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  1. If you were to buy this, and it was a legitimate unused cover - I would urge you not to staple it to the book you are seeking a cover for. How many graded copies of that book are there? How many unused covers are floating around?
  2. I'd imagine the only way to "originally obtain" something like this would be as an employee of the printing company. It would have been pulled from the machines before running through binding.
  3. I have an uncut printer sheet of old romance comics from the 50's. Mine has four covers on one VERY large sheet. Printed both front and back (the inside has advertisements). It's not unheard of.
  4. Why not just have etched steel plate? A little enamel filler for some spot color....
  5. What's wrong with grading a reprint? Is the real problem with the person who actually produced that book without copyright?
  6. I agree with the Duck in concept, but it would work better with Label 2. Simply have a black frame around whichever color background you need. I think it is FANTASTIC that CGC is seeking input here. A+
  7. With the touch-ups, I wouldn't be so quick to call the top trimming a production miscut. Looks to me like when someone tries to cut a stack of paper on a large cutting board and the paper shifts halfway through the cut. Despite it's flaws, that is one great presenting copy.
  8. Since the holders are so F-ed, does anyone think there might be something to grading raw like Voldemort does? I really like the registry and it is the primary reason I submit books to CGC. If they would give me a grade and a comic id # for the registry, I wouldn't need that bulky/oily/garish "sleeve".
  9. And quite a few graded...
  10. A true conservator would remove the staples entirely and leave them off. Paper does not like metal! Be sure to wear your white gloves while doing it so that hand oils do not contaminate the paper.
  11. Yes, it should reduce the grade. It looks like a slight impact (which can often happen while in bag/board). The abrasions on the black back (near the bottom and at staple) are also problematic. If you want a CGC 9.8, buy a CGC 9.8.
  12. I do not agree, and it does NOT matter (unless I start my own grading company...)! Marrying pages/covers/whatever should result in a purple label. I understand yellow being applicable to any comic, and it's great to see the FF48 image along with that Hulk and Showcase!
  13. I have a qualified 0.5 (not the FF48). I agree with you. It should be a universal 0.5. I believe these are mistakes.
  14. They are human, and they don't publish their grading standards...