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  1. Im sure everyone doesnt Know Superman or Batman. Everyone knows Wagner... Hes also dead. Rip. Wagner had a big head start value wise. Supes and Bats live forever Also its a comic book forum so gotta go with its holy grail.
  2. I highly doubt that people will part there complete copies. What we saw is people parting there incomplete copies. Also see that pages stay in collections. The Two Action 1 cover swipes.. never resold. 2016 was a brittle page and 2019 was a off white to white. i only saw the page 2 resell and all the rest also have never resurfaced.
  3. singles pages are rare. This is not af15 Action 1 is rare and demand is high. Singles pages are rare and in demand. As per anything under 100k cream to off white i would be a buyer. I dont think im the only one. I think A complete coverless is a Holy grail just as much as single pages. it serves its purpose for collectors budget. All rare in their own right and they have been good good investments for long time holders
  4. Great display!!! Truly unique and as they say a 1/1!! Of imho The no 1 comic that started its all!! Popeye... The Phantom... oups Action Comics 1!!!
  5. Yes. Indeed but I wouldnt put him there. Sorta like Jerry West for NBA top 50. Different era but skillset imo wouldnt translate. Kinda a grandfathered deal. Just my opinion.
  6. Umm. Are you trying to compare the impact of Superman to these two ?
  7. Couldn't have said it better myself. Honus Wagner is not even in the top 25 best known players dare I say Top 50 Action 1 started it all. Without Superman they would have stuck to detective comics... 27 would have been another one like the previous. But DC had a massive hit with there spandex super hero!!!
  8. Of course with all the completed data. Just implying with a 5.5 sale in 2016 at same auction house and that market has risen and is in fire... A 7.0 AC1 could really go bonkers on the coat tails of this TEC 27.... I think 1.5mil is a dhoe in and we looking at 1.75. If it hits 2million I will freak out!!