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  1. Depending on what books are in there, you should be careful with a bug bomb. You might fill a bucket with some mild pesticide/water mix, put some gloves on, and use a clean brush to sweep off each comic's inhabitants into the bucket. Try not to touch the comics with chemicals. Hopefully it will be worth the effort. I would love to hear what you find (the comic books, not the bugs)!
  2. I don't understand. Sometimes when I am the only bidder, and I want to increase my high bid amount, feebay doesn't increase the bid OVER my prior bid when I do so. Is this a glitch?
  3. At least it's still got the O'Mealia, Flessel and Shuster pages!
  4. If you get yours and have leads on an extra, please let me know! I've always liked that image!!!
  5. Flanagan was known to the owners of Detective Comics. Indeed, he was one of the artists that Jerry Siegel had approached to illustrate the then unpublished Superman strip. “About ten or fifteen years ago,” he recalled in 1953, “I got a letter from a fellow named Jerry Siegel. He said he had an idea for a comic strip which he would entitle Superman. He wanted me to do the art for the strip, I thought he was crazy, and I still do – a million dollars’ worth.[11]” The time frame of fifteen years or so previous places Siegel’s letter to Flanagan in 1937 – 1938. Siegel had approached others to either take over from Joe Shuster or assist him but was turned down. As it stands, there would have been no way that Flanagan would have turned down work to produce the number of pages required for a full comic book for less than he could make drawing a single illustration. In hindsight, it was easy for him to refuse. [11] Famed Artist Turned Down Offer To Draw Superman. Sunday News (Pennsylvania). 1 March 1953 I found this great bit of info recently on 20th Century Oh Danny Boy's blog/website. I need to track down that article and read the whole thing!!!
  6. I too am awaiting my purchases. Not a big deal though - I am patient. My personal policy is not to buy anything more from anyone until prior deals are complete.
  7. I can't imagine why they would not change the label. Maybe I should ask them on the "label update" forum...
  8. The label is incorrect regarding the cover artist. It is one of the six covers that John R. Flanagan did for DC.
  9. Too bad about those shifty yellow inks.
  10. I think there are some goodies inside. You might want to peek!
  11. I figured I better share some of the non-Baker pages over here in Rare-Romance. No census copies and no image available on GCD. I don't even have the cover -- it's that rare! This is a reprint of Love Romances 57 (FYI).
  12. Another black and white reprint found its way into my mailbox yesterday. Originally printed in color for Love Romances 57. This coverless copy unfortunately is missing the last page of story art for the Baker portion (which would have been printed on the inside of the back cover).
  13. It's so strange that these O'Mealias were used for the covers of "Action" rather than "Adventure" or "More Fun" where these characters seem to appear. Action 5 looks like Bob Merritt. Action 3 might be from Anchors Aweigh! Action 6 could be Steve Conrad.