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  1. RadiantGraphix

    stan lee?

    His ability to sign has greatly diminished this year. His current manager is only doing a couple dozen signatures at a time these days. I believe the wait list is several thousand books long still. If you really want it bad enough and can afford to wait AND dare run the risk of getting an UGLY signature, then I would reach out to Torrey Quella at Twin Cities Comics or maybe @Rich_Henn could help you. I've got 5-6 books that I'd like him to sign, but it's not worth accidentally getting a signature that looks like it says "Etan Le" or "Steve" on an of my books. And I DEFINITELY wouldn't crack a slab to send for his signature. There is no guarantee that he ever gets to that book in his huge pile and then you risk not being able to get it re-graded or it getting damaged in the process.
  2. RadiantGraphix

    Sales Tax on Signatures acquired at shows

    Interesting article and has a section taxable or non-taxable. https://icv2.com/articles/columns/view/35809/california-signs-up-some-really-bad-legislation-regulating-autographs-updated
  3. RadiantGraphix


    If you think that’s a bad Stan signature... you haven’t been looking. And how do you buy something on eBay and not already know what the signature looks like... get outta here with that BS. Troll somewhere else, please.
  4. RadiantGraphix


    Here are the rest of my SDCC pieces... Horray!!!! David Mack Gerardo Sandoval Enrico Marini Jim Cheung ... that’s all of the commissions from this years SDCC. I’m so broke now. LOL #worthit
  5. RadiantGraphix


    First couple books back from SDCC this year... Natali Sanders (I thought I was going to get a painted piece when I signed up for this op...,oh well) Ryan Benjamin ... more coming soon.
  6. dscott and his team are certified CGC facilitators. They can get signatures at ANY con they go to certified for CGC regardless of whether or not CGC has a booth. Now, that being said, I'm not sure their crew are going to LA comic con this year, but Capullo always has a CGC witness tied to him somehow. I suggest looking up Comicsketchart.com on facebook and ask them there. They are FAR more active on facebook these days compared to the boards.
  7. RadiantGraphix

    Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #8 Signed by Zeck/Beatty

    This is interesting... can you explain further so that some of us might avoid any issues in the future?
  8. RadiantGraphix

    Question about Artist charging for Signatures

    No, there isn't any list that I've ever scene. Your best bet it to find the artist/creator on facebook or Instagram and look at their posts or find out who their manager is to figure out the pricing. You can even reach out to them there and ask what their pricing is if they don't have a website you can look it up on. If your list is short, you might be able to post something here to inquire about prices if anyone knows of the top of their heads.
  9. RadiantGraphix

    J Scott Campbell Signed Spiderman Editions

    And if you DID send it in to be graded it's going to say "Name written on cover" and not say WHO signed it. COAs are considered "useless" by most standards for determining authenticity. Generally the recommendation is to NOT send a pre-signed book in without a witness. It would NOT increase or have positive effect on the book's value in any way. It's essentially considered a waste of your money on the grading and shipping fees. But to each their own.
  10. That’s HARLDY what I would call a bad signature. This is the risk that you take with getting ANY comic signed. Facilitators do everything they can to get signatures the way that best represents the service they are offering, but sometimes new pens don’t get “loaded” before they are used in the collectible. Sometimes a celebrity/creator is in a rush or gets interrupted or bumped mid signature and gives you a signature that doesn’t quite look right or “normal.” This could happened if you personally took the book to the celebrity or used a facilitator. Compundig that (for your situation) is that Felicity Jones has terrible handlers and she doesn’t really do many public signings. So, getting it “fixed” for you is an unlikely proposition. Hinestly, the signature is legible and pretty clear. The ink wasn’t fully loaded and so it’s a bit dry at first but the last name looks like it came out solid. There is noting that is out of the ordinary for signed Comics when you look at this. It happens. I’d suggest if you hate it enough then but a copy online that you DO like, then sell your copy to make some of your money back. Welcome to signature collecting. If this is something that is too much of a risk for you, then I would maybe stick to the aftermarket purchases so you can get something your 100% visually happy with. Good luck.
  11. :takeit: - I’ll jump on the 2xSS back-up list, please.
  12. Rob Liefeld just announced that he will honor CGC facilitators at this show! He is doing it for the people who are adding Josh Brolin and Zazzie to the books later and whatnot... any chance of getting my NM87/98 signed (without the actors, just Rob) so I can gat Fabian and Todd added at a later date?
  13. RadiantGraphix


    You need to contact Albert Moy. Bruce said he is "not doing another sketch at a convention ever again" when I saw him at SDCC. HE specifically told me to contact Albert and that he would "ONLY do full color pieces from here on out." Albert had 3-4 sketch covers from previous work at his table, but wouldn't take any requests for future shows. :-(