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  1. Yes, that looks legit too. That hologram has the number 31661 which should match the COA it came with to be sure. But that's definitely the correct hologram.
  2. I'm not saying I know exactly what's happening here... but if I want a sketch on a particular blank book, especially someone in a different country, I almost NEVER expect them to provide the book. Add on top of the fact that Europe and Asia don't get a lot of the blank covers we get here in North America, mailing something to the artist is a totally fair request by the artist. Also, having to wait "a month" for mailing to a foreign country isn't something people should complain about. It's customs, postal efficiency, and a myriad of other things that can delay a package. A month is definit
  3. It’s on a drum head... no one knows why... There are 3 other comic creators who's signatures I RECOGNIZE ALREADY on that same drum head... They don’t seem to be related, so I’m just trying to find someone who recognizes the one unknown signature?
  4. Seen a few drumheads with comic creator signatures... anyone recognize this mystery signature? Looks like it starts with a D to me ... but I also think it spells “DLYMT—-”
  5. Yes... THERE IS A FORM YOU HAVE TO SEND WITH THE BOOKS!!! Have CGC email you a copy of the "Signature Series Creator Agreement" You can fill out some of the information yourself, but the creator has to fill in some information too (date, contact info, etc.) That form MUST accompany the books through the process and CGC must receive it WITH THE BOOKS. CGC will contact the creator and verify the authenticity that way and allow the books to receive SigSeries (Yellow) Labels. They update the form from time to time so make sure you ask for the latest version. I would also recommend
  6. Wait... you got the book in the mail and NOW you're going to send it to CGC?!? Just a heads up, that's not how Sig Series works. Prepare for a Green Label with "Sketch and Name Written on Cover in Marker" or something to that nature.
  7. Of you're referring to the package that the convention is selling online as an add-on, then it looks like that package is set up through ECCC itself. You will need to contact ECCC directly about those details.
  8. So, instead of replying with, "you should contact customer service, the phone number is on their website" ... you wrote all of that? Must be nice to not have anything better to do than comment shame a new boardie. You're normally a really insightful person with your comments, it's a shame to see you being a flat-out bully here. It only "came off as condescending" because IT IS condescending. If you don't have anything nice to say, just click the back button and find a new thread that you can be helpful on, maybe. ... and if you were paying any attention you would have noticed he j
  9. Here is one of the many books I got done at SW Celebration a few years ago. It’s a fun one. I have a cast signed 1977 #1 CGC 9.6 from this show too, but everyone has one of those these days. Between 3-4 books I have everyone including Harrison Ford and David Prowse. In the meantime this one is different that what most people have. Signed by (reading horizontally from top to bottom): BJ Muir - Sculptor of Darth Vader’s famous helmet and armor (as well as the Stormtrooper and C-3PO body parts) Clive Revill - The original Emperor Palpatine (ESB Hologram/Voice) Billy D William
  10. I know this post is old, but had to throw my two cents in since someone redirected it the other day. All this signatures look legit to me. His signature varied quite a bit in the later years. Gotta remember the man was half blind and 90+ years old. If a fan asked him to sign in a tight spot like that it could have a pretty big variance in layout as Stan tried to fit it in. The COA is legit too.
  11. Friend picked up an interesting sketch on the cheap at a local show. None of us (and the seller) recognize the signature. Anyone know who this is? Another friend said Warren Louw, but that’s not right. Similar signature style, but not the correct letters at all. Any help?
  12. The universe conspired against me so many ways. Lost mail, deadline delays, done on the wrong paper, redone on the wrong book, and submitted on the wrong account. So many miscommunications and just bad luck along the process. 99.9% of my stuff gets done flawlessly by managers, handlers and facilitators, no body has perfect luck their entire collecting career though. This was my turn to get the beatdown.
  13. Giuseppe Camuncoli through Daniel Scott at Scott’s Collectibles UK This one took quite a while to come in too. I’m not having the best of luck these days with that.
  14. Finally, a long long long overdue commission from the end of 2017. Bane by David Finch.