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  1. For CGC I don’t think it’s incorporated into the grade but it creates grade caps. They actually outline it pretty well on their grading scale page. Cr/ow max grade = 9.6 (with rare exceptions, although I’ve never seen a 9.8 with less than off white) Light tan max = 8.5 slightly brittle Max is 6.5 brittle max is 3.5
  2. There's also this recessed staple. Is this is a pressing thing? Or is it an old comic thing... I dont really know, but I've seen it on many high grade GA books and it seems to get a pass. Dunno how most people feel about it but it's always struck me as an eyesore, and something you'd think should affect the grade but it doesn't ever seem to. Be curious to know the explanation for this 'defect" and if it typically bothers people as much as it does me.
  3. My humble suggestions...classic caught with the farmers daughter...classic jilted lover/catfight....and classic big gun(s)
  4. Just did a cash and trade with Earl. Easy to deal with, and a very fast transaction. Look forward to more trading with or buying from him in the future.
  5. I’ll take the over and go a ridiculous 2.16 mil.
  6. I probably missed this during my 20 year I can see her being more important now. I'm glad she's recovered from the 1997 Batman and Robin movie, because when I think Poison Ivy I think Uma Thurman and it takes a special kind of movie to make Uma Thurman look bad, but they somehow pulled it off. Good to know, not being heavy in to DC hero comics maybe I have been overlooking the keyness of 181. Maybe 90k isn't that unreasonable in a relative sense.
  7. must not be paying much attention to TMNT #1 lately. However, while I generally agree that no one who collects comics and has ever paid more than 100$ for one should ever criticize anyone else for any comic purchase at any price...the 90k for a 9.8 first appearance of poison ivy strikes me as out of balance with other Batman related books like say Detective 140. Looking at GPA the record price paid for one appears to be 38k..... I think the Riddler at one time was a far more iconic batman villian, and there's no doubt the book is harder to come by in grade than Batman 181 in minty fresh condition ... but maybe poison ivy is more important to today's girly centric comic connoisseur? Maybe this is an apples to oranges comparison. I does seem like this 181 went to the moon just because "9.8".
  8. I eagerly await the day CGC can do resto reversals for “cover cleaned.” I assume this will be achieved by throwing some dirt on the book and bumping up the grade the appropriate number of notches.
  9. Great lookin 5.5 there!
  10. Not much for horror covers typically, but always liked this one with the bloody knife wielding psycho threatening the reader
  11. Courtesy of a boardie...not as hard to find in decent shape as it seemed a few years ago, the price run up on this has really flushed some nice copies out. It wasn't 2 or 3 years ago that I found and hoarded I think 6 copies of this in the VG range all for between 25-100$ forward a few flips later and those all have essentially paid for this now. Happy days.