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  1. I finally got a page from Gilbert Hernandez's "Birdland". Not work safe. Have a look. Birdland
  2. They just don't sell their art so don't hold you breath. I recommend "One Punch Man", "A Silent Voice", "Gigant", "Blame!", "Gyo" (or anything by Junji Ito), "Downfall", "One Piece", "Food Wars Shokugeki No Soma", and just for fun "Jaco The Galactic Patrolman".
  3. Start by reading "One Punch Man" or watch the anime. It it the best superhero story I've read in decades.
  4. I've been reading a lot of Manga because I just can't read Marvel and DC anymore. Anyone else out there doing the same? Here are some original pieces I purchased recently. Have a look. Manga
  5. Batman and Harley sell for $600 but he is famous for those characters.
  6. At first glance it doesn't seem like a big deal. He's done a WW head shot dozens of times but this one has shading. He almost never does shading on any of his head shots. Batman and Harley are going for over $600. What do you think I could ask for this? Timm
  7. I have this piece of Wolverine By Lee Bermejo I'm auctioning off. Wolverine
  8. I got in touch with him but he only is doing those cards.
  9. I've left emails for over a year but I get no reply. Can anyone help me get in touch with Fred Hembeck?
  10. Buraddorun wins the no-prize prize. Great powers of observation. The Watcher avatar is well deserved.
  11. This completes my Woodring commission theme. Can you figure out what binds the four pieces together? It has nothing to do with the characters themselves. (No help from Brian, Alex, Sean or Malvin). Woodring commissions
  12. I have two pages from an issue of a WWBN that date back to the seventies. One page has the word balloons pasted on while the other has them drawn into the art. How does that happen?
  13. Was thrilled to get this three panel Perlin page from my favorite WWBN comic. Have a look WWBN