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  1. szavisca

    Fiction house anyone?

    Relax old man... you’re still about 5000 comic books and a million dollars ahead of me! Great stuff so far tho!
  2. szavisca

    Heritage Fall Signature Auction

    Looking back over the listings I think you’re right. There were several that went big. I think I’ve just become too used to seeing the obscure low priced books go 10 times+ guide. There were a few of the 8.0-8.5s that only went 75-100% guide...but these books were already pricey so that doesn’t necessarily mean they did poorly, it just means OPG actually has it right on these, unlike 2/3s of the rest of GA books.
  3. szavisca

    Some Silver, Some Gold, Some Keys...

    I'm sure the board trolls would love to help you practice defending your dissertation. Why not post your abstract and let Tricolorbrian etc take a few cracks at you. It'll be a good warm up for you.
  4. szavisca

    Heritage Fall Signature Auction

    Anyone else surprised at the seemingly low hammers on the high grade Marvel Mystery Comics?
  5. szavisca

    Heritage Fall Signature Auction

    The Billy Wright cgc 8.0 went for 12k about a year and a half ago and that marked the last time anyone got this book at a bargain price. Since then its been a 3-4 times guide book consistently even in very low grade. You probably missed the voldy 1.8 slightly brittle going last weekend on HA for 4.2k... so this result was no surprise. First appearance of Plastic Man and unsexy Quality Phantom Lady... this has for years been a severely undervalued GA key only now getting it’s due. I imagine it’s the terrible cover that’s held it back for so long.
  6. szavisca

    Are Newton Rings 'normal and acceptable'?

    Eh, they've got a lot to fix so I get it if they can't do em all right away. Just a bummer, my books issue was that a large portion of the bright white archival paper was hanging out the bottom of the book, making it look terrible...on of course the best book in my collection. Just made me nervous the first time round on the reholder shipping it cross country and waiting on pins and needles for it to return. First world problems I know!
  7. szavisca

    Are Newton Rings 'normal and acceptable'?

    Helps yes, but not the help I wanted! Already waited a month and a half the first time round. Glad they’re fixing the issue ... but gonna be a bummer waiting so long again. Thanks for the response.
  8. szavisca

    Are Newton Rings 'normal and acceptable'?

    Sorry if this has been answered already but when CGC reholders at their charge for bad newton rings etc, what is the typical turnaround time for doing so? Do these get bumped to the front of the line or is at whatever the current TAT for reholders is? They're fixing a slab I just had reholdered (not for newton rings, another issue) and it shows up in my CGC invoice as "mechanical error service." While CGC has been great about fixing the problem and agreeing to do so at their cost, its been kind of crickets when I politely asked how long it would take.
  9. szavisca

    TMNT #1 Club
  10. szavisca

    TMNT #1 Club

    Multiple copies going up on Clink tomorrow...including a nice 9.6. The person letting this one go may or may not have decided to sell this one and buy a whole bunch of golden age books...well more like he bought a whole bunch of GA books then needed to sell this to cover the costs...
  11. szavisca

    Fiction house anyone?

    Got this, my first Australian FH book, as a gift/finders fee from across the ocean from a very cool boardie for merely pointing out a few things that were available at a store a lot closer to him than me... very nice sharp copy minus the little chew out of the bottom left corner which I assume was from a hungry dingo, wallaby, or funnel web spider.
  12. The Crippen collection had more romance books than most of the other big peds right? I’d imagine there are many Crippens that are highest graded for those sorts of books.
  13. szavisca

    FOXy Ladies

    Classic bondage cover if I’ve ever seen one right there...
  14. szavisca

    Golden Age Mexican Editions

    Not technically golden age but photocover comics make me think GA and this is my only Mexican edition comic book, couldn't pass it up when I saw for sale on the boards...