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  1. Similar question was asked the last time a page from this issue was at auction at HA. Here’s some very interesting details from the #193p9 sale: “The story was set in Pittsburgh, and due to a loss of reference material, several Marvel staffers were called in for reference details. It is reported that Frank Miller provided identifying details to Sal Buscema's layouts and Dan Green's finished pencils and inks. The page is signed by Green in the bottom margin”
  2. I’m not really a Byrne guy, although I didn’t mind his work. I can’t say whether or not he owned the 80’s but I didn’t chase after a book just because Byrne’s name was on it. i liked many creators during the 80’s, not just one or two.
  3. I also recall he wrote a Batman story with no words. Aparo supplies the art.
  4. Yes...it is against the rules to mention Rob Liefeld or Erik Larsen 😂
  5. If he was the one that upped BW’s cup size to a double d, then yup, I agree
  6. I love Fine’s covers, but his interiors are more like individual drawings and lack the flow and fluidity of a good storyteller. Otherwise, I would have included him
  7. I think the names on the list will also vary by generation and /or your ability and desire to look upon great works of the past, as well as modern work.
  8. It’s the comic strips that were in the newspapers, such as Terry and the Pirates, Blondie, Prince Valiant, Peanuts, etc.
  9. Great list. I'd suggest adding Dave Stevens to the cover artist category, Darwyn Cooke to the storytellers category, Don Rosa to the oddballs, and Al Williamson (Secret Agent Corrigan, Star Wars) to the Strips category.
  10. By listing Erik Larsen, you have lost any and all credibility
  11. Looks like the final tally is in...510 OA lots for the May auction. Some really nice late additions should shake some Benjamin's out from people's wallets, mattresses, couches, and other non-bank storage areas.
  12. Curiosity is getting the better of me today. what city was/is your stored located?
  13. The same can be said for The Pink Panther, a much longer run than Underdog.
  14. Here in Toronto, Ronin sold very, very well. Issues #5 & 6 very more difficult to find than the earlier issues and commanded a premium. I guess sales/demand for back issues/pricing speak to the regional differences, but it was a very strong seller here.