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  1. Monstertruck97

    signature series

    You are correct, I did not read the question. LOL. I guess since it was witnessed, red or silver signature, it has a CGC# noting it was witnessed, I'm sure they would just issue a regular yellow label. But yet again, I can't even read the question properly so I'm pretty much an insufficiently_thoughtful_person. :-)
  2. Monstertruck97

    signature series

    As long as there is a CGC witness, it will always get a yellow label, just updated with new details and signature addition. No need for red if an employee verifies the new addition/s.
  3. Monstertruck97

    Las Vegas Toy Con

    I am interested as well. Count me in, somehow.
  4. Monstertruck97


    And then there is this....2 days after above signed.
  5. Monstertruck97

    Why no signature verification option?

    As a former authenticator for a major firm (as well as working with the largest auction house in the world), it doesn't make any sense for CGC. They would have to hire authenticators and daily they will receive a number of cheap Jack Kirby books with his easy to forge signature along the front, Stan Lee's erratic and simple to duplicate signature, Steve Ditko's, Jerry Siegels and well you know where we are going that. Autograph fraud is such a problem and nothing is being and done and it's only growing. That guy on ebay, Toufelle or whatever his name will be busy at work hoping to trick "the expert/s". It is fairly easy to trick an expert and CGC will get as much flack as the above mentioned, other outfits authenticating bogus items and isn't worth there time and doing the hobby a great service by NOT authenticating unwitnessed books.
  6. Monstertruck97

    Why no signature verification option?

    I see so many questionable signatures that are verified by other slabbed comic companies that makes the assurance by CGC a breath of fresh air and unique in this hobby.
  7. Monstertruck97

    There oughta be a law against this . . .

    Is there a green portion cropped off? Is there green for Stan Lee labels? A lot of nutso prices asked on eBay and this one is no different.
  8. Monstertruck97

    Celebrity Signed Books

  9. Monstertruck97

    Celebrity Signed Books

    Yeah, as a fan of metal, love the Slayer comic as well. Here is one of my favorites in my collection, even though it is isn't penned by front man Tom Araya. Going to see them this summer and hope to get more stuff signed.
  10. I will be there. So will CGC. I am getting books done. So not sure if I can help. Who you need?
  11. Monstertruck97

    I'm kind of angry about an Ebay transaction

    As a person with 40,000+ feedbacks and 17 years on eBay, relax as things will be just fine. If you deal on eBay, you are going to deal with "insufficiently_thoughtful_persons" and this guy, in my opinion was in the wrong and is just an impatient jerk whose life probably sucks as is taking it out on you. Ebay WILL NOT DO ANYTHING for you (this is a fact, don't bother trying), and them removing the negative feedback that you are able to leave for buyers was horrible and gave too much power to the buyer in more ways than one. All you are left is the ability to "Report The Buyer" and that report probably goes in the bin. But what are you going to do, not use eBay? I have been lucky to have less than nine negative feedbacks and about a dozen neutrals throughout my time on the site. I had a guy in Georgia want to fight me because his item came three days late. I had another guy call me up because he wasn't able to understand the simplest of my descriptions (something a five year old can understand) and when I kept telling him that he doesn't understand, said that if I tell him this one more time, "he will break my jaw". I have more nightmare stories, but anyone that deals on eBay has a collection of them, I am sure. It could always be worse. It could have been a negative and simply reply to the feedback left and explain yourself, and next week I am sure the anger will dissipate. For the most part, 99.999% transactions go without an issue, but it's the small amount that do go array that seem to get us most upset. Good Luck.
  12. Monstertruck97

    What Are The Rarest CGC SS Celebrity Sigs

    The topic was throughout CGC related and I apologize if it wasn't and respect your post, ivdyer and will refrain from commenting anymore about this.