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  1. Hello All! Up for sale is a CGC graded Frank Miller Sketch. Graded at a 9.8 under the Signature Series Banner. The blank is a special copy of Dark Knight III, this is the red logo blank, this was a special convention edition. Price is 600 shipped OBO Feel free to PM any offers or questions, thanks!
  2. hello all! Up for sale is a CGC graded copy of Amazing Spiderman 300! Graded at 9.8, under the Signature Series label, TRIPLE SIGNED!! The book is signed by Todd McFarlane, Stan Lee and David Michelinie Case is New...... asking price is 3250 shipped! Feel free to PM any questions!
  3. Hello all! I have been looking for a copy of any issue of the Kraven's Last Hunt run, signed and graded by CGC, under the Signature Series banner. Please let me know if anyone has a copy for me to buy. I would love a copy signed by all three creators. A 9.8 would be ideal but please PM and let me know what you have, thanks!
  4. I have pretty good luck with this forum. I am looking for buy a CGC SSed sketch cover done by Tom Grummett. Let me know if anyone can help me, thanks!
  5. hello... looking for the 1995 Gold Border Reprint of the Superman vs. Spiderman PFB. graded or ungraded, please PM if you can help. thanks!
  6. Hello, looking for some Saved By the Bell comics from Harvey that came out in the early 90's. i know, watchmen it aint. Hoping to find some higher grade books, please let me know if you can help.
  7. Hello... up for sale is a very cool and rare sketch. the book is a Detective Comics issue 20 CGC signature series 9.8 Book is signed and sketched by JOCK! this is a recreation of his amazing Detective Comics issue 871. Price is 350 shipped OBO Feel free to ask any questions.
  8. Hello, up for auction is a Ron Frenz Hobgoblin sketch.The book is a Dark Avengers issue 1 CGC graded, 9.8. this is not a Frenz con sketch this is a take home commission! Price is 500 shipped OBO
  9. hello all. looking for a lot of DC blanks...shazam, supeman etc..... please pm if you can help... thanks!
  10. Hello all. Up for auction is a CGC SS graded Fallen Son 9.8. Signed and sketches by Terry Dodson.....a very cool sketch of HQ holding a cap shield. case is in great shape. 120 shipped or best offer. feel free to pm any questions.
  11. Hello All Up for sale is a Michael Golden Rogue CGC SS Sketch! Its on an X-Men blank and graded at a 9.8 This is a beautiful full figure by Golden, who is Rogue's co creator. He drew her here as she first appeared. Mr. Golden charges over 300 for head sketches on blanks these days......this is your chance to own something very special. 475 shipped or Best Offer
  12. Hello, up for sale is a rare Signature Series book. this is the WWE Then Now Forever issue 1, graded by CGC at a 9.6 This is signed by Mark Calaway! The Undertaker!! As we all know, getting his signature is VERY hard..... price is 250 shipped OBO. please feel free to pm any questions.
  13. Hello all! Up for sale is a vert neat book. its a Princess Leia issue 1, Granov variant, Emerald City Exclusive! This book is signed by Carrie Fisher and Kenny Baker!! Its a Leia and R2D2 Cover!! Beautiful sig placement! Price is $1,000 or Best Offer Feel free to PM any questions! Thanks!
  14. Title says it all.. Looking for a GPK Blank Cover....any of them will do. Let me know if someone has one, thanks!