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  1. I didn't bid on last weeks' page nor will I be bidding on this one. However, yesterday I picked the Death of Amanda Waller cover from Suicide Squad #12
  2. Another Suicide Squad page is listed on HA's weekly auctions, ending tonight: Here's the link; Luke McDonnell and Geof Isherwood Suicide Squad #35 Story Page 30 | Lot #15653 | Heritage Auctions (ha.com) Here's the pic:
  3. The exact same thing has been occurring with HA’s weekly auctions. pages that sold for $30-40 just a few years ago routinely sell for $200+ now
  4. Nah, Clink sold another one of his XMen Adventures covers for $8K nearly 3 years ago
  5. Yeah, except on his website, where 10 year old comics are priced as though they’re 30 year old collectibles. Hence the name of his Organization!
  6. I disagree with this. I would have a listing for Byrne MTU pages inked by Austin in the $10K+ level. pages inked by others should be listed in the $5-$10K level
  7. Well, the Defenders cover in this auction is somewhat special as it is part 2 of a 2 part introduction/pre-cursor of The Defenders, featuring Subby, Hulk, and the Silver Surfer
  8. I don’t think anyone mentioned this yet, but the Gil Kane Conan #35 cover went for $43K, which is a very strong price. it had the trifecta of content necessary to warrant a big price: barbarian, brute, and babe. Good eye appeal. Still, that’s a whole lotta dough for a non-BWS cover
  9. My response was to Lee's question about never having seen a Byrne MTU page go for over $10K. Hi Hari! Do we have many, or any, confirmed examples of Byrne MTU panel pages breaking the $10K mark? I follow these pages pretty closely and have not seen this myself, although some pages at auction have come close. Thanks, Lee I suspect several A-level pages would break the $10K barrier now, in particular, those inked by Terry Austin. Some pages inked by Dave Hunt may have a shot, depending upon the popularity of Spidey's guest-star of the month.
  10. Popular Story. MJ as Red Sonja. This page sold for well over $10K in 2016 or 2017...