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  1. Darren Adams did not specifically define payment methods for the Action Comics #1 eBay auction. Although bidders were required to be prequalified and, apparently, render a deposit via Paypal or credit card in order to be allowed to bid, the exact terms of payment were not listed in the auction description. Instead the following statement was included: “Payment terms are on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the seller for more information.” (See link below for the eBay auction page)
  2. If I’m not mistaken, the Overstreet Grading Guide, which is the closest thing the hobby has to a worldwide recognized industry standard, continues to classify trimming as restoration. So until such time as Overstreet changes the definition of restoration, trimming, and other restorative treatment procedures that have somehow transitioned into something other than currently defined by the standard, remain restoration regardless of what the individual collector, dealer or third-party grading company would like them to be.
  3. You've just written the outline for the executive summary of the Certification Age Report.
  4. .............. Is this going to be your new tagline going forward? On those rare occasions when the people who've ruined this hobby get taken to the cleaners, yes! But unfortunately, those occasions are few and far between. C'mon, Tim. Your moral compass is wound too tight. Live a little – they're just funny books.
  5. So much of this stuff in the hobby, spanning all the years. Disgrace. Edited 19 hours ago by Gotham Kid So true. I've catalogued hundreds of manufactured books whose original certification numbers remain active within the CGC database. It would take weeks to collate and post the info like you did.
  6. Yeah and if you look down it resold August of this year for $72,000.00. Massive loss for the guy who paid $200K. Loser. Uh-hu, total loser. Disbarred lawyer, Anthony Chiofalo, embezzled over $9M from his employer and used the stolen money to buy comic books and other collectibles. Spent it all like a drunken sailor. He plead guilty and was sentenced to 40 years.
  7. This happened with several Billy Wright books. It's interesting to note that the Billy Wright copy of DC#29 was originally a 7.0. It was acquired along with at least 9 other BW copies at the same auction which were then apparently CPRed 3 months later (same submission group) and liquidated in less than a year after purchase (some as soon as three months after the initial auction). Whoever was behind it lost big $$$ for this particular flipping episode as these particular 9 books were acquired for $231,650 then liquidated for $190,602, a net loss of $41,048.
  8. GPA doesnt record all data. Sometimes GA may be limited. GPA is best for SA and newer. A lot of the higher profiled books sell privately. Yup, I get that. My original comment was specifically in reference to a "GPA record price", not all sales public or private.
  9. Perhaps I'm not using the reworked GPA interface correctly, but the last recorded sale I see for a 5.0 is $95,600 in May of 2018.
  10. The book appears to have not seen the treatment during the certification age. What are the chances it was acquired for the purposes of manipulation, thus the GPA record price?
  11. From my vantage point, the original 2002 Heritage auction back cover scan gives a pretty good indication of what this book may look like in hand. The brown page color and other defects are clearly visible and defined. Conversely, the third Heritage back cover scan, as well as the recent CC back cover scan, appear to be juiced white, thereby minimizing, for the most part, those defects.
  12. And the moral of this story is: "In the short-term, certified comic book collecting is a popularity contest. In the long-term it is a weighing machine." BTW, you're getting pretty good at the detective work.
  13. That very same book sold in its original holder (old label) for $10, 350 on July 4, 2002 via Heritage. With its current sale (same serial number, 2nd generation label) at $107,000, the realized gain is a whopping 933.82%.