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  1. Title says it all, looking for a Cheap way to read Batman Dark Knight Strikes Again...looking for a Trade paper Back, HC or anything else. Please let me know, thanks
  2. Title says it all I know this is a real long shot, looking for an Alan Moore SS book, something from the ABC Line(League of Extraordinary etc) or DC Comics. Please PM if you can help. Thanks
  3. Hello All.... Up for sale is a David Mazzucchelli Signature Series book! As many know, he has dis allowed any SS to ever be slabbed again...make the last signing over 10 years ago. I am hoping to sell this item soon, I am making it very cheap compared to what others have paid. Slab is in great shape. I accept PP only, Price: 350 OBO
  4. Hello all, I hate to start another Ebay thread but here goes.... I bought a CGC comic in early Oct on Ebay, I asked the seller for a tracking number. Nothing. A few days go bye, I ask again, he tells me that according to the tracking, the book should be with me and still no tracking. I tried emailed him AGAIN(I know, im too soft) and find that he has blocked me. I waited and waited, not sure if this makes sense but dealing with this stuff causing me much stress so I just waited and kind of put it off. Anyway, I still have not gotten the book, is it too late to open a Paypal cas
  5. I wanted to buy in bulk, but the only guy who has multiples and will discount shipping does not take paypal!
  6. Hello...I am looking for some Dr. Strange Blank Covers.....any kind will do, I think Marvel made 3 or 4, Please PM if you have any, would love to buy more than one. Thanks!
  7. Just hoping for some luck... Looking for a ASM 361 CGC 9.8 SS, does not matter who signed it. Same goes for NM 87 CGC SS 9.8 PM if ya think you can help.
  8. Hello. I am looking for either the trade paperback or HC of The Death of Captain Marvel, I am not worried about shape or anything, just looking for a copy to read. Willing to pay well!
  9. Hello All, title says it all, looking for a singed copy of Amazing Spiderman 361, in 9.8. Want a first print, does not matter who signed it. PM if ya can help!
  10. Hello all. Title says it all, looking for a Ron Wilson CGC graded sketch cover. Any character would do, please PM if you can help, thanks
  11. Hello, IS anyone attending WWC on Friday? If so, there is something I am hoping to have done, anyone willing to help me out, ill pay good $$$$$ Please PM me if you think you can help.
  12. Hello.... I have had great luck on these boards...looking for cool sketch covers....hoping to make it 3 for 3. I am looking to buy a ROBBI RODRIGUEZ CGC SS Sketch cover... Please PM if you can help, thanks
  13. the show is on the decline.........major cast shake ups....
  14. I have a Marvel Last in Line Con Shirt!