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  1. There is a thread on production related issues. Miscuts and miswraps would be included there. I just shared this modern over there (front half of book cut shorter than back half by approx 1/8" towards the bottom):
  2. I submitted this one myself, and the label notes indicate the problem(s). I believe this is a CGC mistake. They meant for it to be a blue 0.5, but put the wrong paper in the printer. Otherwise the grade should be reflective of what the book would grade without those specified defects (in this case, perhaps a 3.0 - 4.0). I'm not entirely sure where they draw the line with No Grade, but I imagine more than one or two pages would need to be missing. Coverless books get No Grade.
  3. Some keep repeating that CGC REFUSED to grade the books. It was written that was not the case. These books should be in YELLOW label holders and identify the Meyers as the artist!
  4. One of the few 25th anniversary Joes I own is Scarlett. This one looks better. I'm not sure I like the card art on this new one though. They recolored the 25th, and it looks much more... uh, professional.
  5. Looks like there was an impact to the spine right at the staple. Maybe during transit to you? Most damage on my books is from the postal handlers.
  6. Not on Clink. The idea here is that you want to see the end result, not actually win the book. Clink records are not available anywhere unless you had a bid on a book. When you throw down dollar bids on books you want to keep tabs on, then after the auction is over you are able to go to your bid history and pull up the data for the closing price.
  7. I don't think I've ever seen a book with distributor's ink receive a purple label. Plenty of them are in blue label holders. You might find a thread dedicated to that subject somewhere on these boards.
  8. I did several hundred negatives from the 40's and 50's that a family member had dug out. I scanned slides from my uncle's time in Vietnam in the 60's. I certainly understand some of the frustrations. However, with the flatbed scanner I have, I am able to lay down 10 slides at a time for scanning (or maybe 5 of those old negatives - they are larger). Photoshop or another image editing tool is essential for the "after" scanning adjustments. In the end, I burnt them all to CD/DVD to give to my relatives or keep them on flashdrives for myself. I am hesitant to let a third party (Facebook etc) "hold" my files.
  9. I'm surprised you can't just connect that to your computer with the USB cable and save files directly to the computer. If I had 6000 slides, I'd hate to do them on that Scanza... one... at.... a.... time....
  10. I have a Canon flatbed that was made for film/negatives. Too bad it won't function with Windows 10. Sometimes I hate technology.
  11. @Buzzetta GREAT pics! Love those original lego guys building your new sets! ... Now put some word balloons in there!