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  1. And some with Received dates after mine getting graded and shipped before me.
  2. My 6/21 Value submission has finally entered Finalized/Graded/Shipped today!
  3. When I saw your post last week, I had to call last Friday and asked them what was going on with my submission. They told me it would be done by Tuesday or Thursday. Well, at least it moved today.
  4. My 6/21 Value submission moved to Grading/ Quality Control today!!
  5. Shipped. Now I have to wait for my 6/21 Value submission.
  6. Went into Grading Quality Control today
  7. I guess I better call. My Value received on 6/21 is still sitting in SFG.
  8. 25 book Modern Prescreen slow track submission received on 9/27 went into SFG today.
  9. After some family issues that just happened, I may not be able to go. Thanks anyway!
  10. I was wondering if there are going to be any witnesses at Starrcast 4 in Baltimore. I have many magazines I would love to get signed and get graded with the yellow label.
  11. Maybe. My 6/21 Value sub has been sitting in SFG since last Friday.
  12. Have you called them? My 6/21 Value sub went into SFG on Friday so your 6/5 should've been done by now.
  13. I have a Modern Prescreen received 3 days after yours. So please keep us up to date with your process, thanks!