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  1. Hello All! Here’s details.... Win over any PMs. Payment via PayPal only. Returns accept. Free priority shipping. No HOS and/or Probation members. Up for sale are two great Signature Series books, priced to move!!! First, Conan the Barbarian Arnold Photo Cover!! Signed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, CGC graded at a 9.8 under the SS banner! Priced-450 OBO shipped(way cheaper than on Ebay) Next is a Jim Balent Batgirl sketch!! Again, CGC 9.8 and under the SS Banner! Sold! Feel free to ask any questions!
  2. Hello all! Looking for a CGC graded copy of Amazing Spiderman 365, the hologram issue. I would like a Signature Series looking for any signed copy, even if its Stan Lee, just PM and let me know what you have. I will pay anywhere from 200 to 600 for a great SS copy. Thanks!
  3. I recall once Chris Claremont telling a group of us at a con that most artist he knows and/ or worked with were never "People Persons" He asked us to think about it, you have a person who, basically its their job, to lock themselves in a room for 8 to 10 hours a day, drawing. So when they show up to a con or whatever, sometimes they may not be the most friendly person in the world. I have had my mix of kind or nasty artists,
  4. Hello, i am looking for a Dave Finch sketch cover graded by CGC. Grade or character does not matter. Looking to see what people have. What I am paying can start at 150 and up...... to the moon!!!!! let me know, thanks!
  5. Hello,I know this may be a real long shot but here goes: Looking for a Spawn issue 9, first Angela, graded by CGC and under Signature Series. My dream would be to find one signed by Todd McFarlane and Neil Gaiman. But I would take either one on their own. In terms of grade, I would love a 9.8 but an open to seeing what is out there. Will pay, starting at 175 and willing to go over the moon for something very special. If you have anything, please PM, thanks!
  6. Hello everyone, I have had some good fortune selling on the boards so I will offer another new book here: For sale is a CGC graded 9.8 First Print copy of Sin City Silent Night, Signed by Frank Miller and under the Signature Series Banner! Selling for 150 Shipped in the US! Based on some of Frank's signing fees, I think this is a sweet deal on a really cool book! As seen in the pics, the case is in super shape! Below are my terms and conditions: First in post or PM wins, you can submit offers No Hall of Shame members or members on probation Payment via Pay
  7. Hello... I have two books for sale 1. Back to the Future issue 1 Celebrity Authentic Edition CGC 9.8 Signature series! This book is signed by:Michael J Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Tom Wilson, Bob Gale, Lea Thompson,, Claudia Wells WHEW! price is 425 Shipped in the us SOLD 2. Spider-Man issue 1, 1990 green cover series. CGC SS 9.8, signed by Todd McFarlane and Stan Lee...a really beautiful Stan signature price is 425 shipped 1st gets it, and trumps PMs.Paypal accepted.Shipping is free in the US.No HoS or Probs. Open to offers.
  8. Hello, today I have an Death and Return of Superman Omnibus which collects the ENTIRE DC Storyline! I sold one omnibus on boards this week and I am hoping this would make a great holiday present for someone out there! The book is in great condition, never really read, IT IS MISSING THE DUST JACKET, bu, in my opinion, a great addition to anyone who collects hardcovers or omnibuses. This is the First Print of the book. This is an inexpensive way to read the 90's classic! I am only asking 25 shipped! I am open to offers! Free Domestic (USA) Only shipping in the US
  9. Did Todd say when this signing was? I believe it was supposed to be last week but he had to reschedule because of the flu, hope he is feeling better and that the signing will be this week.
  10. Hello, today I have an Amazing Spiderman Omnibus which collects the ENTIRE Todd McFarlane run on Amazing Spiderman! This hardcover collects ASM296-329 plus a backup Todd story in Spectacular Spider-Man Annual issue 10! With all the Todd Mania on the boards I am hoping this would make a great holiday present for someone out there! The book is in great condition, never really read, dust jacket is nice as well, and, in my opinion, a great addition to anyone who collects hardcovers or omnibuses. I am only asking 50 shipped! I am open to offers! Free Domestic (USA) On
  11. Hello all. Looking for a SS book of Kevin smith and jason mewes. Would love for it to be a jay and silent bob book. Paying around 200 but willing to hear all offers, please pm if you got something, thanks
  12. Todd has stated there are books he wont sign, which i totally understand. he wont sign books he had nothing to do with, the homage covers etc.....but why wont he sign the Spawn Thank You issue? Its a Spawn book....anyone have any idea?