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  1. My 3 newest planets. Happy to finally have a 10, as it is of my favorite in the run and hope to upgrade soon. Also really would like to upgrade my 1 to a 6.0 or above one day but that’s a dream.
  2. Just saw this thread. Been on the fence for awhile if I should sell or trade my mask 1. A lot of books been coming up lately I want but not sure if I should keep or not. I know prices went high recently on this book. So just torn because I do like this book a lot favorite Cole but the price and potential to grab other books tempting.
  3. Yea thanks man. I’m currently winning hoping it happens.
  4. Thanks for also putting this together. I know I usually have a ton of questions for you on this, but this really helps
  5. Thank you so much for putting this together and this really helps. One day hope to upgrade to all 8.0 and above but right now sticking with the 4-5.0 range if I can on the rivets. The one I want the most and toughest seems to be 10, I just can’t locate that one anywhere. Prob one of, if not my favorite run in the cover. I have been lucky to have knocked off some more rivets this week between the 10-20 category, and can’t wait to post them when I receive. Could not have done it without the help of rick.
  6. Bump, added planet comics 2 and 10 if any around and jungle comics 11 if anyone has one for sale or trade.
  7. Planet 65. One of my favorites and a fun classic cover. About a 4.5 and hope to upgrade this one down the road before prices keep climbing. Have another rivet i should have this week and I am super happy. I think it is a tough one, and has a strong color strike and page quality, Just curious being that I am still new to planets. What is the overall consensus on which books are super tough. I know 14 and 15, but I just can never send to find a 2, 8, or 10, 13, 26 anywhere. Sorry if people already discussed this before.
  8. a few more planets I was able to grab. The 70 and 72 are definitely nice prob 7.0 and 6.5 respectively and the 20 was just a nice presenting copy and another rivet off the list. I’m definitely hooked on these.
  9. Thank you so much. Nothing compared to what you have. Just trying to track down more rivets. Has to be the hardest stuff to find now.
  10. Looking for a more fun 54 in about 2.5-3.5 condition. Would like nothing missing from the cover art. And page quality at least cream to off white. below are some books I would consider trading for one also. Have other trade books also.
  11. Two more picture I found of recent acquisitions. Should have 3 more fun ones tomorrow I been looking forward to getting also. 1 rivet and 2 Whitman. sorry if bad pictures and quality still getting use to the boards. Haven’t posted much here.
  12. Thank you. Think I plan to stay over here more. A lot of great guys over here and just so helpful.
  13. New to planets and this post, but thought I would add some of my new planet pick-ups. I could not have done this without the help of rick who has really helped guide me on this journey. Have a few others I need to dig up also. One of the planet 18s will be for trade if anyone has any other rivets for trade. Would like to offer here for any planet collectors in need of one. Just would also like to thank everyone for posting so many just amazing books in this post.