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  1. Don’t have many fox, and some amazing books been posted. But these are my few And looking to pick up more
  2. Couldn’t wait anymore. I’ll take it.
  3. Looking to see if anyone has any of the below books for trade or sale. Attached a few books I could potentially trade. Have others also. mystery men comics 10, 29, 30 mystery men 3 (upgrade for my 2.5) Hit comics 11 and 17 science comics 1 and 2 Detective comics 18 planet comics 1 and 2
  4. Not sure if anyone has a nick fury agent of shield 4 in 9.6-9.8. Willing to trade or purchase.
  5. Thanks. I couldn’t resist it.
  6. in the great words of @Comcav. Real men buy baker and I feel like being a real man.
  7. Man this is something you don’t see to often with white pages. I’m jealous
  8. Don’t have to many GA war books but thought I’d post my 2. Was able to score the zip on connect and super happy about that one.
  9. Such amazing books in this threads every time I look I get more inspired to track down more planets. Congrats @Spyder! for finishing the rivets that is my current goal but getting harder and harder to find them. This is one I posted previously, but just had it pressed and cleaned by Susan Cicconi at restoration lab. Looking forward to see the grade, hoping for at least a 5.0, think I may look to do my planet 1 next.
  10. this is to good of a deal to pass up with amazing colors
  11. My 3 newest planets. Happy to finally have a 10, as it is of my favorite in the run and hope to upgrade soon. Also really would like to upgrade my 1 to a 6.0 or above one day but that’s a dream.