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  1. I have two pages from an issue of a WWBN that date back to the seventies. One page has the word balloons pasted on while the other has them drawn into the art. How does that happen?
  2. Was thrilled to get this three panel Perlin page from my favorite WWBN comic. Have a look WWBN
  3. First I'll miss in over 25 years.
  4. I got this con sketch at a Big Wow convention 2014. Larry Todd was there and I was very excited. I asked for a drawing of Dejah Thoris and John Carter but he said he wanted to do something a little different but related to John Carter. He asked for $40 but I gave him $100. For a full description of how he came to draw this and a pic of him drawing click here. Larry Todd
  5. Wrong. This needs to be changed. Not Miller
  6. Thanks for the input gentleman.
  7. I have a copy of X-Men 166 and a New Teen Titans issue 5 that both have double covers. I would put the X-Men at 9.6 and the NTT in the lower 9s. I bought them off the shelf in the 80s. How much more are they worth than a regular copy and should I bother to get them graded?
  8. Who doesn't love Rom? My cousin Armando. He was a few years older than me and he is the one who got me into comics. I loved toys as much as comics so when Rom came out it was a dream. It was like Christmas once a month when a new issue came out. But of course Armando would poop all over Rom. He would always say "But he's got mittens!" I hated hearing that. I'm 52 years old and I'm still defending Rom from my cousin. Here is my original art Rom cover. Issue #3 by the great Frank Miller. Miller Rom
  9. My first purchase of 2020 is a Buscema page from Silver Surfer #10. Check it out. Buscema SS
  10. One page from the Zatara story is missing. The loose page is also from the Zatara story. The final page which is an advertisement page is missing as well. many of the pages have pulled away from the top staple.
  11. I have this coverless Action Comics issue #14. One page is loose and one is missing but all of the Superman pages are there. Most of the pages are held by the bottom staple only. It belongs to a neighbor of mine and they are offering it to me. Does anyone know what a fair price would be?
  12. I always enjoy returning to Jim Woodring's mind. Frank and Pupshaw have come upon one of the Unifactor's unique residents. Woodring
  13. I purchased these two pieces because I have the prelim for one of them. They are characters that were developed with the intention of pitching Shadowpack to DC. The drawings are by Bill Willingham with an interesting connection to Matt Wagner. Blackmark Fantasia
  14. Just got this Willingham Elementals page. Have a look. Elementals