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    I am gonna miss that car.
  1. Jim Starlin - Is he allowing CGC to Witness?

    I believe he announced that he is doing SCHEDULED signings with CGC. Not at his booth.
  2. Stan Lee signing at Silicon Valley

    I'm not sure what you were trying to imply here. They are just there to provide a service that fans want. Now that Stan has an entirely new management team, no one had made any arrangements for the CGC crowd. CC stepped in to fix the problem. And the fact the CC deals with a huge stable of ICONS in this industry, they are more than qualified to offer their services like this. But you've been around the block, you should know this.
  3. What's up with Rob Liefeld? No CGC?

    I’d rather see him charge $5 a signature and drop the prices on his sketch covers to a reasonable price than have him giving away his signature and charging RIDICULOUS prices for sketch ops. $4000-11,000 is a price range that gets you ORIGINAL PUBLISHED ART by Jack Kirby and the likes. I can partial understand pricing work at a level so he doesn’t have to take on a lot of commissions, but I’m the conspiracy theorist that just thinks some facilitators take advantage of the artists they represent and the fans are the ones that end up paying dearly for it. That being said, I still hope to get a piece by Jim in the future.
  4. What's up with Rob Liefeld? No CGC?

    Part of me thinks that Albert Moy is to blame for that ridiculous price. But that might be a result to the brain-scrambling I got by reading this entire thread again just now. The 3-4 times I’ve met Jim Lee he seems really charitable and nice... not the kind of guy who charges $1000 for a card stock sketch or $4000 for a bust on a sketch cover. The man gives away more detailed pieces on each of his Twitch streams.
  5. Stan Lee signing at Silicon Valley

    What’s the cost?
  6. SS Signature Certification without CGC present

    What is the convention? I'm not aware of ANY shows or conventions that Stan Lee will be attending right now. I'm not sure now that Max is out of the picture, if companies like Anastasia's Collectibles still has a deal with Stan and company right now. Again what is the show you are talking about?

    I think we can all agree that the barcode belongs on the BACK COVER. Here are the two ways I would have changed it without getting rid of all the EXCESS that DC wants for "marketing" purposes and allows for maximum white space for ACTUAL ART which is the whole point of a blank cover anyhow!!!
  8. What's up with Rob Liefeld? No CGC?

    Well... this has finally gotten to the point of ridiculousness. Stu, your beliefs in your own self importance is completely unfounded and a little pathetic. You really need to get professional help. Redd, see my suggestion for Stu. Logan, thanks for the PMs regarding these bozos. RMA, your reply’s give them an iota of “power” and only reinforce their delusions. You shouldn’t even waste your time replying to these guys. I’m out. Y’all STUpid.
  9. I would have kept across the table and murdered him. The way celebrities and creators treat our books sometimes. Like Carrie Fisher sprinkling glitter on books and people. Ugh.
  10. What's up with Rob Liefeld? No CGC?

    Dearest @NiceTryGuy and @SueStu, Since you are obviously the same person, I'm going to kindly as that you please (for the love of the gods) go away. Your inability to comprehend sarcasm, rational thought, and your own hypocrisy, combined with this personal vendetta thing you have going on against RMA is mindbogglingly boring - and honestly a waste of ALL of our time. I've reported your post and IP to the Admins. Please spend the rest of your trolling days in YouTube comments where you belong - not here. Sincerely, the ENTIRE board.

    New additions for this year... both by Creees. Thanks to Doug Peters for the legwork and getting exactly what I pictured in my head. “Nightmare Batman” ”Mystic Arts Battle”
  12. Will CGC be at Comic Con Asia 2018

    The last I heard was that Stan Lee will NOT be at that show. There was a problem with be Con organizer.
  13. What's up with Rob Liefeld? No CGC?

    If you're not going to intelligently contribute to the discussion about why Rob Liefeld has decided that CGC is not worth his time or the merits (and lack thereof) for up charging for signatures on books that will be sent to CGC, then you can start your own thread, somewhere else. If you just want to sit an eat popcorn, have at it, but put the keyboard down while you do so. Thanks.