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  1. No I just did not go into detail like I should have.
  2. I think it is but some say it had a big boost a few years back but it seems to be now picking up again. It's a tough book in CGC 6.0 and higher and scarce in the lowers grades.
  3. Then I meant it will keep going up over time I should have specified that after a huge surge we will see a dip but like I said not much more than 10% or so. I don't see AF15 taking a big nose dive after this surge.
  4. I prefer no sig but in the end I prefer owning any AF15 than not owning one.
  5. Unsold since when a week ago....give them time to sell. Like I said we will most likely see a drop off in value in lower grades by about 10% or so but the higher grades will most likely be less affected.
  6. He knows most likely a lot but saying to me I know nothing is insulting just as if he said that to you. 30 years of almost been in this hobby has brought me a great deal of knowledge. It's not because we are collectors and not dealers that we know less.
  7. Laugh all you want I knew (you get that feeling when you have been in a hobby for so long at least some of us do) AF15 was going to have a explosion in value and I also knew many of the final sale prices would be much higher than what some others here estimated certain AF15's where going to sell for. But you as a dealer should you not have seen this coming I mean seriously!! But in the end you did not and you got caught off guard so much for been the eyes and ears of the hobby and supposedly knowing better than us collectors!! In the end dealers don't always know best!! Now you as a ''internet expert'' you are here everyday saying no no this is ludicrous and keep saying this price surge is a huge bubble it can't because you did not foresee it!! But but it never happened before in the hobby so it's impossible....never say never in life....lesson learned.
  8. I would prefer TEC29 any day of the week!!
  9. Weird the last CGC 6.0 sold at Heritage for a little over 9200$ before that sale and this sale for 7200$ it was selling for around 6700$ and before that in the 6000$ area. Book seems to be a bit all over the place in CGC 6.0.
  10. What did the CGC 6.0 end for tonight at ComicConnect?
  11. Of course it will not the copy that sold for 57k had no marvel chipping and had great eye appeal. It's not the same level of CGC 5.0 this one should land about 30% less or so. So 40 000$ would be my guess anything more is a lot for a copy with that amount of marvel chipping. We will see.
  12. But I also know you know a lot as well most of us here have many decades in this hobby we all have various opinions none better than others just different point of views based on the vast knowledge we acquired over that time. Why don't we wait and see in say 6 months time where AF15 is at price wise then we will all have a better understanding....we can report sale prices from here till then. That way no one will be making predictions they have no absolute proofs off....let the market speak for itself. Let the AF15 buyers decide what they want to spend and see if it maintains itself or if there is a minor set back.
  13. By golly chicken dinner we have a winner!!
  14. Bingo we have a winner!!
  15. Here is a CGC 5.0 with a lot of Marvel chipping at 26 000$ with 5 days left not much denial there seems like a high price so far.