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  1. Any guesses on what this insane 9.8 with perfect white pages is going to go for?! Also I believe a 9.2 just sold in the previous C-Link auction for like $22K. https://www.comiclink.com/auctions/item.asp?back=%2FAuctions%2Fdefault.asp%3F_SORT%3DYES%26Focused%3D1%26ItemType%3D0%26f1%3Da.MaxBid%26ODire1%3DDESC%26f2%3Di.Title%2C%2Bi.IssueNumber%26ODire2%3DASC%26f3%3Da.MaxBid%26ODire3%3DDESC%23Item_1479746&id=1479746&itemType=0
  2. Those are some nice mid grade copies for sure on CC, but check out this 9.0 in the current c-link auction 😍😍😍 https://www.comiclink.com/auctions/item.asp?back=%2FAuctions%2Fdefault.asp%3F_SORT%3DYES%26Focused%3D1%26ItemType%3D0%26f1%3Da.MaxBid%26ODire1%3DDESC%26f2%3Di.Title%2C%2Bi.IssueNumber%26ODire2%3DASC%26f3%3Da.MaxBid%26ODire3%3DDESC%23Item_1479747&id=1479747&itemType=0
  3. New heavily restored super high grade Tec 27 on Ebay from the other grading company. Is this one of those copies where you wonder how much of it is even the original book though? Like so restored it's a borderline reprint? https://www.ebay.com/itm/303995923535?hash=item46c791ac4f:g:HpcAAOSwzHNgnToc
  4. That seemingly fake $36K sale is still showing. Sales come off the sold section when an auction is cancelled right? If it stays up, then seemingly it could be legit. Which definitely seems very hard to believe lol, but yeah I don’t know.
  5. I think alot of the books people are complaining about seem graded just fine to me lol. I mean we're talking 5,000 books so I get where some here and there may feel under or over graded. That's going to happen, even with the small amount graded so far but yeah I don't know. I think the grades on the whole are fine.
  6. The All-American 61 says off-white to white pages. Also are you saying those are examples of over graded books, or just the page quality you’re taking into account?
  7. Uhh yeah 361 is going to go big time bananas. That's a modern book right, not copper?
  8. Yeah I'm just waiting for it to get relisted. The thing is it isn't even a good job at shill bidding lol. Like, had they took it to $12K or so, might have been somewhat believable. At $36K whoever did this made it look super obvious haha.
  9. Just watched the trailer for Venom 2. I suspect the book is going to jump even more now because it looked awesome!
  10. There’s no way this sale is legit. Definitely getting shill bidded. It looked like it may have been legit up to about $7700. From that point on bidding history looks sketchy.
  11. You should try to snatch the Massachusetts Pedigree 9.8 copy off the c-link auction before it starts, assuming owner would allow. That’s one frickin GORGEOUS 9.8!!!