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  1. Unfortunately anyone can see this movie will suck. Dave Bautista is a C level Rock or Arnold who can't act. As a fan of valiant when I was a kid I am growing tired of this so called Valiant Universe allegedly coming to production. How long ago have they announced Bloodshot and Harbinger and we havn't see jack swat yet. Eternal Warrior is on pace already for a direct to netflix/video release. It will blow balls!
  2. eBay is best place to sell certains books. Most of my sales come from eBay, and from CGC books 1975-now my auctions outperform GPA more often than not.
  3. Anybody nervous that Mark Hamill remarks are actually troubling for our expectations of this movie? What scares me the most is when Mark Hamill at Star Wars celebration (starting @2:34) starts talking and then Kathleen Kenneday cuts him off, and Mark says sarcastically, "well that's good to hear." I am also nervous because it's seem Kathleen Kennedy is under fire from fans after her comments about what she wants. http://movieweb.com/star-wars-movies-catering-male-fanbase-kathleen-kennedy/
  4. Again no artist or writer owes any of us anything. I don't see your point even 1%. Many fans only wait in line to make FREE $ from ones signature or sketch.
  5. #1 No one needs to anything. No artist or writer owns me anything. They did comic book work, I enjoyed it, so what? #2 Tell that to Bill Finger! 50% creator of Batman and the gotham universe. That guy deserved more $ per signature than any us can comprehend. Many old school writers and artists got shafted back in the day. So let them make some $ on the back end is 110% fine with me.
  6. I would rather watch a 24 hour loop of Catwoman with Halle Berry than ever watch Iron Fist S1 again. If anyone enjoyed this then you are simple minded and have zero taste of anything than might resemble taste in your own life. Close this godawful trek of a thread.
  7. Not sure if I posted this here yet or it was in my other thread, but either way here is my copy.
  8. Nah it just makes that TMNT #1 trade that much sweeter!
  9. So when did the AF #15 club turn into the AF #15 stock/commodity hedge fund manager thread? Christ at this point I would take another worthless comics general CGC turnaround times thread.
  10. So when did the Hulk #1 club turn into the Hulk #1 stock/commodity hedge fund manager thread? Christ at this point I would take another comic general birthday thread.
  11. Derail this thread? This thread has been derailed for the last couple months.
  12. some like Greggy or others work hard while most watch life pass them by.