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  1. Is that a bug chew along the left bottom edge? 4.5?
  2. szavisca

    Get2TheChoppa's Kudos Collection

    Bought a book I’m very happy with from Alan recently. It was shipped promptly and securely, will gladly do business with him again in the future.
  3. szavisca

    (closed) thx!

    Great sales thread so far, you can probably afford to pay for half a semester of your sons college now... congrats to you both!
  4. Not exactly PCH but I find comics with realistic depictions of violence to be the most can practically feel your neck snapping looking at this one...
  5. szavisca

    Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    Finally got a copy of my favorite of the Ajax Phantom Lady's thanks to a boardie...dunno what kinda cheap paper Ajax used but most of these that I've seen are super faded and have pieces flaking off all over the place so I'm really happy to even get a 4.0.
  6. szavisca

    Baker Romance

    I’ll stop at zero bids... you’re welcome.
  7. szavisca

    Newton rings!

    If they can’t/won’t even get the presentation aspect of their cases right, it doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the preservation and tamper proofing aspects of the product they’re selling. Hope they address and fix this soon cause I’m jumping on the not subbing anything right now bandwagon too. Will also be avoiding buying anything slabbed recently.
  8. Happy that I finally scored a killer copy of this future classic for pretty cheap... pretty awesome cover and book on its own even without the Zodiac connection. This copy came from a dealer in California too...maybe I should dust it for prints...
  9. Great pick up, very rare to see anything better than c/ow pages on a Harvey romance book.
  10. szavisca

    Newton rings!

    When this happened 2 years ago or so with the new holders CGC did do a good job fixing it for me at least. They reslabbed a book for me free of charge postage paid by them even though I wasn’t the original submitter. It sucks for sure that you even have to deal with it, but I’m pretty sure CGC will make it right if you talk to them about it. One potential downside to the fixing this problem of theirs is there’s gonna be a slowdown in turnaround times though. As I recall there were pretty bad delays about 2 years ago as well.
  11. szavisca

    Question on GA Books and glue.

    Always wondered if some of these might be books that had resto removal done but had just super small amounts of glue residue still visible.
  12. szavisca

    Newton rings!

    I'd like to sound all smart explaining it myself but here ya go...thank god for Wikipedia.'s_rings