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  1. Ahhh. So that's where they are! Send one my way!!!
  2. Yea, it was rough. At least there were multiple photos (unlike some other recently closed Baker auctions).
  3. You'll need an independent verification for that.... I'll PM you my shipping address.
  4. Anyone see that Wild Boy alligator cover sell on feebay for $5 (plus shipping)?
  5. Mine has the bottom right corner off (both the signature and issue number). I can't find the scan to share here, but it's posted on my registry set.
  6. Of course. One of us has to hold onto them so that the masses believe they are rare. Nice to see you back here.... BIG congrats on that Marilyn.
  7. These Giant Editions are four books rebound, but the 100 pagers are only three.
  8. You mean the two I've put face-to-face (in an attempt to keep the spines from getting smushed - I think I may be causing some spine roll now)? Yeah, I can get those out. Two Giant Editions romance covers. Not sure what the other large ones before and after are... Probably a Pictorial Romance giant for one. Those books on the right (the front of the box) are the large format early issues of TAR. They take the whole box dimension, and this is a slab-book sized box. I did take a photo of the last few in the back... some partial Baker covers. People seem to like those.
  9. Will the first season ever be released on dvd/bluray?
  10. Here's another Baker box (but not nearly as fun to look at as the certified box with labels).
  11. sent a PM over a year ago. No reply. I must have been asking too much? It would be helpful for collectors with the books you want to know what your entry level purchase price will be. Such as $5000 for an AF15 CGC 1.5, etc.
  12. Would one of you be able to help me "appreciate" the inside cover of More Fun #33 (or an Adventure 28)? Seeking an image that's in focus.
  13. 106 is an interesting example as you have another woman's face on the cover bottom center. The two look nothing alike to my eyes. Only Sheena gets a Baker face?? Another problem is that these might just be swiped faces rather than Baker actually doing the pencil work. If I was Doolin, I'd probably swipe Baker too.