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  1. Aww gotcha! And yeah the 7.5 is baffling to me. Was a $5K-$6K book not long ago. Not sure why it’s gone up soo much randomly and other copies getting snatched up, likely because of it.
  2. When you say “outside the comic industry” what do you mean?
  3. Any predictions on this beautiful Marvel Comics #1 CGC 6.0 (Nic Cage Collection) in the next C-Link auction? The infamous 9.4 went for 1.2 mil in 2019 and a 1.0 for $52K in 2018, both on Heritage.
  4. All good! No you pretty much used the ones that I know of and also use. Gocollect just tends to get on my nerves sometimes I guess with what I feel are not genuine cost analyses. Maybe an FF1 9.0 will hit an upcoming auction block though and we can see something more tangible. If I had to guess what Overstreet had UF4 at, I’d imagine not even close to current FMV, but not 100% sure of course.
  5. I sense a twinge of anger in your words lol. Relax amigo, just pointing out factual information 😁. Wasn’t trying to attack your character or knowledge on the cost of comics 😉
  6. Awww ok, I actually did not realize they didn’t get CL.
  7. And GPA is wrong. The last sale, which GoCollect actually mentioned was in 2018 on ComicLink.
  8. Oh yeah that’s the problem with Gocollect, on books they don’t have recent sales on it’s just an arbitrary number. I’m not sure if they have some sort of algorithm, but either way it’s just a pure guess on their part. There’s a Fantastic Four #1 CGC 9.0 available at the moment for $245K and it’s been sitting on the sellers website for a few months now. At auction I wouldn’t be surprised if a 9.0 would sell for closer to $200K, maybe even slightly less. Truthfully, Fantastic Four #1 has softened up a bit on sales since 2017 and 2018. So now wouldn’t be the best time to let a 9.0 go at auction regardless. Best to wait until they’re entered into the MCU and hype is at an all time high.
  9. Damn meant to post in the bronze section. If admin can move to there that would be great!
  10. Picked up this Independent comic, Funny Paper #1 from 1978. No reported copies on the census and according to the interior cover only 100 printed. Anyone know if that print run is correct?
  11. I’m happy I got the juices flowing again in this thread because there’s some wicked sweet Supes books out there!
  12. Couple more pickups. Solid lower grade copy of Superman #30 1st Mxyztplk and higher grade Superman #31.
  13. Nah doesn’t have the cover. Here’s a copy on eBay that has the front cover.
  14. Really nice presenting 3.5 👌. And white pages to 😍