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  1. I like the re-creation more than the original.
  2. As an O'Mealia fan, this Action Funnies gets my vote. Although, the Radio Funnies Flanagan cover can stand right next to it.
  3. Are you referring to the "Wonder Woman" ashcan with the Sensation 1 cover in B&W? It has a hand-written copyright rejection note on the top under the logo... I love that book and tried to buy it. Not sure what the "photo of the woman" is.
  4. Metropolis had one which looked nice, but they gave it a 4.0 (coupon cut out). I've had too many incomplete 4.0's from them.
  5. I've dug out some black and white Wally foreign reprint... just for you!
  6. @silverseeker it looks to me like a spot of rust from some item that transferred onto the comic. However, you say "back page". Does that mean inside of the back cover, outside of the back cover, or an interior back page?
  7. Just some cheap foreign reprint... don't mind me.
  8. Now that you mention it... why not show it off?
  9. I love that issue's cover art, and the Miller edition seems to have a silvery ink in place of the yellows. It's awesome!
  10. "burning romances" Was that one of those VD educational comics? @Dr. Love is there any Wood art in there?
  11. I was thinking today about my old legos.... there were rubber tires on vehicles. I know where the box is. I'll have to spend some time this weekend digging it out.
  12. I just bought a few CGC graded 2nd prints that are not noted as second prints (I knew they were 2nd prints). The slabs also had loose bits of plastic floating around inside the cases.
  13. The picture is very blurry. Is this copy missing page 10? You'd need another copy in order to attach a page. Further, you'd want to reattach the entire wrap rather than trying to rice paper a single page back into it.