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  1. Those pinups hurt my eyes ☹️
  2. Art Prices

    Not to me. Honestly, who gives a sheeeit about Tombstone?
  3. Art Prices

    Nostalgia > anything else
  4. Art Prices

    Y’know, it’s really a shame that Marvel didn’t get Boris to paint this cover. All of those super Bronzed faces would certainly have helped this cover cross the $1M threshold
  5. Art Prices

    Yes, and that's perfectly fine with me because a good amount of issues during Romita's run focused on MJ-Peter-Gwen love triangle (a la Archie-Betty-Veronica), so you could say that John came along at the right time to really make those issues click with readers, as evidenced by Spidey's print run exceeding the FF's print run during John's tenure.
  6. Art Prices

    Heath is a wonderful artist. Love his stuff on the DC War books and Sea Devils, and his work on the Warren mags in particular, but comparing him to Romita Sr on ASM is apples to oranges because much like Gray Morrow, Heath is a technically proficient artist, but doesn’t quite look right when doing superheroes. He’s more of an action/adventure type of artist to me.
  7. Art Prices

    Sorry, but that is without a doubt the most incorrect statement you’ve made on the boards.
  8. Art Prices

    This! if I had a choice between a very nice McSpidey page for $30K or comparable Kirby FF page for the same price, well, I wouldn’t even give the Kirby page any consideration.
  9. Art Prices

    Please, oh please, let the McFarlane cover owners know this... privately, they are asking 2012 prices + hefty markup!
  10. Amazing Spider-man 370 OA page by Mark Bagley. Worth it?

    well, you are certainly entitled to your opinion about this page, no matter how incorrect
  11. Amazing Spider-man 370 OA page by Mark Bagley. Worth it?

    I won't have to, Mike, because the page sold for $50.
  12. Amazing Spider-man 370 OA page by Mark Bagley. Worth it?

    I have sold nearly 100 Bagley ASM pages via several online sources, at shows and through private deals . This page features nobody from a nothing story that no one remembers today. if it sells for anywhere near $250, I'll eat my hat (and yours too, for good measure)
  13. Personally, I prefer the Ivan Reis homage, but the Jurgens version is also an interesting take, and of course, you can never go wrong with the Simpson
  14. 80's Indy Comic Art Thread

    Peter Hsu's Quadrant
  15. The Official Comiclink Winter Featured Auction (Ends Mar 9)

    Comparing Kingdom Come art in terms of Poularity/demand/value with those single character JSA covers that sold on Heritage is like comparing Ditko ASM pages to his Speedball pages. 😂