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  1. RadiantGraphix

    John Byrne Coming To Fan Expo Canada

    They've already stated... NO SIG SERIES, NO CGC.
  2. I didn't think Jim Zub was going to be at SDCC? When will these be signed and sent for grading?
  3. RadiantGraphix

    Desert Wind 2018 Convention/Signing schedule

    Announced WHERE? To clarify, I see the JRSR post, but I don't see anything titled "Legends in the Fall Tour" on the boards. Got a link?
  4. @Rich_Henn Will all 8 slots be THIS specific cover, or randomly selected from the 11 different covers?
  5. @Rich_Henn I’m curious... why is the Bruce Timm signature offered on the base of the Batman who Laughs statue? Was it supposed to be Snyder or Capullo?
  6. RadiantGraphix

    John Byrne

    I still don't think he's going to allow CGC. I'm guessing (without an official announcement yet) might be limited to only first prints, no posters, no figures, and NO trades. I got a beat up 141 I'd be willing to send in for a sig.
  7. I hear that John Byrne has "been convinced to sign anything" at his upcoming shows ?????? I don't believe it.
  8. RadiantGraphix

    John Byrne Coming To Fan Expo Canada

    I believe there was an announcement today? I'm stunned.
  9. RadiantGraphix

    John Byrne

    So much for “he doesn’t believe in charging for his signature” ... I guess that doesn’t include “special packages” ... LOL
  10. RadiantGraphix

    Why no signature verification option?

    Just recently CBCS and PGX got caught “authenticating” FORGED sketches and signatures. The artists themselves even put the items on blast via their Facebook pages. BleedingCool had a couple articles about forged sketches that got “certified” from Rob Liefeld, Jim Lee, and others! It’s a very IRRESPONSIBLE way to handle collectibles. It’s not worth the money or risk. I’d stay FAR away from “Red Labels.”
  11. RadiantGraphix

    There oughta be a law against this . . .

    There is a reason Jack Kirby in “quotes” and doesn’t have a date next to it. The defect is the “writing” note underneath the witnesses signature declaration. The more you look at green labels the more you’d understand how this works. It’s very specific and makes sense if you’ve seen a lot of Signature Series labels and compared them to Qualified Series labels.
  12. RadiantGraphix

    Artist Mail-in

    I’m not sure if JSC will do that for you though. He tends to defer to aftermarket facilitators for CGC signature items if you wanted something CGC’d from him.
  13. RadiantGraphix


    Does JRJR doe head sketches? I didn’t think he does remarks or sketches at all. At least not at signing events. That’s news to me.