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  1. I have 14 auctions going this week all with super low starting prices including Ghost Rider, The mighty marvel western, Wolf-man, Dracula, Crypt of Shadows, Dead of night and more. All great condition.
  2. I just listed 4 auctions for some awesome bronze age books in great condition. Spectacular Spider-Man 4,5&6 Ms. Marvel 5&6 Captain America and Falcon - Jack Kirby writing and art Captain America and Falcon 177-180
  3. I have 22 Bronze age auctions going on right now including Dr Strange, Captain Marvel, Planet of the Apes and a bunch more. All with low starting prices!
  4. I have 13 auctions going this week with a ton of great books in them all with low starting bids! books include early Iron Fist, Avengers, Master of Kung Fu, Dracula Lives, Mark of Kane, Son of Satan, Savage Sword of Conan, Guardians of the Galaxy, & Man Thing.
  5. Hey all, I have 28 auctions going on right through saturday night. They are all Bronze age comics ranging from Amazing Spider-Man, Defenders, plus some great classic horror books and magazine size comics like Dracula Lives, the Legion of Monsters and Monsters Unleashed. Go check them all out!
  6. Im selling Spider-man 137. Second appearance of the new Green Goblin from 1974. Make me an offer!
  7. Im selling Incredible Hulk 182 - the third cameo of wolverine in the three book series of wolverines first appearance. Its currently at $38. go in and snag this book for a great price!
  8. ya, its not a super valuable book. Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it.
  9. Is that based mostly on the spine or the creases in the cover? Is there anything you think could be done to raise the grade at all?
  10. I have a bronze age Spider-Man 137 in pretty good condition. the corners have some minor bends and the staple seems to be facing up a bit - not sure if that makes a difference, the pages are a little on the yellow side as well. Love to know what you guys think!
  11. Incredible Hulk 180 and 182 just listed Hey all, I just listed Incredible Hulk 180 CGC 7.0 and Incredible Hulk 182 CGC 5.5 I have a 100% seller rating and would love to get these books into good hands!
  12. I had a similar question for a short run of graded books I have - X-men 101-104 and Hulk 180-182 and everyone told me to split them up and sell them individually to maximize your profit. the likelihood of someone looking for the whole set is super low and the price would be way to high for most collectors where the price for a single book in a run would be more affordable and easier to sell.
  13. X-Men 102, 103, & 104 I have auctions going for X-men 102 CGC 8.5 Graded: X-men 103 CGC 8.0 Graded: X-men 104 CGC 8.5 Graded:
  14. Better to sell a set or single issues? Hey all, I have a couple sets that i'm considering selling like Hulk 180, 181 & 182 as well as X-Men 101 - 104. I also have some less expensive sets all from the bronze era as well and Im wondering if people have had more success selling sets or individual issues and from a collector standpoint, would you rather buy single issues or sets?