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  1. I will be there. So will CGC. I am getting books done. So not sure if I can help. Who you need?
  2. Monstertruck97

    I'm kind of angry about an Ebay transaction

    As a person with 40,000+ feedbacks and 17 years on eBay, relax as things will be just fine. If you deal on eBay, you are going to deal with "insufficiently_thoughtful_persons" and this guy, in my opinion was in the wrong and is just an impatient jerk whose life probably sucks as is taking it out on you. Ebay WILL NOT DO ANYTHING for you (this is a fact, don't bother trying), and them removing the negative feedback that you are able to leave for buyers was horrible and gave too much power to the buyer in more ways than one. All you are left is the ability to "Report The Buyer" and that report probably goes in the bin. But what are you going to do, not use eBay? I have been lucky to have less than nine negative feedbacks and about a dozen neutrals throughout my time on the site. I had a guy in Georgia want to fight me because his item came three days late. I had another guy call me up because he wasn't able to understand the simplest of my descriptions (something a five year old can understand) and when I kept telling him that he doesn't understand, said that if I tell him this one more time, "he will break my jaw". I have more nightmare stories, but anyone that deals on eBay has a collection of them, I am sure. It could always be worse. It could have been a negative and simply reply to the feedback left and explain yourself, and next week I am sure the anger will dissipate. For the most part, 99.999% transactions go without an issue, but it's the small amount that do go array that seem to get us most upset. Good Luck.
  3. Monstertruck97

    What Are The Rarest CGC SS Celebrity Sigs

    The topic was throughout CGC related and I apologize if it wasn't and respect your post, ivdyer and will refrain from commenting anymore about this.
  4. Monstertruck97

    What Are The Rarest CGC SS Celebrity Sigs

    It's kind of a pointless debate. I did get $50-75 (depending on the image) for my Affleck's when I got them signed. You seem to think only within the CGC-Slabbed-Witnessed world, or private signings where it's controlled, authenticated and an arm and a leg for a signature. Samuel L. Jackson is not a $699 autograph (TMZ just did video of him signing a few autographs and I was offered one of those signatures for $125), so again, and yes, chasing and getting witnessed are two different things but my point is no way is a $50-75 worth $2,500-5,000 because it was witnessed. Just because Jeffrey Dean Morgan charges $80 per signature doesn't make him his signature an $80 signature, as you can find them cheaper. Having run many autograph shows, that's basically the price to "meet" the celebrity and there are other prices for other people, as I am sure this happens in the comic book world. Not to mention if there was a line across the building, I am sure a very small percentage was comic books that would get slabbed. You can always find celebrity signed items at much lower prices from reputable chasers and items authenticated by reputable authenticating firms, that are not slabbed and witnessed. Signed books (like Affleck or Leo D.) rarely (or never) make it on Comiclink, eBay or other sites so until one comes up and allows the market to dictate it's value (all you need is two nuts and maybe they exist with deep pockets looking for a sloppy first name initial on a blank canvas), then we can agree to disagree. And the appeal I have for the yellow is the witness aspect of it.
  5. Monstertruck97

    What Are The Rarest CGC SS Celebrity Sigs

    I am aware it's not chasing, but with a snap of the fingers, a $50 autograph isn't worth $2,5000 or $5,000 because it's entombed and witnessed. I am addict of the yellow label and probably have over a hundred books that have a signed populous of under five. They should do the work and provide us with that information, but in the long run, a thread like this is baseless since the number on so many is "zero' and it simply gets us wondering.
  6. Monstertruck97

    RocCon in Rochester, NY Sep 15,16,17

    I will be there this year. Heard it is small. Not too far from me. I do need a witness. Anyone?
  7. Monstertruck97

    What Are The Rarest CGC SS Celebrity Sigs

    2500? C'mon. What is Mr. P's Clint Eastwood worth? $50,000? I have actually chased down Affleck six times in my chasing career and received more than a first name initial. So all I need is a witness with me? That is an amazing Stephen King and a super cool Travolta! Nice work.
  8. Monstertruck97

    What Are The Rarest CGC SS Celebrity Sigs

    As a former chaser and someone who knows chasers, it saddens me to see these "get away from me" hurried scribbles. That's a "B". That's a "loop". My buddy in one weekend got Peter Dinklage and Andrew Lincoln on blanks and they were both essentially check marks. Also, Howard Chaykin should be ashamed of himself. :-)
  9. Monstertruck97

    What kind of pens can be used safely for signing comic covers?

    Anyone know kind of pen this is? I have seen it used on some Frank Miller's as well (or something similar) and it certainly isn't red sharpie, but does look pretty sharp, especially on this cover.
  10. Monstertruck97

    What kind of pens can be used safely for signing comic covers?

    Ha! I saw an ASM #28 in black on black and it was pointless and idiotic. He was just pushing the line and getting the most out of poor old Stan. I have NEVER had an issue with a celebrity when requesting a specific pen as I am quite particular. I am curious as well to the question as I have seen some fantastic non-blue or black ink signed covers and want to know what kind of specific pens were used, but I have used gold and silver sharpie without any issues. Usually I go to Michael's and buy a handful of colored markers before hand that would look nice matched up against the issue I want done.
  11. Monstertruck97

    Doc Joes Journal

    Thank you so much for sharing these amazing photos!
  12. What is the earliest known CGC Yellow label? Know who the signer was on the first? I know that CGC made it's debut in early 2000 and was wondering if the Yellow program made it's debut the same year or was the idea constructed later? Just looking for a little history. Thanks!
  13. Looking for a 1968 Gold Key Chitty Chitty Bang comic. 9.2+ or better, doesn't need to be graded. Please PM with details! Thank you!