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  1. Seriously! Screw the book. I say big win for that killer shirt!!
  2. Whoa whoa whoa, don't forget Hake's!!! They deserve some love to
  3. 10-4, well that's cool I guess. I mean, still a gorgeous copy and I feel deserving of it's current grade. I mean I never saw it in person, but it seemed pretty cherry from the photos at least.
  4. Well, that's certainly a revelation. Always thought that one went from cedar chest and straight to CGC. I feel as though I was once a kid, and while a kid I enjoyed delicious treats during Christmas. I knew presents were coming from Santa, and joy would follow me wherever I went. Then, one day, a fellow boy at school decided it was appropriate to tell me there was no Santa. Suddenly, life as we know it ceased to matter. This is how I now feel having learned this.
  5. I don't believe that's correct regarding that Action 1 CGC 9.0 that sold for 3.2 mil. I'm pretty sure that was graded only once, and it got the 9.0.
  6. Yeah I mean it was either that or sleeping in nude I guess. He chose the ladder
  7. I personally think they’re both going to hold their value respectively. But #48 will definitely remain on top.
  8. I picked up this one 😁, mind you someone was bidding feverishly against me in the end!
  9. Yeah had to be the staining, which I know they kill on. To bad, because they do present super nice! Definitely nicer than grade.
  10. Some nice high grade pickups recently. Including 1st Dane Whitman!
  11. Hmm, I mean it's tough to see all that with the photo you took. Not sure how bad the light ones on the back are. Either way still a beautiful copy!