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  1. You're really an immature person_too_unaware_of_social_graces. The only reason I'm even on this thread is to vouch for 956ref who you accused of being a scammer (and apparently you still feel it was a justified accusation to make 👎👎).
  2. I dont need to go dig up any tangible evidence of a few books i onced flipped, because im not trying to prove anything to you, and i couldnt care less whether you believe me or not. im not defending bbc, and i certainly dont need to defend myself to you, jerk. you suspected it was anecdotal? i told you it was anecdotal, so take it or leave it, i dont care.
  3. i dont have it anymore, i sold it well over a year ago. i havent purchased anything recent off him. i buy and sell a fair number of books and the few i got off him are all long gone. i recall thinking at one point that his auctions were really too popular to score a deal on so i stopped specifically watching his stuff. i dont have dates or any specific info. just my anecdotal memories is all i can offer. 🤷‍♂️
  4. 100% correct! i will make a point to never buy from him again. just saying i got lucky when i bought before cuz i had no idea he was a scammer. 👍 and yeah i dont ever buy off kellyssuperheroes.
  5. Well I'm glad the case against Daniel appears to have been dismissed. 👍 I'm just suggesting that statements like "This is BeatleBlueCat" and "This is BBC's forum ID" are unequivocal statements of guilt that you made before having all the facts. Seems resolved now in any event. Now to go find some books on ebay auctions that are not shill bid sellers, which is an almost impossible task these days lol. I have actually won books from this beatlecat fellow in the past and luckily they all came back from cgc right on the money. in retrospect, it appears i may have merely dodged the
  6. There's lots of ways to inquire or research something. But you toss out a very serious accusation which is immediately met with a post of Daniel's action on the boards, his sales posts, etc, and then a question about nominating him for the HOS. And people hitting him up privately now telling him he needs to prove he's innocent. It's like a 1920's lynchmob up in here sometimes. 🤷‍♂️
  7. 956ref is not beatlebluecat. I know Daniel, he's legit, a friend of mine. We actually talked about that GSX1 when it was up for auction cuz he's been looking for a copy, we both thought it looked 8.0 range. I was actually unaware of the shadiness of beatlebluecat until Daniel pointed me toward this thread, which is now apparently accusing him of being this guy lol. 956ref is a cool dude and an honorable community member.
  8. For what it's worth.... I don't think that crease will affect the grade as much as one might think, because that is a common production defect on that book that I think CGC is aware of based on numerous other slabbed copies I've seen that have this crease. I actually owned two copies of this book, bought from a closed down shop's storage unit recently. Both copies had this exact same crease. I ended up selling both copies raw. Anyway, although it's a semi-significant defect, I suspect CGC might be a little easier than usual on grading since it's a production defect.
  9. One and only price drop before pulling it. I feel like this is a pretty fair price on one of the best 8.5's you'll ever find of this book.
  10. I really expected a higher grade, it's a really clean copy. $300 $280. 90-day GPA is $296 and rising. Last three sales: $296, $335, $340.
  11. Many of you know me from instagram, @dscomicspch, and I have been selling for years on Ebay with a 100% positive feedback (dscomicspch) so buy with confidence! SHIPPING: $14 shipped in the US, which includes signature confirmation. I take pride in my packing, and all books will ship within 2 business days after payment is received. Shipping will be priority mail in a sturdy non-USPS box. CLAIM in comments trumps all unfinalized PM negotiations. PAYMENT via paypal, due within 2 business days. I will accept a return for any reason if you notify me within 3 business days of
  12. Last interview I watched with him (a month or two ago), he said he was more management than anything these days, that he really wasnt grading books that often anymore. My guess is he works on certain things at CCS, like a consv or resto issue, and may step in to grade a big book at CGC, but otherwise he's pretty much in a boss role. 🤷‍♂️
  13. I actually think of the word "cobbling" when i see the entire cover with a bumpy pattern, reminiscent of a cobblestone street. And really, if there is a small piece of dirt on the press or the book that makes a single impression, that seems literally like a pebbling from a literal pebble lol. The joys of language, another art form that is fun to play with! 👍
  14. Well to me, pebbling refers to any amount of pebbly pattern, small bumps/divots on a comic cover from improper pressing. It can be just a couple small areas when a press or the book is not clean, or it can be across the entire cover, like often happens when people press books directly on the grid-patterned foam bottom of most t-shirt presses, or they use a bumpy, non-smooth material on top or bottom of the book. When it looks like small pebbles have been pressed into the book, to me that's pebbling. Some is obviously more severe than others, but I think pebbling can refer to all of this. I
  15. Yep, I often see that pebbling on books - a clear sign it was pressed with a dirty press, or the book was not properly cleaned first.
  16. I'm using a t-shirt press, and I bought a 1/8th inch aluminum plate for the bottom, and of course I'm using far less heat than one would normally use for t-shirt pressing. It works great if you don't cut corners on prep. I have seen guys who use the hand iron method for quickly pressing out small bends on the edges. I actually tried that when I was younger, in the 90's, lol.
  17. For both books: $400 $325 $295 Selling as a set, not breaking them up at this time. Thanks for looking! Both books are the original 1953 editions with the original glasses included, albeit detached. Superman is a 3.0 - structurally solid, but a stain on back cover brings the grade down. The stain is well visible inside back cover but not that noticeable on the outside of back cover. Fully attached, supple pages, bright cover. Glasses are slightly tanned, cellophane is fully attached, no major damage to speak of. Batman is a 4.0 - just some general wear, nothing p