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  1. Baker Romance

    She looks more like a hostage than a girlfriend, but who knows, maybe they’ll develop one of those Stockholm romances...great copy of a killer book there!
  2. TMNT #1 Club

    From what I’ve seen PQ doesn’t seem to make much of a difference on the 9.6 Auctions... but I suspect that it will in the future, something has to differentiate these near identical copies in the same grade. When it came time to get a 9.6 copy a few years ago, I ignored all the ow-w ones. I don’t think I paid more for white page copy... but i waited on one and am happy I did. Well see how it plays out in the future... but I’ll bet there’s a lot of other people who have the same attitude I do about it. If demand/number of people willing to pay big for these increases significantly I think white page copies will get a premium.
  3. Lost track of this thread, appreciate the replies but yea to each their own. Was still hoping someone could still recommend a specific brand of tape. As to why slab a book like this? To me it’s like putting it in a nice picture frame and it lets me put it on display in the house. Makes me a little less nervous to have my non-comic book collecting friends handling it etc. As a value submission it’s ginna cost about $30 to slab ... it’s worth it to me. I’ll try to post a pic when I have some time.
  4. TMNT #1 Club

    Fantastic grab ... really only saw one faint tick on the spine, looks like a worthy 9.6 to me, and I know the one that went for 26k had white pages but the one you just won looks a bit sharper to me. That one had more noticeable ticks and some slight crunching on the corners that I don’t want to see in an ultra High grade book. Congrats!
  5. Heritage Auction Today

    I know it’s a silver age book but the biggest shocker to me today was the ToS 39 Cgc 8.5 that upon closer inspection looked more like a 7.0-7.5 going for almost 50k... bit of a head scratcher there.
  6. Heritage Auction Today

    Nah didn’t get any of the books today, but I’m pretty sure I know who got the 18 unless he died before the auction. Still I feel like a winner with these results by virtue of having gotten most of these in the last 2 years... the real winners will by my kids at my post mortem auction of course. The 13 is the biggest surprise to me, it’s gone under guide a few times in the last 2 years. Getting a high grade copy is gonna be painful/impossible.
  7. Heritage Auction Today

    Well... all the PLs other than the 18 kinda set new records...
  8. Heritage Auction Today

    You don’t have to tell me twice how cool PL 13 is...Im saving up to break my bank in an 8.0 or better some day... hopefully. Anyway... I’ll reserve most of my yaking on the subject till after today’s results come in.
  9. Heritage Auction Today

    In the short time I’ve been collecting these I’ve seen a lot more inflation in the prices on lower to mid grade copies than on the high grade ones. Makes me think there’s a lot more people of moderate means like myself getting into them. Watching along with many others on these boards I’m sure with keen interest to see how these high grade ones do today.
  10. From what I’ve been told, and I could be wrong of course, archival tape can lead to a purple label. Looking for first hand suggestions from people who have done this and can tell me xxxxxx brand of tape works and won’t get a purple label from CGC.
  11. I recently did something I thought I'd never do...I bought a book that's practically disintegrating. It's rare a Gerber 7 and super cool and I got it pretty cheap...but the cover is split and detached and there is paper loss from the cover along the margins. I want to tape it up before I submit it to CGC because I don't want the cover being displaced after being slabbed and I'm afraid they may not even accept it if I didn't secure what's remaining of the cover. So... what's the best kind of tape that's basically transparent, or wont show much, that wont severely damage the book over time that I can use to attach the front and back cover to each other? Appreciate any suggestions.
  12. That makes sense I guess... it makes your newly graded book effectively more scarce by having them remove the old entry from the census after the fact.
  13. the restored 9.2 shows up in census and on verification. So yeah the census is a mess.
  14. I suspect that the majority of people playing the crack, press, and resub game would not be sending in the old labels with their submissions. Maybe there’s a few good citizens that do so, but whether Cgc does actually have a blind eye on the regrade a lot of people doing this probably think they don’t, and don’t want to risk revealing the lower grade the book originally had. Just a guess of course but the census for most books with more than 20 or 30 by now is probably hopelessly confounded.
  15. Favorite "jilted" romance cover

    Yeah but that’s just another positive of this book!... teenagers that actually look like teenagers and not adults ... a rarity for a teen romance title back then.