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  1. Agreed, I’d love to see the comparison, if it looks different at all from when it was a 9.0.
  2. Can guarantee you’ll never find that out as it’s 0%. No way anyone deslabs a 9.9 or 10.0, too risky.
  3. Could you please make that a reality for my Tec 27???!!! I would love to have the cover magically reappear 😂
  4. I’m not sure that’s a justifiable comparison. Not every industry applies the same logic. Agreed you wouldn’t call a car with a rebuilt engine engineless, but it just happens to be the case that a fake cover on a coverless book adds nothing to the original book as it’s a fake cover. So still considered coverless. It’s basically just eye candy. Anyway, I have no problem with coverless books. Can’t control what exists haha. All you coverless owners, how dare you sell your comics!
  5. Oh well, definitely a little disappointing being a resub than a fresh to market copy, as appears to be the case. Still a great looking copy for the most part.
  6. So you think that’s flaking/chipping? I thought it was just little color lifts, but I think you may be right. The only explanation for the white underneath if it were chipping would be that’s the acid paper we’re looking at. I guess that makes sense though.
  7. So I took a closer look and save for some light stress marks on the spine, I noticed several of what I guess are extremely subtle color lifts. Otherwise I don’t see anything.
  8. I thought someone previously pointed that out but then said was not the case. I guess that would certainly make sense though as it seems to be the situation more often than not. As far as I can tell, it is very deserving of its current grade. Like, barring it being pressed and enhanced, ever calling this copy as is a 9.0 would be a travesty imop. I just compared it to the 9.2 that previously sold and still obviously nicer.
  9. Fair enough lol, well atleast details minus personal information.
  10. I wish Heritage would give some back story to how this copy came about. Would be super interesting to learn where it was stored, who owned it, etc...
  11. Yeah even the back is insanely beautiful 😳. There’s really nothing wrong with this book. Maybe some subtle corner wear.
  12. Haha, yeah too low. I mean I’d be really really surprised if it didn’t at least break a million, and by a decent amount. I know there’s been a lot of discussion about books breaking the 1 mil club and how difficult it can be. I just don’t see how this doesn’t easily break a million. A lot of big time collectors/spenders should presumably be after this book.
  13. So I would say just keep in mind 8.0’s sell for around $500K as I previously pointed out. You have 8.5’s, 9.0’s and 9.2’s as potential upgrades from the 8.0 sales. Not saying you may not be correct, but that’s a lot of higher book’s that could sell for quite a bit more than 8.0’s that are already at $500K. Also taking into account this is the single highest graded and on top of that, presents insane for its grade. Which is crazy since it’s a 9.4 lol.
  14. I previously said 1.75-2 mil, but it’s tough to say lol. The most recent highest grade sales were 2 8.0’s I believe, both in the $500K range.