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  1. Hi there! While it's a sad day I was looking at my Stan Lee CGC SS comics and was wondering something. There is a new Stan Lee label where we see Stan face and his signature on the label. I found this very cool. If a resubmit my Stan Lee CGC SS, would I get this new label or this was for special signature occasion? Thanks!
  2. Hello! I am looking for a Marvel Tales #218 in CGC 9.4 condition or up and even better CGC SS by Zeck. PM in private please, thanks
  3. Yep that was fun. I was in this and I create the Best of the Best website. But yeah peoples lost interrest and there was too many competion going at the same time, it was hard to follow and update. But I still got the website and only need someplace to host it and we would be able to see ALL the great sketch again