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  1. Take ASM 32 MJ Variant NM+ 9.6 5.00 ASM 32 Variant NM+ 9.6 7.50 Star Wars 108 NM+ 9.6 5.00 And keep tab running if that's ok. Cool books!
  2. Anyone have any concerns about the Lee signature? Just curious. That price seems incredibly reasonable and should be authenticated (quick opinion it, PSA/DNA won't cost you much and getting one done will surely help the sale of others) and stories are sometimes sold to make a dishonest sale. I own 16 Steve Ditko letters dating back 15 years, hence 16 signatures and actually kind of considered him a friend, but never had the nerve to ask him to sign a comic book. :(
  3. Yes, I meant Varley. You knew what I meant. Michael Turner passed away 12 years ago.
  4. Giella, Sinnott and Romita for me. Legends. Alan Moore! Alex Ross would be nice. Lynn Varney? Find a way. How about some celebrities and not just creators?
  5. Looks like a sloppy and very hurried Lou Ferrigno.