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  1. Does not give the same vibe at all!!
  2. FF1 is a great book and it has been dead for some years but I don;t believe that will last....and no I don't own a FF1. In my opinion it should be #2 in the top 10 SA but sales don't allow that.
  3. Will not happen I will not put myself in that position. I know you guys are trying to get me to say something that will but I will not do it!! I am here to stay and will continue to write as I please.
  4. I think you guys like to gang up on people so you guys can run the show here and make it into what suits you guys best....well this is a free site anyone and everyone has the right to be here and write what they like you are not the owners of the site but sure like to act like it.
  5. Trying to find friends....with the same people who keep blasting you on a daily basis. Why don't you stand up on your own and be a you know's starts with a ''M''!!
  6. I do with SC4, FF1, ASM1 and others and I don't own those. So no I am not pushing my books as you may think. I just want people to know what a certain book ended for that is it. AF15 does not need pushing it grows on it's own.
  7. I am listing current sales so that people know whats going on not everyone follows auction houses. Do I cover every single sale no....I cover only the 3-4 auctions houses I follow. If it can help someone even one person out there that is my goal.
  8. I am sure many of them feel the same about our hobby.
  9. What is the point of knowing the date I purchased my AF15 who really cares. I paid 35 000$ and again who really cares!!
  10. There a lot of them that are beautiful on the outside (just tons of them they are everywhere) but to find one that is both beautiful in the inside and outside is like ''winning the lotto'' especially nowadays. I have traditional values and I really don't see much of that anymore. I just realized for me it's not my thing to jump from one person to another and if I don't find that special someone I am OK with it and I do not feel like I failed my life in any way because of it (failure is only a human concept people tend to put to much power into like many others for that matter)...a lot of people in each generation fell like they don't belong but realizing it is best than paying the price of just hoping without any thought put into it.
  11. I have no issues with married people that have kids thank the world some people are capable of a normal marriage and raising kids properly....but in the West in the last few decades things have taken a turn for the worse on many levels when it comes to social morals (some think it's a improvement not me)....I live in that generation so I see it all the time and I prefer not invest my time and energy into such a risky adventure. People tend to just walk away when the going gets tough or they have finished draining a ''flower'' then jump to the next ''flower''.
  12. Nah I love it for real so even for it's flaws that is what they say true love is about....or marriage in most cases anyway!! I can't say I ever felt the same about other stuff in life. Hobbies and pets what a great combination to make you smile....oh and nature as well hmmm the trifecta of happiness!!