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  1. @Wayne-Tec check ebay. I saw a listing for an actual Detective 27 back cover (it was cut from a Detective 27 and there are pics of it prior to the cutting). Even though it is a shared back cover, this one has provenance. I also saw that DTA has an All American 2, but it's missing the back cover and the centerfold.
  2. I think that is the bigger issue. Just because her skirt is yellow does not make her Lois.
  3. Does Superman fight a lion in the story?
  4. No one mentioned the Legion of Superheros Adam Hughes Supergirl variant cover? I think it wins against 880 in sale price.
  5. Yours can be #4 and mine #5! You send yours in first...
  6. A good day to post here!
  7. Happy Valentines Day! Zero on the census?!!
  8. Grand Comics Database is a great resource for identifying artists. As to "how to identify" a particular artist; I can tell you that I'd be able to identify the work of my favorite artists, but that's all. Anyone with a love of a particular artist will look at multiple examples of their work and have a keener eye at spotting THAT artist's handiwork.
  9. That purple label really works well with the cover color scheme.
  10. Have you seen the original design artwork by Stanley Lau? It's really lovely.
  11. There is definitely a little "Superior Publications" logo down on the right, so the CGC label is inaccurate. Momo's comics are absolutely beautiful. I wish I could afford to buy the whole collection! I have a few of the photo cover Canadian's, but have not compared them to the US counterparts. I recall reading there is a size difference, and I also wonder if the interiors are black and white.... I guess I'll need to pull out one of mine and make the comparison.
  12. If your books are put in a bag with a acid-free board, what does it matter what type of box you put them in? Granted, you don't want a box that is shorter than the height of a comic book and anything you stack on top of it starts bending the comics... I suppose if you are really nuts about it, you'd need to alternate the stacking of the spines and keep them flat in vertical piles of no more that ten.
  13. @comicwiz I quite enjoy the articulated knees! I know how you feel though. I have plenty of loose figures which have to lean against something in order to stand. Pretty much the whole Prince of Thieves line are recasts. I believe the head sculpt for Robin may have been the Rocket Man head that was unproduced for the fourth SP wave (before Cosner gave his OK to use his likeness and they changed the head).
  14. Yes, those Batman's were kitbashed using the Super Powers Batman figure. They look great because of it. ...and now that we're back to Super Powers, allow me to share this Dr Fate with a bubble wonderfully separated from the cardback. Factory didn't seal this blister correctly, and there was only the slightest tearing.