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  1. There’s nothing surprising with the SW8 sales result because all Copper keys have been on fire over the past few months, but moreso now. ASM 252 in cgc 9.8 White Pages was a 650-700 book last month. This month, it’s 825 and tending upwards. So, what’s to discuss?
  2. Maybe this question would have more responses in the Comics General section?
  3. "Artists you didn't like at first, but grew to love because..." The OP's title for this thread. Honestly, there are several artists I didn't like at first, but I did grow to tolerate them or appreciate them...don't think I've come to love any yet. Sal Buscema is my prime example. I really didn't like his artwork, but over time, I've come to realize that the books he illustrated had good pacing and were never confusing so I'd say that I've come to appreciate his ability to layout a story. There are artists who can illustrate better than Sal, but can't layout a story nearly as well as Sal. I don't own any Sal Buscema art currently, but I'm looking, and I know I'll pick up a decent piece eventually. I mean, the guy's been around for so long, and he's illustrated just about anything and everything at Marvel, right?
  4. You're just noticing this now? Where have you been for the past decade?
  5. Drama, rage, resentment...JJJ is clearly the star of this page!
  6. Presently, its ASM 129. However, waiting for a dozen ASM 300's to return from CGC at which point I'll have more ASM 300's than 129's. I really love both books and I'm always seeking more copies.
  7. Hi, all; I've got 4 great ASM books for sale on ebay this week as follows: 1. Amazing Spiderman #194 CGC 9.8 White pages, featuring the 1st appearance of The Black Cat/Felicia Hardy. This book is being offered at $9.99 starting price & NO RESERVE. Here's the link:https://www.ebay.com/itm/AMAZING-SPIDERMAN-194-CGC-9-8-WHITE-PAGES-1st-BLACK-CAT-FELICIA-HARDY/154032275949?hash=item23dd0a01ed:g:OqUAAOSwJF5fKC7H 2. Amazing Spiderman 238 CGC 9.6 OW/W pages Signature Series. This book is signed by John Romita Jr (penciller), John Romita Sr (inker), and Virgina Romita. Virginia is the wife of Romita Sr, and mother of Romita Jr. She worked at Marvel Comics for over 20 years, working closely with writers and artists to ensure their assignments were coordinated and handed in on time. She's listed in this issue's title credits as "Traffic Manager". Here's the link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/AMAZING-SPIDERMAN-238-CGC-9-6-SIGNATURE-SERIES-ROMITA-SR-JR-VIRGINIA-ROMITA/154032265413?hash=item23dd09d8c5:g:KWIAAOSwUhdfKCvt 3. Amazing Spiderman 300 CGC 9.0 SCARCE NEWSTAND WHITE Pages CT-1. This book has been signed by Todd McFarlane, Jim Salicrup (Editor), Rick Parker (Letterer), and Bob Sharen (Colorist). You will note this book is a Restored Slight (CT-1), meaning there is a very minor amount of color touch on the book. The color touch is confined to a very small space along the spine, in the corner box and is NOT an intentional attempt to hide or fix any defects. What happened was that one of the signatories accidentally smudged got marker on his finger and touched the book, resulting in the small smudge that CGC labelled Restored Slight (CT-1). I have included a close-up picture of the corner box area where the smudge is for you to see how small it is. here's the link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/AMAZING-SPIDERMAN-300-NEWSTAND-CGC-9-0-CT-1-SIGNATURE-SERIES-McFARLANE-3-MORE/154032287295?hash=item23dd0a2e3f:g:8IUAAOSwHYRfKWyf 4. Amazing Spiderman 600 CGC 9.8 WHITE pages Signature Series. The wrap-around black cover makes this a tough book to get in 9.8, and this is one of the nicer Signature Series available for sale. It is signed by John Romita Jr and John Romita Sr. Here's the link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/AMAZING-SPIDERMAN-600-CGC-9-8-SIGNATURE-SERIES-SIGNED-BY-THE-ROMITAS-SR-JR/154032256450?hash=item23dd09b5c2:g:U0kAAOSwPq1e1uHj Thanks for looking, and good luck to all who decide to bid. You'll be very pleased with the books.
  8. Yes, that 1994 ASM 100 cover recreation is stunning, and its also done one twice-up board, compared to the original which was done on 11x17 board. Its also Romita inks over Romita pencils, which IMHO is more desirable than the Giacoia inks over Romita pencils on the original, and it was done for a well publicized major auction house event, instead of a commission for Joe Doe. This one is definitely an outlier. Re the Batman 210 unused cover, I'm not sure how you can draw a comparison with the published cover, illustrated by a different artist? its not apples to apples, that's for certain.