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  1. I know this post is old, but had to throw my two cents in since someone redirected it the other day. All this signatures look legit to me. His signature varied quite a bit in the later years. Gotta remember the man was half blind and 90+ years old. If a fan asked him to sign in a tight spot like that it could have a pretty big variance in layout as Stan tried to fit it in. The COA is legit too.
  2. Friend picked up an interesting sketch on the cheap at a local show. None of us (and the seller) recognize the signature. Anyone know who this is? Another friend said Warren Louw, but that’s not right. Similar signature style, but not the correct letters at all. Any help?
  3. The universe conspired against me so many ways. Lost mail, deadline delays, done on the wrong paper, redone on the wrong book, and submitted on the wrong account. So many miscommunications and just bad luck along the process. 99.9% of my stuff gets done flawlessly by managers, handlers and facilitators, no body has perfect luck their entire collecting career though. This was my turn to get the beatdown.
  4. Giuseppe Camuncoli through Daniel Scott at Scott’s Collectibles UK This one took quite a while to come in too. I’m not having the best of luck these days with that.
  5. Finally, a long long long overdue commission from the end of 2017. Bane by David Finch.
  6. I was told a couple years ago that "he doesn't think that comics are 'real' art" ... so, if true, the "too good for comic fans" theory is pretty spot on. I'm surprised because he works as a professor at SVA in NYC with Klaus Janson. I wonder if he sees Klaus bringing in a bunch of extra side money and is starting to re-think his decision to avoid conventions.
  7. I saw what I have to assume was a label error that said it was signed several days AFTER his death. So, I'm not sure it can be pinned down.
  8. Via FB just now... Already graded, slabbed and shipped?!?!? Any one got notification on their orders yet?
  9. Plan on March... that way you wont be disappointed when they actually come back in March, and you can be happy IF they come back in February.
  10. Hey! That used to be MY book! Nice. I'm glad it found a happy home!!!
  11. I'm highly interested in one too!!!!!! I never see him at shows I attend. Really need something from him (Bane) for my collection!!!! I'll start looking up examples so see what your'e taking about. PM me the prices, @Rich_Henn ? ?
  12. Back from the long post-SDCC press and grade turnaround...
  13. Scott's Collectibles and Kirby's Comic Art also offer signings with him pretty often.