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  1. and i already said silverage hulk 181 would not even come close to any major silverage key
  2. if hulk181 was a silverage book wolverine would of just been some villain... so to answer your hypothetical question silverage hulk 181 would not even come close to any major silverage key
  3. these are your first comics ever bought?
  4. maybe 9.2 depending on the inside... books are not graded on covers alone. i just sent my copy in for a press and slab as well
  5. i love that cover!.. 8 point to the motherfackin 5 just because that small part missing in the upper corner
  6. i stopped buying spawn at issue 70 something so maybe things have changed... does he have a mouth above his mask now? it kind of looks like venom
  7. will the cases for larger comics and mags get an update? i know they have the new label but its still the same case... i really like the update you gave the regular size cases some years back... they have a very solid feel in hand and a better overall look. i only ask here because you deleted my thread when i asked this question thanks
  8. not so much to me... but its just one of the many flaws
  9. the OP may have only made 1 post but they're right.... i took some pics of 2 cases at the corners they do look chewed... some worse then others i just asked cgc if they were ever gonna update the cases... cause they ... well they suck
  10. ^^^^^ but i guess they're both ugly since we don't have that beautiful upc box on the cover
  11. I use to be a big spawn fan but i have never seen that issue... is that a promotional comic or something?