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  1. Make sure that you activated the offer. Also, if you looked at an auction item, it won't show a discount if the auction ends after the promotion does. Try looking at a buy it now item and see if that works.
  2. I got the 8% offer too. It seems like I get more offers when I don't shop on Ebay as much.
  3. Looks like the books are from different sellers. That's sad.
  4. That topless gal on the cover seems out of place in a 'chart your course' book for youngsters...
  5. My dad would drive me miles to Otto's Variety Store every month to see if the new ASM issue was in. He was a bit irritated when I came out 5 minutes later, empty handed. I told him the new issue wasn't in yet. He always made sure I didn't miss an issue.
  6. I got the 10% in app offer today also. Had to redeem my $3.53 in Ebay bucks last Thursday before it expired. Two more fridge magnets on the way!
  7. Just saw this on the boards...
  8. On the boards, I hope. What a beautiful 7.0! Perfect centering and white pages too. Good luck, Rick!
  9. That was very nice of you, Ed! I've never been given first right of refusal before.
  10. As the title says, ASM #6, 1st appearance of the Lizard. Coverless and complete, decent page quality, no missing pages, major tears, clipped coupons, tape or doodling. Willing to pay $100 through Paypal only for a copy meeting these requirements. If you don't have one, convince a friend to sell me his. If I buy it, I'll pay you 10% of the sale price. Limited to 1 person, so 10 people can't claim it.