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  1. It really is a clean book. White pages is the icing on the cake
  2. Hey that was my book Enjoy! You got a great deal. I had a feeling it was going to a fellow boardie.
  3. Would be cool if someone went back now to the drug store and took a selfie with their raw Larson.
  4. Dude totally. One day I will own a copy (blue label of course)
  5. That's an awesome book! Still need this one as well.
  6. I saw this post and had to have it Thank you for making my wallet $1xx.xx less
  7. I have 3 of your 6 that you posted. Love WWII books! That Hangman and Uncle Sam. GL Airboy Sparkler
  8. Just need #3 and #4 to complete the run.
  9. I'll give ya $40 bucks! That's double what you paid!
  10. Was going to list this slab for sale until my eyes saw the horror