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  1. Thanks everyone for making this possible. Happy Summer!
  2. TEC #41 1360.00 shipped FedEx overnight everything else is sold. Thanks everyone
  3. Thank u! Seriously though.... is there a better group of collecting enthusiasts out there? Nope, highly doubtful
  4. Fantastic, WonderWorld and Georgie on hold
  5. TEC 45 sold thanks in part to our very own Gotham Kid for bringing the seller and I together. I'll miss this more than collecting funny books
  6. 10% off remaining books
  7. Thanks, probably coulda squeezed a couple hundred more out if I had been patient and competent
  8. That was me fellas. I was out on the job during the week and only had my stock photo on my phone. I knew I shoulda held out till I returned home. I'm not terribly disappointed in the result but I do have myself to blame. And yes, there is restoration check at CGC (I meant CCS) and my 1 neg was someone that bought my iPhone without reading the description where it clearly stated "phone was locked" and he kindly left an unjust neg when I told him I'd be unable to unlock it for him.
  9. Yes, that thing would go through the roof now
  10. I can work with you on the 6.0 and the conservation is not a big deal to get removed and probably end up getting it to a 5.0-5.5
  11. Thank you. Hadn't even thought about that
  12. MM On time payments for good solid stand-up member, but thank you
  13. MM on hold. Thank u
  14. Last book...Wonderworld #16 400.00 Spine split is what did this in Notes: ight, multiple crease full left of back cover small split top of spine two thirds split bottom of spine
  15. TEC 45. Great reinforcement job. I couldn't even tell or I would have removed it before submitting SOLD Notes: Reinforcement to cover (Archival material, high quality) Spine A-1 readers crease spine breaks color small, multiple tear right center of front cover