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  1. Just a friendly reminder, ending at 4pm eastern. Jeranimal high bidder thus far
  2. What's on the auction block? Whiz comics #18 What's the BIN price? Purchased beginning of last year from metropolis for 2100.00 I will put the BIN at $2000.00 USD. Once an initial bid is placed, as detailed below, the BIN is voided and the auction underway. Initial bid to start....400.00 How does shipping work? its FREE for U.S continental customers! Final price below 1000.00 shipped via signed for USPS . End price over 1000.00 shipped via UPS signed for. Book will be sent in large oversized box to avoid damage. Unfortunatly Canda must pay shipping at cost due to greater expen
  3. Thank you! Sent off an email to CGC. I'd like the new conserved label, but not at the risk of losing the 8.5. No intention of selling anytime soon
  4. Soooo, true story. Flashback roughly 1985. I responded to a local paper advertisement of roughly 10 long boxes of silver and gold for 2000.00. Figuring I could do a quick flip, I take them to norm. Now this consisted of nearly complete runs..FF 2-100 plus, Spidereman #1-100 plus ect ect. Now I was roughly 17 and didn't know any better and I spent hours in his shop on a Saturday and he picked each comic one by one and graded them to the point of near worthlessness and I ended up losing 400.00. Now, memory not being what it was, but I'm fairly certain he took advantage of that stupid 17 year old
  5. has norm passed away. Someone out there must know. Grant books and comics was another golden oldie of north buffalo, but Queen City bookstore Bailey Ave was hands down the best ever...I'm really showing my age now
  6. Thats todays question. Grappling with sending it in to ccs to get a blue label but I sure don't wanna lose the 8.5 designation. I'll do what the majority recommends.
  7. At that point I'd pay the 30.00 and file package intercept and have it returned to you. May be a pain in the butt but I fully plan on utilizing that feature on the 2k item I sent out if the eBay party ask for a refund before delivery
  8. go to work, make bread, buy comics...rinse, repeat
  9. I caution everyone to take heed and use Fedex or UPS as an alternative. I personally am affected as a buyer and seller and have had my packages locked in limbo with only late status notices. I am seriously considering never using their services and sticking with the big 2 instead and charging accordingly.
  10. Won 19. When I asked about tracking and why this was listed and sold 2-3 times I received refund. Bullet dodged. What a super dork
  11. jah.king91 seller has the same whiz 19 sold multiple times. looks rather shady with all those current and past buy it nows