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  1. thanks for the PMs!! Keep em coming!
  2. I want this to not only be about comics, but my life collecting etc....
  3. Will I be able to be picked up by Google? Also, I want a place for comments etc......that is why I want someone to guide me.
  4. I am willing to pay top dollar! Please PM if you can help.
  5. Gosh, I totally forgot about those old Mile High adds in the comics
  6. What I want to know is, can you get rid of the air bubbles in a case? It drives me nuts
  7. The Crisis of Infinite Earths Supergirl/Superman statue is amazing as well, is it out of print?
  8. I honestly would not know where to start. I wanted to create the blog about comics and my life. I want it to look great. I dont mind paying someone to do great work.
  9. Is the Spiderman Kraven's Last Hunt statue rare? I owned one years ago and have not seen one on Ebay, the few times that I checked for it.
  10. I would like to hire someone to create the blog, I can pay a set fee....PM if you can help.
  11. Hello, not sure if this is the right forum for this, are there any board members that can create an online blog? Wanted to create one, comic related to a degree and I am willing to pay someone. Please PM and let me know, thanks
  12. Hot to high jack a thread, but is there a board member that can create an online blog? Wanted to start one and am willing to pay
  13. Hello All! I had some good luck when I posted about wanting to buy a Marc Silverstri sketch cover, I bought one.... Hoping to find something again, now looking for a Al Milgrom CGC Sketch cover. Please PM if you ya got anything to sell. Thanks
  14. I dont believe he is an IDW guest.....I was told he is a guest of Fanexpo.
  15. Hello. I know this may be a long shot but I was hoping to buy a CGC graded sketch cover, with an original sketch by Marc Silverstri.....if anyone has anything, please PM me, will pay top dollar.
  16. Hello All... title says it all, looking for the first app. of the Tim Drake Robin 0utfit. Would over pay for a 9.8 that is Signature Series!!!!!!!!
  17. Hello. I was wondering if any Signature Series facilitators will be attending the Spooky Empire show in Orlando this year? Please let me know as I have a book or two I would like to submit and am willing to pay.
  18. Found some great leads to NM 98 and ASM 361 Now looking for a 9.8 signed copy of New Mutants 87
  19. Hello! Title says it all Looking for a CGC graded 9.8 signed copy of either NM 98 or ASM 361. Please PM if you think you can help. Thanks
  20. Hello, title says it all, looking for 2 tickets to the NYCC for Friday. Please PM if you can help, will pay great price!!
  21. Motor City Help Hello. I was wondering is anyone here can help with something I need done at Motor City, I will pay a Kings Ransom. Please PM if you think you can. Thanks