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  1. 4 minutes ago, MB1952 said:

    Its safe to say everything Carnage will continue to go up. ASM361 not Todd father but its a cool 1st introduction cover. Early Carnage books will see a bump in prices. Like someone mention on this boards the Carnage Grail (Maximum Carnage #1 Acclaim) will go bananas ones they show us the Venom 2 trailer. 

    What is the Maximum Carnage #1 Acclaim? Was that a comic that was given out with the video game??

  2. So, with all the madness about Amazing 300.....I am left to wonder, will Amazing Spiderman 361 fly up in price too?  Its fair to say that, I THINK  the book ASM 361, in blue label, was a 600-700 book about 4 to 5 months ago, does anyone know for sure?  Will it see the same crazy climb that the first Venom has?  I have seen a few signed 9.8's already hitting 1000+

    I am not following all the details of the next Venom movie, but Carnage will be the main villain?