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  1. ASM #109 Copy B--Sharp 8.0 Copy--$25 ASM #114--4.5 Copy--$5
  2. I would refrain from describing a book as 'hot' with all the drama on the boards right now...
  3. Cliff R.

    AF15 Cover

    Very cool. That is the first AF15 cover that I've seen. I wonder why there are more coverless comics than covers.
  4. I glanced at the publication date, 1964. That brought back memories of seeing "A hard day's night" at the local indoor movie theater. The girls in the audience were screaming so loudly, I could hardly hear the movie. Beatlemania wasn't just at the live events.
  5. Cliff R.

    what a week I’m having

    Very sorry about the books. If I were in your situation, I would send a few to Andy ( @thirdgreenham ) for next year's Green Eggs grading contest. The really good graders could tell what breed of dog did the damage by the bite marks.
  6. One of my favorite tv shows of all time. The Avengers, starring Patrick Macnee (John Steed) and Diana Rigg (Emma Peel). I've been watching seasons 4 and 5 (with Mrs. Peel) on Tubi TV, and thought it would be nice to own the only issue in the original comic book series.
  7. Cliff R.

    AF15 - Worth the gamble?

    I wouldn't add any tape to it. Save the pieces, though! Great book just the way it is.
  8. Cliff R.


    Please tell me that you're just checking to see if they're clean enough to wear. On second thought, don't.
  9. Thank you for watching "The Mark". A JB123 production. Starring (in order of appearance) The Shark .... JB123 The Skeptic... eccomic The Mark ... Ricksneatstuff Comcav ... himself The Clapping Guy ... Robot Man The Entrepreneur ... comicquant The Inspector ... JollyComics The Fan ... october Credits ... Cliff R.
  10. In keeping with the theme of this thread... @Ricksneatstuff
  11. Shrevvy must be a stickler for spelling. Try "take" or "take it". Nevermind. He saw it.
  12. Hi Sharon, I can usually guess a CGC grade within +/- 3 grades. My simplified mathematical model was just a goal to shoot for. I'm not in the contest this year, but it looks like fun. And frustration.
  13. Let's say that you are a very consistent grader, and able to grade within plus or minus one grade every time. Let's also say that you're equally likely to undergrade, overgrade, or get a bullseye. Let's see how many points you would have after round 8. You've graded 16 books. 5 will be undergraded, 5 will be overgraded, and 5 will be bullseyes. The remaining book will most likely be over or under. 3 points for each over and under = 3 x 11 = 33 5 points for each bullseye = 5 x 5 = 25 58 points total. What are the odds of getting double bullseyes? 1 in 9. Quadruple bullseyes? 1 in 81 The current 2 leaders are better than this.
  14. That would be true if Andy picked a book at random from a pile with a normal distribution of 9.8 and 9.6 issues. He may own more 9.8's than 9.6's. Or he might just toss you a curveball because he read your post. And liked it.
  15. Ughhh! I hate sitting on the sidelines...