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  1. My second copy back from NYCC. Kinda wish I never sold my third copy.
  2. I still like both the book and show but am always behind. I'd love to post more frequently.
  3. I believe Dr Frye was also a character from the original Hulk television show and this is his first comic appearance. Look back to that character and it clues you to where the current story is going.
  4. I meant as far as direct, newsstand and this third version with logos on the rear of Spawn Batman War Devil. Anyone know the story behind the logo bar version?
  5. How many versions of the Spawn Batman are there? I feel like there are 3 or 4.
  6. Hard to cope with the news but he is at rest. Much love from us all.
  7. Crazy this is the first I'm seeing of this thread. I have an extensive Spawn collection. I'll check my 156s just for fun. I should have a few unread copies stored. Hope your next goal is achieved.
  8. The cover is considered probably the best Spider Gwen cover ever.
  9. I am in the market for a copy too. I kept running across good deals the past year on the other issues 2-10 that I diverted my attention. Now I may have to pay for my lack of haste. Even worse I missed two reasonably priced low grade isses of late by seconds. Hopefully I'll be able to find what I need at NYCC this weekend. If not I'll wait until con seasons end.
  10. Any information on the AMC TWD panel at NYCC? I cannot find any information online and would like to take my daughter. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Cates said Mind Bomb was one of the most frightening books he has ever read and enlisted the artist from such to do the cover of an upcoming Carnage 1 shot.
  12. Not sure why the value has increased currently but I would think it is a cheaper alternative in grade to 300 with a similar less busy cover. Personally I like the cover to 301 more than 300. This is a hoarder book for me but I don't have a 9.8 copy for you or myself currently.
  13. I am a McFarlane stan but I would sell it and buy another single cover 9.8.