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  1. THIS is so messed up. I can't even run a general Golden Age search anymore. At least most of my saved searches are still functioning. It's almost as if feebay is trying to kill itself.
  2. Special request: does anyone here have a high grade My Only Love #3 (Charlton) that they can share a scan of? Not a single graded copy in the census, but I can certainly understand not wanting to entomb those interior contents!!
  3. You need a Super Powers Batman for your Batman set on the back wall there.
  4. Well, the circle inset drawing of Phantom Lady is by Baker... and perhaps Baker penciled a body layout for the blonde, but mostly this seems like Kamen.
  5. On ebay, if you choose the "advanced search" option, next to their regular search box, it allows you the option to scroll down and choose "sold items only". Then you can see past sales (you still need to enter an item description in the search field). Set the results order to "most recent sales" and you will see how crazy prices are going up.
  6. @MeganB Your list is great. Probably the best thing for anyone to do coming into any collection is to make a list of all items. Even in lower grades, some of the books you have listed sell very well. There has been some very good advice provided so far. Certain issues (the Spiderman's 298-300 noted above and Xmen 94) will draw bidders all day long. Carefully pull those out and take several photos. Share them in the "Please Grade My Comic" section (review other people's posting to see what kind of photos to take). Once you have an idea of the condition of each, you will better be ab
  7. I cracked out a 1950's book and there was no micro-chamber-paper. Additionally, I was disappointed that a major 2-3 inch slice across the first several pages was not noted on the label. Major damages can easily be noted on a label, but I think CGC is trying to push "buying graders notes".
  8. For the last several years (since creating this thread), I have been drafting a list of every Flanagan publication I can find. My spreadsheet now has over 300 publications. It is mind-blowing that such a prolific and respected artist has essentially disappeared from illustration art history. Here is a recent Colliers arrival from 1923:
  9. I guess he needs to post it in the for sale section first....
  10. I think we must be. I don't recall any mouse chew on the feebay lot issue (it was an auction for four issues of WRs, including 1 and 7). Four issues for about 1k. CHEAP!!
  11. Do you use a bidding program? Those last bids came in barely under the wire... I was bidding because of that issue too.