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  1. HULK vs THOR!!!

    Between JIM83 and TOS39 I would go with JIM83 it's a tougher book. I prefer Iron Man over Thor but if I had a choice to make on what book I would buy first JIM83 would be it.
  2. FF-1 or JIM-83 or ASM-1

    I doubt that no one builds ASM is probably the most popular run to build in the entire SA.

    And Wonder Women as well I imagine?
  4. FF-1 or JIM-83 or ASM-1

    Sure why not. That would make it more interesting. I am not even sure where it truly stands in the top 5 SA Marvel books if it at all. I would start another topic ASM1 versus JIM83 because FF1 is in my opinion(I could be wrong but I am pretty sure this is accurate) for sure the more valuable book of the 3 in all grades.
  5. FF-1 or JIM-83 or ASM-1

    Hahahaha let it ride and see but FF1 is the more expensive book and as far as Marvel goes in the SA age it is the 3rd most most valuable behind AF15 and Hulk 1 then comes JIM83 at number 4.
  6. HULK vs THOR!!!

    Yes but in the last year everything has been AF15 the other top ten SA books with the exception of ASM1 (because of the increase in value of AF15 it followed suit) have been very slow to increase in value if at all.
  7. HULK vs THOR!!!

    Good way to find out.
  8. FF-1 or JIM-83 or ASM-1

    FF1 is more valuable and JIM83 has been more popular in the last few years.

    But you enjoy Spidey as well not just the finances that is what I believe what you stated in the past?

    He had said in the past he had a larger collection but owning AF15 in multiples makes him happier. I believe he enjoys Spidey and also owning books that increase in value. He also has a few AS8 in his ''collection''. So I take from that he enjoys Wonder Women as well for the same reasons. Whatever makes him happy like anyone else on these boards is what matters.
  11. HULK vs THOR!!!

    Yes in popularity right now but in value no way. Neither book has increased in value for years now. FF1 is on a down turn for the last few years but that will change eventually when AF15 and Hulk 1 become expensive enough that most people can't but a copy anymore. The exact same thing is happening in the GA era some books are just to expensive for most so now people buy the next best thing they can afford.
  12. HULK vs THOR!!!

    I don't get your comment? FF1 is simply more expensive and JIM83 over the past few years has been more popular not more valuable. In what grade (s) is JIM83 more valuable than FF1? I purchased my JIM83 in CGC 6.0 a few years ago and it has not gone up ''one penny'' almost since then.
  13. HULK vs THOR!!!

    Seriously value wise (popularity wise OK)? I don't care much I own JIM83 and I don't own a FF1 but I believe in my above statement. I want a FF1 someday.
  14. HULK vs THOR!!!

    Then it's AF15, Hulk 1 and FF1. Like I said JIM83 is a top 5 book not a top 3 book. I can't say never but I am pretty sure it won't happen in the next 10 years for sure. I still am a firm believer that FF1 will pick back up. It's to important of a book to just stay in the slow lane and be passed by JIM83.
  15. HULK vs THOR!!!

    No I don't see Thor passing Hulk. As for the top 3 books I would say it is more like AF15, and Hulk 1 + SC4 tied or close together. SC4 is the toughest book of the 3. AF15 is the AC1 of the SA and Hulk 1 is the TEC27. That said JIM83 is a top 5 book for sure so on that basis alone it is well respected and a lot of collectors want to own the book. I wish it would since I own a CGC 6.0 JIM83 and a Hulk 1 CGC 4.5 but it won't surpass it. Personally I prefer Hulk over Thor. Kids will almost always prefer Hulk as well he is easy to understand (gets mad = gets big and breaks things) versus Thor's complicated outer world stuff.