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  1. Back from the long post-SDCC press and grade turnaround...
  2. Scott's Collectibles and Kirby's Comic Art also offer signings with him pretty often.
  3. Its one of StockDoc's books... I'm willing to bet he didn't pay for more than half of those signatures, if any. Good way to ruin a book though. That thing will never sell.
  4. I told Kael Ngu that he was in the final four and he was shocked that he was in "such an elite group of artists" ... I told him to stop being so modest. ;-)
  5. Shout out to Doug and James with ComicSketchArt for a great SDCC topped off with this gem. Obviously a huge thank you is also do to Adam and Allison for making a collectors dream come true. ... such a gem.
  6. Fresh back from CGC today... Old sketch I got a few years back but never shared... Finally added Starlin sig. Gonna miss seeing Perez on the con circuit announcements.
  7. Just to be clear... DO NOT crack the slab on your own! You must take it to the CGC booth while it's still inside the slab. If CGC is NOT there then you will need to find a CGC Sig Series approved facilitator and have THEM crack the slab for you. Non of this can be done without a CGC employee or representative present. Then after it's been opened you can have that CGC emp/rep take it to get signed with you.
  8. This post was from 2018... You're a year too late. Just keep an eye on the Sig Series Event Central sub-section and you'll see when/if it happens.
  9. This was just the first round. Look for the second round that’s up right now and check out the “2019 Sketch Cover Mega Thread” for this year and previous years to see some real gems.
  10. ... if he makes it AT ALL... he canceled the two prior appearances, no? I’m worried about his health.
  11. I remember the defunct sketch op with Mattina a few years ago.. really disappointed with the outcome of that, but when I saw the pieces a few people received, I felt like I really dodged a bullet. THIS ON THE OTHER HAND is all sorts of juicy goodness!!!!!!!!!! Amazing. Congrats.
  12. Is Kelley Jones even scheduled to appear?!?
  13. Ugh... where were you like 3 weeks ago! :-(
  14. It would have to be singed at a current or upcoming signing that they are hosting. You would NOT BE ALLOWED to just walk in with a book from an old signing even if you have a COA attached and be allowed to submit it for Sig Series labeling. It would come back as Green Label still.
  15. You will get this. It's impossible to get a Yellow Sig Series label with anything other than a witness/facilitator.