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    Bid more or post more... tough one...

    Bingo and a few others as well.

    Some of those asking prices are just to high.

    No burst just a minor slow down I had already stated that would happen. It's not a big deal the book will pick back up some time down the line.
  4. Things change over time some semi keys become keys and some keys become major keys and the reverse of all this is also true in certain cases.
  5. So you guys think basically everything except AF15, Hulk 1, SC 4, TOS 39, SC 22, X-Men 1, ASM 1 and a few others are valued to high. How is AC252 valued to high as soon as one comes up for sale it almost always sells right away and finding a 6.0 and higher is no easy task. JIM 83 is scarcer than TOS 39 so why not put TOS 39 on your list as well? I think some of the books you guys mentioned are a tad over priced (not FF1 or Flash 105 for sure) but then again I think Avengers #1 is also over priced (they are everywhere but it's a great book non the less and I would be happy to own a copy).
  6. Different shades on comic covers

    I was going to sell my CGC 6.5 and buy another copy without that color variation but in the end I just don't care about that color line enough to make the switch. The book looks nice for a 6.5 so what can you my case just leave it the way it is and be happy to own the book.
  7. Different shades on comic covers

    That's my CGC 6.5. I wonder how much it affects the value compared to a 6.5 that does not have this type of color variation?
  8. What has rarity got to do with the SA? There is no real rare books maybe scarcer ones like SC4 and SC22 and a few other but rare that is reserved for the GA.
  9. FF1, DD1 and AC252 seriously (you can still buy a very high grade DD1 for 10 000$ it seems pretty cheap to me)!! And JIM83 is a major key in the SA.
  10. X-MEN #1 club

    I enjoyed every movie they made. Great series!!
  11. X-MEN #1 club

    So you say.
  12. X-MEN #1 club

    Best superhero team ever in my opinion!! The story line and the characters are simply awesome!!
  13. X-MEN #1 club

    Gotta love the X-Men!!
  14. HULK # 1 CLUB

    This is a really nice looking CGC 4.5 (front cover).