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  1. Yorick

    Helen Slater Signature

    That's the one with the Garcia-Lopez front cover and Slater's photo on the back? Have her sign the back. I'm pretty sure I recently saw one of those with Slater's signature in a CGC SS case sell. Perhaps it was Comiclink...
  2. I have a laserdisc collection. There is a problem with some where the manufacturing process did not fully seal an edge of the disc. Moisture (or whatever) gets in there and the disc starts to go bad. They call it laser-rot. I don't know if DVDs and Blurays are made the same (with two thin plastic discs sealed together over the inner "data" medium), but I imagine they will suffer the same fate as all plastics.
  3. Yorick

    CGC Crossover Results are in!

    The "pre-screen service" and "$10 flat rate if the grade drops" are gone. Cross-over services will continue at a discount.
  4. Yorick

    CGC Crossover Results are in!

    I just got the bill for two of my books sent in under the express tier. Both were PGX. I've been billed the full amount (rather than the $10 in the case of a grade drop), so I imagine the grades will be the same (or higher ). I have one book under the standard tier, and several more under the economy tier. It'll be some time before they all come back to me, and I'll share the results when they do!
  5. Yorick

    CGC Crossover Results are in!

    What "value tier" did you submit under?
  6. Electronics are definitely the worst of our wasteful society. I also collect DVD and Blu-ray. I started doing the whole digital thing (since the code was free), but recently got a notice from Ultraviolet that they were going away. There goes to digital library! Good thing I have the discs. Fortunately, the Playmobil sets don't take up too much room. They can stay out in the garage on a high shelf. They were HEAVILY played with and wouldn't be worth too much (except sentimentally).
  7. Yorick

    Matt Baker OA Club

    The Code compliance notes at the top of the left page are hilarious. Don't want the censor imagining cleavage on that woman! Heaven forbid!!!
  8. I don't see a lot of Playmobil love these days... I grew up with these. Still have my pirate ship! Your group shot looks to have some early figures in there too!
  9. @Buzzetta I thought there had been some announcement that there would not be any more Slave Leia's. No? I'm not too keen on re-releasing the existing figures, but I approve of NEW figures to compliment the old style.
  10. Yorick

    Baker Romance

    Yes, but he needs to post them in publication date order! AND create registry sets!!!
  11. This is awful... an O'Mealia cover I'm missing?!! Why'd it have to be the pricey one?
  12. Yorick

    Happy Valentine's Day! Show Some Love!

    Every time you show it off, I'll be there to make an offer!!
  13. Yorick

    Happy Valentine's Day! Show Some Love!

    THAT looks like a copy I could end my collecting career with! I've got a downgrade copy for you!!!