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  1. I was thinking more along the lines of distribution damage. There are many hands the comic passes through before it hits the shelf. I find myself often upset at my local comic shop when there are spine creases or blunted corners on new comics because of the employees poor "handling" of the comic when taking them out of the distributor boxes. They might even put the stack on the counter top where the book on the bottom gets smeared with some stuff that was not cleaned off in time. The best way you can argue printing defects is to find other copies with similar problems.
  2. That cover makes me think of Schomburg's painted work. Any chance?
  3. It may be production related, but it may not. Have you seen any other copies of this issue with the same type of ink smear?
  4. I would cross off the APC 21 and 30. Not Bakers.
  5. Jeez. What's the rush? Alright, here come some more.
  6. There are much better copies posted in this thread. And now that I have two copies... maybe it's not so rare? I am grateful for your assist in the upgrade!!!
  7. What are the rarest romance comics? How about L Miller reprints of Baker St John material in Black & White!!! Never has Baker line art looked so nice (unless you own original art).
  8. I don't think there's a Baker Wild Boy 16.