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  1. This was from a comic that went wherever I went. Visiting relatives, camping trips, this comic went with me. I'm thrilled to have this page. WWBN
  2. Recently I purchased a page with misplaced word bubbles. In time they must have fallen off and a previous owner did a horrible job gluing them back on. Not only did he miss align them but two were glued to the wrong panels. I had Robert Dennis correct this issue. He sent me a picture of the page with all the panels removed and I saw that in the last panel under two narrative balloons there was a building. After the narrative was added on top of the image the inker just blacked it out what little of the building would have been seen. I guess there just wasn't enough of it showing behind the balloons to make it recognizable to the reader. I love having these little peeks of the artistic process in a page. anyone else find something interesting behind a word balloon?
  3. So some silly person decided to divide the panels of an original Peanuts Sunday strip. HOORAY!!!!! A complete Sunday Peanuts strip sells in the tens of thousands. If you don't happen to have that kind of disposable cash this is your chance at owning a part of the greatest contribution to the American newspaper funnies. The auction ends tonight on Comiclink. Check it out Peanuts
  4. Did he do for you the kind of job I need done?
  5. I just got a piece that needs work. Word balloons were were re-attached and placed wrong with an unknown glue. I've been given one name of an art restorer. Who would you recommend?
  6. Well I know his first name was Mike but that's about it.
  7. Am I to assume you were the original owner?
  8. Click where it says "Willingham" underlined at the end of what I've written.
  9. An early page from the very first appearance of the Elementals in Justice Machine Annual #1 published by Texas Comics in 1983. Take a gander. Willingham
  10. If you're a Steve Mannion fan you'll like this splash page he drew for issue 3 of Galaktikon. What's better than tentacles and a hot chick? Have a look. Mannion
  11. Did the OP give the money back before the art was returned?
  12. I would much rather see the "Batpole" getting publicity then watch one more hero grabbing headlines by getting killed. For years DC and Marvel have tried to get attention by killing off a popular character. I find it painful to hear about another overblown death because you know that in about a year they just come back to life. Seams to me that publicity stunts are the new comic crutch.
  13. This is a lovely work from an artist who I feel best captured the spirit of the original Dave Stevens piece. Gerhard is brilliant. Here is the proof. Gerhard
  14. No. I got it from Albert Moy at SDCC.