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  1. i knew it would get a green lable but i just had to get it slabbed.. ..
  2. so i got these back from cgc a little while ago... got the 9.4's i wanted but only on one of them..happy and annoyed a little i almost wish they were all 9.4's or better yet all 9.6's
  3. all tmnt comics will continue to rise in value... especially the the 1st series you dont even have to read comics to know who the tmnt are... movies, cartoons, video games, toys and tons of other merch'' lol hell even food generation after generation are growing up with the turtles all over the globe tmnt born 1984 and still going strong
  4. i sold my 2nd print along with other turtle books to buy a 1st print.. i miss my tmnt collection but hottdamn i love my 1st print #1
  5. people are making a killing on this book
  6. i think prices have stabilized for new mutants #98... at least for books in the range of 9.2 - 9.6 i don't pay much attention to 9.8's.... love getting them but won't pay for them lol
  7. if i bought a hulk #181 for example CGC blue label no matter the grade.... i would expect the book to be a 100% complete. green label does not equal bad for me... i just like to know what im getting i have a book on its way back from cgc and i know its coming back with a green label because of the sig on the front cover
  8. i have had good experiences with getting books pressed by CCS and if your gonna get a book slabbed by CGC you might as well use CCS
  9. i didn't know you could request a blue label... that bullsh!t on cgc's part for allowing that.
  10. awesome read... but if prices rise i will unload my books so fast lol
  11. awesome find!!!!! i look for this on feebay from time to time... lucky facker
  12. good eye.... this cover is not that great
  13. never noticed this club but here's my asm129... no white pages but im happy with my 9.2 and even more happy that i bought a copy before prices went up