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  1. Yep, got it for Signature Series as well!!! Not a high grade but its awesome.
  2. I actually have a copy of a Super Mario comic signed the ANGRY VIDEO GAME NERD!! I Love it~
  3. Not sure if this has been brought up.....feelings about his art aside, has anyone heard his podcast? He talks all about the history of comics and his own journey, seems pretty cool. I only heard one show so far, it was pretty good. Has anyone else heard or listens to it?
  4. retro art! very rare
  5. Amazing 252's are notorious for there shabby condition. I can recall owning one 9.8 in the mid 2000's, the book was SO BAD, I honestly thought it was a fake CGC case....I mean, I think the graders looked at the spine and that was it.....
  6. For some reason, I recall Wizard Magazine stating that Todd showed up in a chicken outfit. Does anyone else remember this?
  7. Does this book or any book for that matter cover the Jack Kirby Original Art drama from the 80's?
  8. Was there ever a signed Batman DKR Hardcover edition?
  9. Hello all.....looking for some Archie Digests from the 80's and early 90s. willing to pay top dollar, please PM if you have something to sell. Thanks!
  10. Last price drop... 40 Shipped!!
  11. Price Drop.... Now you can own the whole set for 50 Shipped in the US!!!
  12. Hello. Up for sale is the Frank Miller Marvel Universe Omnibus Hardcover..... Book is opened but never read, in like new shape Priced to move....35 shipped, with the US! I only accept Paypal NO HOF or Probies. Feel free to PM any questions and/or offers. Thanks!
  13. Hello! I know this might be a real longshot... but if anyone has a CGC sketch cover by Dale Keown, I would love to buy it. Looking for an original sketch, not picky on the character, willing to pay great price. I promise you will make money! Please PM if you have anything to sell. thanks
  14. Hello. I am looking for the Gen 13 Limited Series, issue 1 from 1994. Looking for a CGC graded Signature Series copy....could be signed by either JSC or Jim Lee Willing to pay top dollar
  15. Hello all. Looking for a Spawn issue 1 for a friend. Want a CGC graded Signature Series copy, signed by Todd McFarlane. WIlling to pay a good price. Please PM if you can help, thanks
  16. Hello all Title says it all....looking for a Frank Miller Signed Dark Knight Returns issue 1 in CGC SS 9.8 Please reach out if you can help, thanks!
  17. Hello, I know there has been many people asking about Paul Smith Signature Series. Up for sale is a CGC SS graded Paul Smith Sketch of Wolverine!! There are only a handful of Paul Smith graded sketch covers out there, I would say less than 6. They were done around 2009ish This is a beautiful piece from Smith, feel free to ask any questions. Case is in Amazing shape. 250 Shipped in the US, Paypal only. Feel free to ask any questions, thanks!
  18. I have been collecting the 30th Anniversary hologram issues, ASM 365, Spiderman 26 and Web of Spiderman 90. I got all three and now all I need is the Spec Spidey 198, the blue cover. Looking for a CGC 9.8 Yellow label, not to concerned on who signed it. Willing to pay top dollar, please PM if you can help, thanks!
  19. Title says it all. I have had good luck finding cool sketch covers on the boards. I am looking for a Bill Sienkiewicz CGC graded sketch cover. I know there are a few on Ebay but none of those are what I am looking for Willing to pay top dollar given the sketch and the grade. Please PM if you got anything to sell. Thanks!
  20. Hello all I know this might be a shot in the dark Looking for a great 9.8 Kevin Conroy CGC Signature series book. I would love a Batman Mask of the Phantasm signed by Conroy, or a 9.8 blue label copy. Willing to pay anywhere from 180 and up to the moon for the right book. Please PM if you can help, thanks
  21. Thank you Sir Batgirl book is sold!