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  1. LDarkseid1

    Iron Man 1

  2. LDarkseid1

    PMG Avengers 57

    Looks like around a 3.0 at best and with tape. A graded copy like that would sell for around $75-$100. So from the perspective of is it worth getting grade investment wise, no it isn’t. You’ll spend almost as much on the grading, shipping, invoice costs as what the book can sell for. This book is better off keeping raw and putting in a nice mylite. A good reader copy.
  3. LDarkseid1

    PGM New Teen Titans 2

    I’d say around a 9.2, but looks like a pressing would benefit. So possibly 9.4.
  4. LDarkseid1

    PGM ASM 300

    Looks to be in the 7.5-8.0 range.
  5. LDarkseid1

    PGM Hulk 181

    Ok good to know I wasn’t going to be the only one in the 8.0 and above range lol. Mine just came back a 7.0 and this is definitely nicer than mine was by at least a point. But even so and honestly none of the defects scared me from thinking this had 8.0 and up potential. A 9.0 on the other hand though I’d say is a stretch.
  6. LDarkseid1

    PGM Hulk 181

    I actually think after a pressing this has potential to reach 8.0-8.5.
  7. LDarkseid1

    PGM Spider-Man #300

    I also would say 8.5-9.0.
  8. LDarkseid1

    PGM Amazing Spider-Man 121

    I concur. Could maybe be pressed/cleaned to a 6.5.
  9. LDarkseid1

    PGM Swamp Thing 1

    Cool thanks guys! Yeah that’s what I thought about the crease but just wanted to make sure.
  10. LDarkseid1

    PGM ASM 15

    Spot on, I agree and do hereby 2nd this fabulous reply!
  11. LDarkseid1

    Grade is in - Avengers #87!

    Yeah the fading definitely hurt it! Grade makes sense because of it.
  12. LDarkseid1

    PGM Batman #251

    I’m going to say 3.5-4.0. Maybe a 4.5 with a pressing.