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  1. Sweet!! I guess I could probably crack open one of my timely's and draw a stick figured alien of sorts.
  2. Raws are in mylar with full backs. Short boxes. Slabs are stored in boxes with spine down.
  3. I store my golden age in a closet that is always cooler than anywhere in the house. Currently I'm looking at 60F with RH 33%. This should be fine right?
  4. Thank you! Yeah I was pretty bummed missing out on that 4.0 a few weeks back here on the boards. I was determined! Turns out being patient was just what I needed, perfect centering and the white pages helps too.
  5. The one thing I miss the most since moving away from southern California is the flea markets and swap meets (well maybe family too...) North Texas, there's not a lot happening but the competition is pretty small unlike OC or LA County. I did finally manage to get lucky at a random antique store today. It's beat but it was cheap.