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  1. Honestly for a 7.5 it feels even undergraded a tad, but yeah love your 6.5! Such an awesome book to own.
  2. There’s a gorgeous 7.5 with white pages in the current c-link auction. Upgrade time 🤔😉
  3. Yeah would have to go with X-Men 1 there.
  4. Easily X-Men 1 5.5. Without question.
  5. Yeah that was an impressive sale. This book’s on fire!
  6. Yeah I’m pretty lucky. Two of my local shops get in some pretty awesome stuff.
  7. Just picked up a Jumbo 8 at my local shop.
  8. I see several suspicious sales on eBay. A 4.5 recently sold it looks like for $5500 buy it now with someone who has a whopping 2 feedback. That was a very solid price for that book. This is why I don’t put as much stock in eBay. Tough to know how legit a sale really is. Otherwise, could be someone who just doesn’t know what they’re doing.
  9. Maybe, maybe not with this book, but in general it will start to affect books.
  10. No way a 9.2 hammers at $200K. Easy $400K and up book, even with issues having cooled down in general. The biggest thing that will hurt it is the new Wayfair Legislation. I assume ComicConnect has to enforce it to. So someone could be spending an additional 9%-10% in sales tax.
  11. I’ve now joined the Fiction House club! By way of some cool Jumbo Comics.
  12. Thanks! Yeah I tried as well. Literally asked if they would come down even $100, but they wouldn’t budge haha. Anyway, ultimately decided I’m good with the price.
  13. Yeah it is. I had been eyeing it for a while to and finally just jumped on it. Aside from the piece missing on the back definitely presents very nicely.
  14. Yeah I mean I think you’re pretty safe to go with CCS.