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  1. I have reset so many times I have lost count. For me the chase is far more interesting than having.
  2. just sell it as is and let the next owner fret over trying to marry missing pages. In my opinion the married page wont increase the value of the book in grade shown.
  3. I just submitted a book that was in a cgc 7.0 holder sold to me raw which I submitted for pressing and grading return as a 6.5. Just once I would like to be on the upside of this.
  4. enjoy it as it is. Dont get it graded and dont mess with replacing the back cover. If it truly bothers you simply buy another copy that is complete and correct. There are enough copies of the book available.
  5. option 4: purchase a different copy that is complete and sell the incomplete copy to recoup some of the cost. I wouldn't marry, insert or otherwise do anything for the incomplete copy. (unless we are talking very rare books but if the book is very rare good luck finding the parts you need.)
  6. so $215 USD per spinner, I think that is pretty good. One of them is definitely used and still in decent shape but I didn't think anything of bending the pockets so they could hold slabs, the other is very mint and I am proud to own it. Your Father played with our "funny money" and made out like a bandit!
  7. I agree. Suicide Squad was terrible, and that has an effect on the next movie without a doubt and is partially to blame for the poor results so far. I think the name of the film was awful ( way to long ). I also agree that in Birds of Prey Harley isn't over-sexualized and I thought Robbie did a great job. Birds of Prey is far better than Suicide Squad ( but that isn't hard to do )
  8. I paid $200 CDN for one, $150 CDN for a second and the most recent I paid $400 CDN in Sept 2019 but it was in immaculate condition. I am of the opinion to get the exact type of rack for my "time period" collection it was worth it to pay $550 CDN for 2 spinners.
  9. it isnt just staple holes that are used to determine if a cover is married. Ink rubs, transfer from paper touching paper (inner cover to splash and last page to inside back cover) are another identifier.
  10. I prefer the Hulk 181 because I dont care about signatures. Buy the book you want.
  11. it assumes remaining owners can pay out the leaving partner. To many questions and uncertainty for me.