When submissions start to falter and Voldy slabs start selling at equal prices, then and only then will CGC do something about it. The rub of this is, by ignoring the issue, they are only helping that scenario become a reality. Unfortunate, but true.
  3. If I had known that back then, I would have apologized. Since I am just finding this out now, I will apologize here. I am sorry that I assumed something without knowing all the facts. Kudos to you for your accomplishment!!! I mean this sincerely!! You should feel pleasure for your part in that change!!!
  4. I don't know why you are surprised. I mentioned that fact to you back on May 5th in the Marvel pence thread. Here is the link to the page.
  5. On that, I totally agree with you!!
  6. All this talk about CGC listening to people on the boards is hilarious to me!!! Yes they may take some things into consideration, but the bottom line IS the bottom line. After years of talk on these boards, it took Voldey noting the Pence Variants to make CGC do the same. And what about Newton rings? After years of complaining and a poll on the forum, the official line is STILL that some amount of Newton rings is acceptable. Meanwhile, there are two competitors who have proven that Newton rings don't need to be there. Granted, those two each have their own issues, but Newton rings isn't one of them!!! Sorry, if anything, I see CGC reacting to competition a lot faster than to anything stated here. I think some people are over stressing the influence they perceive that they have.
  7. Torches don't kill people, people kill people!!
  8. @TwoPiece Yep!!! The series is only seven issues long. It was published back in the 90's. Here is the ComicVine link to the series.
  9. @TwoPiece do you just collect legit #666's?? Or would Milk and Cheese #6 be of interest to you?
  10. I quit ordering from them after I received a shipment where it looked like someone hacked a loogie all over the plastic that was covering the comics. No comics were damaged, thankfully. I emailed them and they responded with "So sorry that happened. Have you seen our latest store variant?" Yeah ... I don't know what I was expecting, but I was expecting a little more than that!!!
  11. I couldn't agree more!!! Cheers!!!
  12. I just have to chime in. I find it curious that this thread was started in 2017. And judging by the first post, this has been a topic that has been around for quite some time. Yet, when CGC finally decides to put price variants on the label, everyone is saying that CGC is finally listening. I can't help but wonder if CGC would have done this if Voldey hadn't already started doing it in the fall of 2018. My initial thought is that people would still be asking for it. Say what you want, but I'm glad that there is some competent competition out there. I think it has made CGC a better company all around. Just an observation.
  13. This was posted a few hours ago on that facebook post. If the CGC bag can be opened that easily, I'm a little concerned also. Too many scammers out there looking to make a buck any way they can. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYRmtk7vIiE&t=9s