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  1. Hello Everyone, well we have about 15 members so far on my Discord server. Good place to chat about comics! Hey thanks David for reposting! It growing slowly! Everyone is welcome! Thanks! https://discord.gg/HkqrG5
  2. Hello All, So recently Ive been thinking of selling some comics to take profit. For example i bought a tales of suspense 52 ungraded a few years ago for 350 dollars and it came back as a CGC 6.0, and now its worth maybe 1500 to 2000? So that does seem like quite a jump to me. i have always sucked with this sort of thing. Thats why i was bad a stock trading and never took profit. So how do you feel about this? There is that fear it will keep going up or go down after the movie. What are some times you sold a comic to make money and then it kept going up, or sometimes you sold it and it went down? Thanks Jason
  3. Discord is a chat server for everything, its basically AIM 2.0, i have 6 members now
  4. Hello Everyone, So I tried to find a comic book collecting discord server, but was unsuccessful. So I made my own server! Come and discuss all things Comic Book Collecting. Thanks https://discord.gg/PbCpEX3
  5. Hello Everyone can you spare a grade on my Batman 251. Interesting one here. Very nice cover with very little wear on the spine. The comic has a subscription crease. You can start to see alittle color break on the front cover and there is a small spot where the color has been torn off. I'am guessing it was tape. The back cover you can see the subscription creae as it breaks color. What do you guys think, link to imgur provided? Thanks https://imgur.com/a/Quc4d
  6. I'am no expert at this but yeah that seems like it would be restoration to me. But what if you simply remove that small corner with the sharpy mark on it? Then your only removing the restoration?
  7. Can anyone spare a grade on this X-Men #4? Thanks!
  8. Hello Everyone, I think I might have a Cerebus #1 Counterfeit here. I think its because the one I have has the red border around the soldier in the bottom right of the front cover. I have read the guide. Can anyone share there opinion? Thanks Here is the link to the pics thanks. https://imgur.com/a/CSyd3
  9. I think based on the fact that mine has the red boarder outline around the soldier in the bottom right, that mine is the counterfeit.
  10. Hello All, Would everyone be so kind as to tell me in your opinion if this is the fake or real Cerebus 1? Thanks https://imgur.com/a/CSyd3 Pictures on Imgur, thanks Jason
  11. Selling my Brave and the Bold 28 CGC 1.5 on ebay. 1700 with free shipping and insurance. Thanks for looking. Look at this on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/222758525340 DC Brave and The Bold #28 - CGC 1.5
  12. Selling a Preacher #1 CGC 9.2 white pages. 188 buy it now with a 100 minimum bid. Look at this on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/222700397148 Preacher #1 - Graded CGC 9.2 - White Pages
  13. PGM - Thor 165 Please spare a grade for my Thor 165, thanks!
  14. I had asked this previously but I guess it wasnt answered. Will CGC signature series be offered for Stan Lee at big apple con this Saturday? Thanks
  15. Hello All, I have been considering buying an iron man 55, but there is blue ink bleed on the bottom of the front cover and lower left spine. Lets say its a 9.0 without the bleed. How much would that drop it down? Thanks Jason