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  1. @Nicholas Hughes Additionally, Neil and his handlers are a bit tight on the items he will sign at non-comic events. If he's doing a book tour or TV related event it's highly likely that he will NOT sign comics for people, only items related to his discussion or whatever book he's peddling at the moment. So, paying for a witness and getting CGC to approve the witness is much more difficult.
  2. Reach out to @Rich_Henn, @Par2ch, @Celestial Comics, or @Kevlar to find out who can help. You can also check the "SigSeries Event Central link at the top of this sub-forum to do your own research and track down what events different facilitators will be attending and then cross referencing that with the events listed on Neal Adam's CON Schedule from his website! http://nealadams.com/238-2/ Good luck.
  3. I think you're missing the point, but I understand your concern. The witness is there to make sure that the signatures aren't being forged, but in this type of set-up it could be a little too easy for an unscrupulous person to slip a book or two into their stack that wasn't actually signed at that exact moment. The witness just needs to be able to watch you walk directly from the signature areas with the books you just had signed and have them handed to them. He doesn't have to physically witness each signature as it's done, just that the chain of custody is strictly maintained and that the signatures you're handing of are reasonably assured to have just been done right then and there. I think they way you're implying that it should be done would cause the slowdown in the line and effect everyone's bottom line too greatly. This is the method I've seen done for the last 5-6 years where the CGC staff member is right nearby so that people who aren't getting things graded (90%+) can just walk away, unencumbered and those who want the grading service have space to hand things off.
  4. Check out Scott’s Collectibles in the UK on their website or Facebook. They will have details on Bermejo.
  5. Do like I did, pick your "Top 5" but give us a few runner-ups to peak at!!! :-)
  6. Frank Miller Jae Lee Tim Sale Jim Cheung Herb Trimpe (Joe R on inks) Runners -up are: Andy and Adam Kubert Batman/Joker piece, Creees HyunSung Lee Mystic Art piece, Skan Srisuwan Symbiotic God, and Enrico Marini Joker piece
  7. Finally back from CGC... Esad Ribic turned me into Wolverine. :-) *** I gave him 4 pictures of me in different poses as a suggestion for what I would like done in the commission *** Pencil Claws for the win!!!! LOL
  8. So Baltimore Comic Con 2017 had arranged for Lynda Carter to perform in concert (she sings and has a couple albums). The tickets for the concert were decently priced. They also had her listed among the celebrities for the show. BUT, if you wanted her to sign ONE item of your choice you had to also buy a “Platinum Package” for $1,000!!!! And it did NOT even include your admission to the con. You could have also settled for the “Gold Package” at the princely sun of $400 which included a “pre-signed Wonder Woman ‘77 #1” that had been released around that same time. It was IMPOSSIBLE to obtain her autograph without buying one of those two packages and she didn’t appear outside of the concert. Period. I don’t think she’s interested in doing signings anymore. Shame.
  9. Adam West didn't ALWAYS personalize the signatures. He would occasionally be distracted and not do it at busy cons. It was very rare, but there are instances of it happening.
  10. Get on Facebook and look up Scorpion comics. I believe they deal directly with todd for his signings.
  11. In your case the tape would be there to help the signer know not to go too close to the edge. I've also seen people just use boxes drawn on the bag with a Sharpie to indicate where the opening is at.
  12. Pricing is all available on: http://www.comicsketchart.com/david-finch-commission-requests.html Ivdyer and a few of us we were the last ones to get the old rate before it went up in January 2018.