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  1. I thought 'Tunas' was slang for 'dollars'. 300000 tunas. Still too much.
  2. Amazing Spider-Man #7 - "The Vulture's Return !". I was 7 years old. I can vividly remember flipping through the comics on the spinner rack and seeing that cover. Had to buy it. The funny thing is, I don't remember any of the other comics on that rack.
  3. Add Ohio to the list of Ebay sales tax states. I was going to use the 10% Ebay bucks offer to buy a few things. I noticed the sales tax as I was about to checkout. I quickly removed the items from my cart. 10% - 7.25 % isn't much of an incentive. Oh well. I haven't bought from Heritage since they imposed Ohio tax either.
  4. It seems like I get more bucks offers when I don't buy as much on Ebay. I'll buy comics on Ebay, but for everything else, Amazon. You can't beat free 2 day shipping and 5% cash back.
  5. Mandela Effect. I have no memory of such a thread.
  6. I thought silver bullets were for werewolves. I should have shuttup and finished reading. He was a werewolf.
  7. That was a beautiful tribute to your dad. He was a special man, always there for those who needed him. I'm so sorry for your loss, Scott.
  8. That's sad. We went to an Indians' game in Toronto years ago. I was very impressed with how cordial and polite the people were, even to the opposing fans. When Roberto Alomar came up to bat, he was loudly booed. I asked a young boy of 8 or so, "Why are they booing Alomar ?" . He quickly replied, "Because he spat on an umpire!" .
  9. Just some friendly advice. Combine all the books you want to sell in one sales thread. The moderators will close multiple threads for using too much screen real estate.
  10. I got the 8% too. I have no idea what to use it for.
  11. Yes Mike, you may. You should take a video of your slab cracking procedure and post it in this thread. Maybe someone else could demonstrate the scalpel technique. Whoever gets the book safely out and isn't bleeding is the winner.
  12. I've never cracked a slab, but if @lizards2 can do it after having 3 beers, how hard can it be?
  13. I was trying to find a 666 gif for my post, so I Googled '666 gif'. A screenful of those evil things kept rebooting my Kindle Fire.