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  1. Harrison Ford thanks to twin cities!
  2. 1st one Mike Zeck 2-4 George perez thanks to @Agents Of Slabs and Dan at one stop
  3. I have a showcase 22 Cgc (yellow label) 1.8 signed by joe giella
  4. Can anyone please help me out and tell me which of these is the OFFICIAL 1st Appearance: Mask of the Phantasm NNO (1994) Batman & Robin Adventures Annual #1 (1996) Batman Beyond Universe #13 (2014) Batman/Catwoman #1 (2020) Tom King recently said that his 2020 comic was the 1st time Phantasm would be in the continuity of the DC comic world which made me think then which one is the 1st appearance.
  5. Three George Perez sketched on their way to Cgc! wanted deathstroke and cyborg since he co created them! thanks for @Agents Of Slabs and @Par2ch for always being the best facilitators I have ever worked with (along with rich Henn of course)
  6. From mcgregor and Christensen signings, thanks to twin cities
  7. Dr Doom jam by zeck, Beatty, lyric, Edward and. Milgrom thanks to @Par2ch