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  1. From mcgregor and Christensen signings, thanks to twin cities
  2. Randy emberlin thanks to dan at one stop
  3. Dr Doom jam by zeck, Beatty, lyric, Edward and. Milgrom thanks to @Par2ch
  4. Roy Thomas on first carol danvers joe quinones on first ms marvel (khan)
  5. The one and only George perez thanks to @Par2ch who provided with the blank!
  6. I’ve got a 9.6 signed by Rodriguez , Latour and renzi plus they each remarked it!!
  7. I have an iron fist 14 9.4 but it’s signed by Claremont and Milgrom so it’s a yellow label I also have an avengers 8 RAW most likely in the 6-7 range interested?
  8. Some new stuff I just got 1. Benedict cumberbatch 2. Jake gyllenhaal 3. Amber heard 4. Terrance Stamp aka Zod!
  9. Signed by voice actors of Aladdin
  10. 9.8 signed by all the voice actors (jafar, skeletor and megatron) thanks to @Par2ch , He made this happen and he’s the best!!!