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  1. szavisca

    Metropolis is Suing Voldemort

    This thread really confirms what I’ve always believed ...there’s a lot of lawyers who collect comic books. Real ones, and pretend ones.
  2. You'd think this wouldn't be hard to find,,, but it has been. Looking for a raw copy of Fiction House's Jumbo Comics 69 in 7.0 or better raw or slabbed. Paying well. Thanks for looking
  3. Haven't a few previous 8.0 auctionss pushed 200k? Gotta think as the lone highest graded Origin issue (and arguably the 3rd most important Batman related book behind Detective #27 and Batman 1#) that there will be some massive whales going after this one. Wild guess for the final hammer at $460,000.
  4. szavisca

    Baker Romance

    I’ll take the under on that. This one’s good for a giggle but artistically never struck me as exceptional amongst Bakers.
  5. szavisca

    Baker Romance

    My first foray into Baker non babe with these two, but I really like them and they were cheap.
  6. szavisca

    Baker Romance

    Picked up a couple more for my Baker on the cheap non romance collection. Still have to pay off 2/3s of my recent PL 13 but was able to get temporary relief from the comic book buying injunction at my other words even my wife knows I got a good deal on these, still these are likely the last new acquisitions I'll be able to post for the year... The Texan 8 is m favorite of these, an unappreciated abduction cover? with a nice babe on you can see even with this copy though its got some tanning that seems to really plague all copies of this issue, don't think I've ever seen a clean looking copy (I'm sure Sqeggs will post one tho! . I actually got a copy of the Canadian edition (not pictured) that looks much cleaner, maybe they used better paper? I don't know.
  7. szavisca

    Okajima Adventure Comics #91 on Clink

    Yeah but THOSE crazy Dutch people didn't have a service that certified and slabbed their precious tulips, thereby protecting and fostering their market, so this time its gonna be different right??... I do love the story of the Tulip speculation bubble, but I think much of the oft repeated popular myth has been historically debunked. The basic lesson applies somewhat to today's comic book and other collectible markets but I'd still be surprised if something as robust and mature as today's GA market went the way of the tulip.
  8. szavisca

    Okajima Adventure Comics #91 on Clink

    I'll start and end my bidding at 1.1 times guide, thanks.
  9. Shrug no inside info here so maybe you know some of the actual bidders, but as infrequently as these come around in blue labels I could see a megaimillionaire wanting an unrestored copy bad might have been more willing to bid up on the 4.0 on HA if he thought no other blue label copy was going to come available for a few years, but decided to pass and go all out for the 8.5. I could very easily see the bidders for both of these copies being some of the same people....but just a wild conjecture I admit!
  10. szavisca

    Okajima Adventure Comics #91 on Clink

    All due respect I think you guys may be missing the point. It is the ped and the story of the ped driving the price on these, not the books themselves. How many cgc graded Okajima camp coded war themed books are there anyway? Doesn't matter if they're relatively speaking junk books, if there's say less than 100 known? 5-6k for otherwise run of the mill books doesn't seem that shocking, after all no comic should be worth more than 10 cents. What will be really telling is when "an already highly coveted classic issue "camp coded Okajima book comes to auction...will those get 10 times guide? I really doubt it because at the point the price of the book itself will outweigh its pedigree value. All that said, I own none of these books and have no desire to buy any at the current prices. I will however be happy to buy any from anyone who thinks they should be priced at a lower more appropriate value...
  11. I’ll stick with my original wild guess of $2,240,000...and Ill also conjecture that knowledge of this copy coming up for auction impacted the results on the recent 4.0 and 5.0 copies negatively. Those both went a bit lower than I’d thought they would.
  12. szavisca

    Okajima Adventure Comics #91 on Clink

    It’s certain books in the pedigree right now that people are utterly bananas for ... particularly war themed books from the time period when she was in the internment camp. Some of these books are going for 5-10 times what non ped books of the same grade would go. This is a new trend starting 2 or 3 years ago it seems. Check out the thread dedicated to the Okajimas to see more examples.
  13. szavisca

    Ginger. She's red hot.

    Interesting math HA was using to get the average grade of F/VF for the lot... lets see, Issue #1 was a 4.5, issues 2,4, and 6 were 5.0s....guess that means the issue 8 was graded as a 15.5 to get the average of 7.0 for the lot.... Sure hope whoever paid $5,700 for this lot was paying attention to that gross mistake on their part.
  14. szavisca

    Heritage May auction

    I know there’s no answer to this but its interesting to ponder... how much more if anything is this cap 1 worth as a highest graded due to it being a 9.8 vs what it would be as a 9.6 or 9.4... To me this book isn’t just the highest graded cap 1, it is the highest graded GA megakey...and I think it’s the only 9.8 among them all. I’d personally have HA seek out buyers on my behalf and solicit offers, and see if they could pry an insane offer out of anyone. I suspect they’d allready be taking offers on it at this point anyway even if unofficially. Anyway I suppose if the owner is worried about not getting full value for it at auction they can just put a ridiculous reserve on it.
  15. szavisca

    Heritage May auction

    My memory sucks but didn’t you have a thread or a web article on the top 10 books in the hobby? I was surprised not to see the cap #1 Cgc 9.8 on that list. I’d be shocked to see it get less than 2 mil. The all star 8 Cgc 9.4 almost got a mil. This book is so far above that one for so many reasons. But that begs the question, is an auction even the best venue to sell this sort in obscenely high graded iconic book? Maybe the family could get more working a private sale. I’d be nervous sending it to auction.