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  1. 1. Captain America 103 signed Ross Marquand (Red skull in avengers movies) 2. Teen titans 2 signed by Joe Manganiello (justice league version) , Manu Bennett (arrow Verizon) and deathstroke co creators George Perez and marv wolfman
  2. Thanks to rich Henn for these 1. jerry ordway and Mike DeCarlo remarks 2. Jose Delbo remark
  3. Kris justice sketch front and back front Is recreation of hulk 181 using rocket and thanos with groot in background (instead of Wendigo) back is reproduction of hulk 271 (1st rocket in comics) signed by laery Lieber (co creator of groot) keith giffen (co creator of rocket) sal Buscema (artist on hulk 271) jon romita (cover artist on hulk 181) skottie young (rocket raccoon 1 writer) might get Jim starlin eventually as well
  4. Mike colter (also romita and Thomas)
  5. No Sinnott is an amazing guy in person didn’t charge me for this and many other I have from
  6. Some stuff I recently received back from Cgc , big thanks to Twin cities and rich henn Zoe saldona on first appearance of gamora
  7. Here are a few more comics with remarks some Cgc and some not thanks to dan at one stop for a few of these!
  8. Even though show wasn’t that good Anson Mount aka Black Bolt big thanks to Rich Henn
  9. Some new books I just got back thanks to dan @ one stop comic for these!!! He is amazing to work with!!
  10. Mike DeCarlo and nick justus recreation of aquaman #35 thanks to Dan at one stop comic shop
  11. Here’s some more In order sinnot silver surfer remark Mike Mckone doom remark scott kolins zoom remark walt simonson beta ray bill remark James silvani darkwing duck remark mike DeCarlo joker remark eastman shredder remark