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  1. Even though show wasn’t that good Anson Mount aka Black Bolt big thanks to Rich Henn
  2. Some new books I just got back thanks to dan @ one stop comic for these!!! He is amazing to work with!!
  3. Mike DeCarlo and nick justus recreation of aquaman #35 thanks to Dan at one stop comic shop
  4. Here’s some more In order sinnot silver surfer remark Mike Mckone doom remark scott kolins zoom remark walt simonson beta ray bill remark James silvani darkwing duck remark mike DeCarlo joker remark eastman shredder remark
  5. In order neal Adams darkseid remark joe Sinnott doom remark zeck and Beatty punisher remark Al Milgrom and bob hall doom remarks
  6. Rick burchett kevin altieri harley remarks
  7. Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie wish grades were a little higher but oh well
  8. Nick Justus signed by Oppenheimer and conroy
  9. Just received two books back from rich Henn and once again I am truly amazed at his work! I gave him two books to be signed by Doug moench and he once again did not disappoint. Throughout the years I have dealt with a few of the “so called” bigger cgc authorized signature companies who completely lacked communication skills, etc. I finally was about to give up until I got in touch with rich (and to be fair I also love and am very happy with one stop comic dan!). These men call me regularly to update me on the progress of my books as well as always answer the phone when I call them. Rich always also somehow manages to get them to higher grades. The latest examples are i now own a Batman #386 that is a 9.8! i also now own a werewolf by night (signed by milgrom and moench) that went in as a 5.0 and is now a 7.0!!! with some recent threads bashing some of the “other companies” I think we should also shine light on some of the positive ! the pics are just a few of the things that rich (and dan as well) have done for me always getting higher grades when they are returned to me!
  10. Who will be authorized at the show to witness my books being signed for CGC Submissions? I would like to touch base with them before the show, Thanks!
  11. Is anyone going to Facilitate this? I would like to get a few signatures