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  1. Oh good catch. Well, that seems like reason enough to assume the pq had little or nothing to do with that sale. Maybe AS8 is just taking a nose dive as the thread states haha.
  2. Holy Balls, $106K! By my count, the now 2nd 9.9 graded book in history to break $100K.
  3. Whoa, uncool move Lou! No nephew should be touching your personal stash 😮! Can only imagine how nice those copies were to.
  4. No it was a creator. I got it at a convention several years ago, but can't remember who it was. To be honest though I wish it was Bruce lol. Army of Darkness dude can put his sig on any comic I own as far as I'm concerned lol.
  5. Can anyone figure out who this signature is for me? Was on an ASM 700 1st print.
  6. Insanity, just pure insanity these sales! GSX1 is definitely starting to have it's day in the sun lol.
  7. Absolutely! At the moment it appears GSX1 has a solid edge there, especially with this insane 9.8 selling in the c-link auction. Already at roughly $28K, and considering it’s like awkwardly positioned in the CGC case lol. Surprised that’s not affecting buyers a bit more, but it does present super well! But yeah, Punisher is just such an awesome character, so the potential feels like it could be there.
  8. Very good point 👌. Between Hulk 181, GSX1 and ASM 129, have definitely noticed perfect white pages can sell for a premium.
  9. You know, I think I may have actually spoke too soon on this 9.0 and it may be more of a deal. It seems 8.0's are now hitting about $3K and 7.5's $2100-$2300. The 9.6 however was solid, surpassing $7K, which I don't believe an auction copy has done. Won't be surprised to see that become a consistently selling $9K-$10K book in the near future though. Well, I guess we'll have to wait and see if demand meets the asking prices, which are already there.
  10. Oh yeah without question the 8.0 I think presented nicer. The CVA sticker served at least a bit of a purpose there.
  11. Well that doesn’t happen everyday. Freaking lower grade mega grail outselling its higher grade counterpart 😮
  12. And there you have it, as well as a couple other grades in this auction. Some very impressive results!
  13. Feel like it's safe to say the "slightly brittle" page quality is what killed this book. Considering a 6.0 sold for $85K in an August C-Link auction just last year, anything brittle is clearly a borderline death sentence lol.
  14. I believe the newer/limited cards were exploding for a while but have softened some. It’s vintage sports cards at the moment that are exploding, like Jordan rookies from 1986 in PSA 10 selling for around $750K each. They were around $250K a month before those sales and around $30K months before that.
  15. Keep us posted! Im thinking of sending in a bunch. Not really interested in waiting 6-10 months for PSA and ain’t spending $50 per card for what I want to submit lol.