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  1. A rare appearance by Former Marvel Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso. He will do Portfolio Reviews as well!!
  2. Hey everyone, The exhibitor list is here. I'm not sure what NYCC has to do with our event, many of the vendors are coming... You can see the list and decide for yourself if it's worthwhile.
  3. You may want to delete this thread...
  4. Yes, it's listed in the thread right below this one. There are several options.
  5. Sabrina the Teenage Witch #1 ACE Comic Con Midwest Bosslogic Exclusive Cover $15.00 each - Veronica Fish, Andy Fish, Bosslogic, Kiernan Shipka & Ross Lynch can all sign!!
  6. Tessa Thompson, Valkyrie!! Her first appearance ever!!
  7. @Aarond40 - There are multiple people handling witnessing (see link below)... Also, JSA can do non-comic items...
  8. CHRIS HEMSWORTH!! First appearance since June 2016!! WOW!!
  9. JAKE GYLLENHAAL - Spider-Man: Far from Home (Quentin Beck / Mysterio)