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  1. and of course you would report it... i have entered your safe space
  2. you keep changing what i said ^^^^^ this is what i said its not my fault you are easily offended
  3. updated... still looking to fill large parts of this series stop hoarding and sell
  4. not easy to find raw clean copies.. good score
  5. those look like some nice raw copies of aliens #1.. where did you find those?
  6. any of you grab the one one feebay for $400? it was a buy it now.. looked like a really nice raw copy
  7. some pretty awesome covers that bring back a lot of memories.. i had all of these when i was a kid https://nintendo.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_Nintendo_Power_volumes looking at them now i had them all up until 1994
  8. i was thinking about buying them...my guess was they grade VF/NM or better slab 4 of them for sure and auction them off one at a time #1 #2 #4 and #6 would most likely put you over 3k.. but only if you sell now like you said.. its hard to tell if 3k is a bargain down the line but im thinking its not
  9. so whats up with this comic?... does not sell for a lot but sells super fast on feebay