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  1. You saw the kingpin???
  2. So Thursday 11:59 pm EST is the last possible minute to bid...
  3. Eighteen years ago, Wolverine's Origin series was hot, Ultimate Spider-Man was hot. Not so much anymore. I've also learned to buy books that I like, rather than buying what's popular now. And you can't take a loss if you don't sell.
  4. Just between you and me, I always compare prices before I buy. And when I decide to sell some books, I'll try to price them competitively. I know that most sellers listen to offers, but a high asking price discourages offers, I think.
  5. It always amazes me when I see books for sale on the boards that are overpriced 20% or more than the same book from other sources. Are these sellers anticipating a price jump before it happens?
  6. A no reserve auction on Ebay doesn't guarantee that someone will get a book at a bargain. I've seen sellers cancel all bids and terminate the listing if the bidding wasn't high enough. They usually claim an error in the listing or the item is no longer for sale. One seller did that and immediately sold it as a buy it now at a higher price. Another seller listed the same lot of comics in two separate listings, at the same time. One at no reserve auction and the other as a buy it now. At least he honored the final auction bid and sold at that price.
  7. Did gadzukes edit the original title? I don't get it.
  8. Cliff R.


    Jeff ! Add your return policy...
  9. Cliff R.

    Journey Into Mystery 83 CGC 5.0 Switched label??
  10. Cliff R.

    Journey Into Mystery 83 CGC 5.0 Switched label??

    Well, the seller has zero items for sale now. I hope Ebay contacted everyone who purchased items from him.
  11. Cliff R.

    Am I the only one

    I was about that same age when I sold a VG AF15 for $50. I got that book years earlier from a neighbor. I traded him 2 DC comics for it.
  12. I haven't seen any rolling eyes, but I have heard crickets chirping, many, many times.
  13. And when I finally take the plunge and SELL SOMETHING, be easy on me.
  14. Yes it was. Liz said he posted that because the selling rules weren't followed. I thought it was because of the bagged scans. I didn't see this thread until after most of the selling errors were corrected.