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  1. Interestingly, the buyers phone number is still there. If you hit the "info" icon, it says the new encoded email address is to reduce fraud and violations of Ebay policies.
  2. Not sure if anyone else has brought this up, but I'm processing some Ebay orders I got in over the holiday weekend and have just noticed that the buyer's registered email address is no longer shown on the "view order details" screen. There seems to be an encoded Ebay email address now. I just got switched over to Managed Payments and am guessing it's a change that came with that since Paypal has been cut out
  3. I've been buying PCH for about twenty years now and I don't think I've ever seen them hotter. While some publishers are hotter than others, they don't last very long when I list them. With a classic cover (and the list of classic covers has expanded GREATLY in recent years) they are usually gone in a day... often at full price. I am also so glad to see that EC's (my favorite comics of all time) have come back. They seemed to go out of favor a bit in the mid-2000s after Heritage flooded the market with Gaines copies and I thought that was just wrong!
  4. I consider what the book would grade at without the color touch and value it there (give or take some additional cost for removal of the color touch).
  5. When I was a kid, I used to get into this argument with my best friend about who would win between Superman and the Hulk. He'd say the Hulk couldn't be beat because he'd just get stronger as he got madder. I, of course being the big Superman fan that I was, said Superman would simply throw the Hulk into the sun... game over. So I'll say the same here... Superman would simply throw Thor into the sun... GAME OVER!!
  6. Hi folks, have a quick grading question for you. If a mid-silver age key would grade out at say a 9.0 but it has a production defect in that it's missing its top staple (no top staple holes or imprints at all... bottom staple is secure), would the grade be reduced for this? I was thinking not but would appreciate others thoughts. Also, if the 9.0 grade isn't impacted, at what grade level do you think the missing staple would come into play? 9.4? 9.6? 9.8? Thanks so much...
  7. I know what you're talking about... I picked up some raw Gaines file copies when they first hit the market and they definitely had a unique "smell"...
  8. Can you guys recommend a better photo hosting service. Photobucket's reliability over the last year or two has just been horrible. I'm less concerned on price than reliability and ease of use. Thanks!
  9. I've never bought a silver age book with c-ow pages and probably never will. Any issue in any grade I might be interested in can be found with better page quality.
  10. I can't say I've had these bad experiences on Ebay. I've been selling there for about 20 years now and do about 300-400 transactions a year. Most of the comics I sell are raw and I give grades, photos, descriptions of both positive attributes and defects, and have a "no questions asked" 14 day return policy. I think I get at most 1 or 2 returns a year... most years I get none... and I have never had one not go smoothly. I NEVER describe a comic as 9.8... highest I'll go is 9.6. If I feel strongly about a 9.8, I get it graded before selling. Selling 9.8s raw does sound like trouble to me. I've sold some bigger ticket items in the $2-3k range and again with no issues. The only books I send to Clink are graded books that have been in my Ebay store for at least a year and haven't sold... I view them as my liquidator. I actually haven't sent them anything to sell in at least ten years cause all my graded books eventually sell. I choose to sell them myself (even though the fees are actually cheaper with Clink) because I prefer to build my brand than theirs. So as a seller, have to say I'm reasonably satisfied with Ebay. Where I have had problems is as a buyer. As a result, I buy from mostly the same reliable sellers. Anyway, just my two cents...
  11. On my last submission, it took them three weeks after receipt before my books even got into their system to start the turnaround clock! And the TAT lengthened the longer they had my books... it was 25 days at submission and 35 when they finally got the books back out to me. Entire homes get built in less than six months. No way it should be acceptable to take that long to grade a comic book... management/ownership should be all over that and hire the necessary resources to bring it down to a more reasonable level.
  12. wasn't there a Harvey warehouse find yet for some reason CGC calls them file copies? There's probably loads out there...like The Thing #16 lots of Misfits fans with money to burn I suppose Thanks Lou! I definitely wouldn't compare CoC#19 to The Thing #16... I've seen plenty of high grade Thing #16s for sale over the years.. can't say I've seen many high grade CoC#19s, even with it being a file copy. Looks like there's about 20 in 8.0 or better (what I define as "high grade") and only 7 in 9.0 or better on the census. It's a little high but don't think it's a crazy tally reflecting a horde of high grade issues out there (even though it's true my file copy is raw and there are certainly others still not reflected on the census). If you look at GPA, also looks like there's as many file copies BELOW 9.0 as above so the file copies don't necessarily denote super-high grade. Having said that, if there are many of these sitting out there, you would expect to see a bunch hit the market pretty soon with this sort of recent pricing!! I suppose you might have a lot of collectors reluctant to part with theirs (I'm one of them!)... there are I think seven Gaines file copies of Crime Suspenstories #22 and according to GPA one hasn't publicly traded hands since 2003!!... but $12k for a 7.0 of this less historic book sure is enticing!!
  13. Here's my copy... I got this on Ebay (believe it or not) around 2005/6 for the then gargantuan sum of $313!! I'm pretty sure it's a file copy ( as I bought numerous other file copies from this same seller around that time) and I think grades to an UNPRESSED 9.0...
  14. It would be a shame if these mid-forties Big Apples didn't go for a premium... the books from that period really are as nice as any other pedigree that does get a premium. I know Phil Weiss fairly well... he's the one that found the Big Apple books (along with the Bethlehem and Sherman pedigrees). Been a while since I've spoken with him about them, but my recollection is he told me the mid-forties books were kept in a trunk in the house itself, whereas the rest of the collection had been moved to a garage or shed along the way. As a result, much of the collection has tanning and page quality issues but not the mid-forties books which stayed untouched in the house and were pristine. I bought a few from Phil when he was still bringing them to market and I can attest that they are gorgeous... the ones I submitted for grading typically came back 9.2-9.6s with white pages... and that is untouched and unpressed! The atom and silver age stuff though was a whole different story due to the storage conditions. I sold the Big Apple X-Men #1 about ten years ago and I think it was a 4.5 or 5.0 with cream to off-white pages. I still have the Big Apple Aquaman #1 in a box somewhere (my stuff isn't so organized or I'd post a few) and I'm pretty sure it's a 9.0 with off-white pages and no interior cover tanning... so there were some silver age that survived in decent shape still. The big thing about the Big Apples is the breadth of the collection... it ran from the early golden age through the late silver age and I'm remembering it numbered something like 18,000 books (will ask Phil on that figure next time I speak with him).