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  1. Im also thinking 15-20k Hope its 10k so I can scoop one up
  2. Yes That Page 5 is something else. Sold 27 or 28k
  3. Tec 6.9 cgc 2.5 sold last week at Heritage for 8100$ A CGC 4.5 sold for 17.3k 2 years ago and a CGC 6.5 sold for 29.5k I think this 4.0 went on the low end. More like 13-15k range
  4. Well a new record 🏆for a single page. The page 5. Superman car lift. The cover swipe. 27.5k at comicconnect yesterday. https://www.comicconnect.com/bookDetail.php?id=852626 To me its was more a 30k -35k in todays market and will rise alongside Action 1 complete and coverless values. Congrats to the buyer!
  5. Yes off white to white for an action 1 unrestored🥰 Same Here🏆🥇
  6. At 14,088$ Will it break the record of 25.5k for a single Page? I just love this page... Its like owning the Cover to Action Comics 1... Well the next best thing. https://www.comicconnect.com/bookDetail.php?id=852626
  7. I would say more... 200k The last in auction 2013 was a 1.5 that sold for 175k
  8. Thanks for confirming that a TEC27 coverless is near 100k im sure the next 1.0 blue label will surpise us! Ac1 or tec27 whichever comes first to auction.
  9. Well I think also each batman page is 15-20k also so lets say 50k for 3 pages. The CF is easily around 30k to the right buyer. Since Someone missing a CF will need it to complete there copy. Sounds crazy but 100k for a coverless unrestored TEC 27 with cream to off white or better... might be the new norm. Action 1 might actually be 110-120k... The Ac1 page 1 and page 5( cover swipe) are 25-35k a piece. Then 5 other supes pages and the cf
  10. All trimmed but didnt he mention that he had also the non batman pages and centerfold exfept 4 non batman pages from another copy?
  11. I agree 125k a super deal for this bundle... The Tec 27 has everything... 80k right there. If it were an unrestore coverless then 80k+++
  12. Looking forward to a Namor Movie. Hes less of a do gooder like cap. He has conflicts within himself. Hope to see a great mcu version of him! Imperius Rex!
  13. Ummm. Human torch and Namor the Sub-Mariner were just as popular as Captain America. They were the marvel Trio of the Golden Age.