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  1. Anyway my new pals, gotta jet. Hockey pool draft to work on here.
  2. Trust me, I'm not offended. I just appear to be the only one to call you two out on being pretentious keyboard warriors. And errors? I've never claimed anything I said was factual, and have said on numerous accounts that they were assumptions. What you're not comprehending is your arguments to support your position, are also, based on assumptions as we've said countless times 'we do not know'. The difference between you and I, is that while I continue to say my post was based on my own experience in hunting and has no bearing on 'facts', you continue to talk about coins as if that example validates your position with 'facts'?
  3. haha you're impossible! I'd love to know why you're fixated on this blogger guy. If you'd take the time to read my original comment on this thread, you'll see that I didn't say anything to support his 'facts', other than newsstands being harder to find supports the argument of a lower print run. What you'll read is my own experience searching for them, and me saying newsstands are definitely less than 5% of print run, an assumption based on my own experience. You're buddy over there had to take my entire comment and trying to 'educate' me with examples of coins and a vocabulary lesson on the word 'rare' (which, by the way, was used accurately). Then you come swooping in to save the day, guns blazing. You're the real superhero here, champ. If you're still here, Thanos doesn't stand a chance.
  4. hahahaha there's only reality and my lack of comprehension? Wow, that's pretty bold of you to say. Had to go the keyboard warrior route, huh? You're only reading what you want to read.
  5. We can agree to disagree - but that's what makes good conversation.
  6. Of course no one 'knows' what the percentage of distribution is and there is no definitive way to validate it. All we have are our assumptions based on information at hand - even settling on "2,000/3,000" per issue sold, we assume some were returned, we assume some were thrown out at the newsstand, and we assume that single issue readers may or may not have just tossed once read. Either way, the number gets smaller, and smaller, and smaller every variable you toss in. You make some good arguments, but if every newsstand vendor sold multiple copies of every issue at every chain, we would still have Marvel selling at Newsstands today. What's theoretically possible isn't always probable. Absolutely, of course there could be storage full of these things, and thousands of people sitting on them not knowing they even have them, but, they're relatively unavailable at this point in time which makes them rare by definition. Until they're found and available to the market, they'll remain rare. Whether it's 1%, 5%, hell, even 10%, doesn't change the fact that they're hard to find - being hard to find supports the argument of a relatively low print run.
  7. Hey Folks! Thanks for checking in ... any leads on any of these issues would be great - I know a couple are unicorns, but looking for raw copies only unless decently priced slabbed copies.
  8. Looking specifically at Amazing Spider-Man for a moment .... go search for newsstands between issues 500-700 (700 is a bad example since the print run was huge, you can find them easily), and tell me how many you find compared to the direct copies. It's definitely less than 5% of print run. There are some issues I have NEVER laid eyes on, and I've been on the hunt for 3 years (literally search eBay every couple of days for each issue I'm missing) - I'm missing 19 newsstand issues. It's needle in a haystack. Newsstands matter to buyers who know the difference, and they matter more in high grade. This niche market will gain traction with more sellers AND buyers when it's just accepted how rare they actually are - kind of like Direct issues when they first hit the market (hard to find in high grade and distribution was relatively low compared to their newsstand counterpart), or any comic with mark jewellers inserts. People love rare and always want what others don't have - comic lovers just obsess over rarity. just my 2 cents.
  9. Sooooo, like, I love hunting the ASM newsstands - I have oodles and oodles I've amassed over the years ... I'm still 50 short or so between 500-700, and am up for trades/buys if anything cares to help one another!!
  10. Hello Folks. Looking for the following Amazing Spider-Man newsstand and variants. Anyone have anything to offer? Both cash and trade available! 248 Newsstand249 Newsstand252 Toybiz Reprint 265 Canadian Price Variant 330 Vintage Pack Edition 388 Newsstand 389 Newsstand 400 White Cover Variant 408 Bagley White Edition w/ Cassette 416 Newsstand 419 Direct 424 Newsstand 426 Newsstand 427 Newsstand 428 Newsstand 431 Newsstand 432 Newsstand 434 Newsstand 437 Toy Biz Variant 1 Dynamic Forces Variant 17 Newsstand 33 Newsstand 35 Newsstand 40 Newsstand 41 Newsstand 42 Newsstand 43 Newsstand 46 Newsstand 47 Newsstand 48 Newsstand 49 Newsstand 50 Newsstand 51 Newsstand 52 Newsstand 53 Newsstand 54 Newsstand 503 Newsstand 510 Newsstand 512 Newsstand 514 Newsstand 515 Newsstand 218 Newsstand 519 Newsstand 522 Newsstand 525 Newsstand 529 2nd Printing 531 Newsstand 535 Newsstand 537 Second Printing 538 Clayton Crain Variant 538 Midtown Comics NYCC Variant 544 Newsstand 546 Newsstand 546 Not for resale variant 546 Marvels Greatest Comics Variant 552 Newsstand 556 Newsstand 557 Newsstand 558 Newsstand 562 Newsstand 564 Newsstand 565 Newsstand 568 Baltimore/Toronto Fan Expo Variant 570 Monkey Variant 570 2nd Printing Romita Jr . 582 Newsstand 590 Rivera Wolverine Art Variant 592 Newsstand 592 Rivera Wolverine Art Variant 593 Newsstand 596 2nd Printing 599 70's Decade Variant 600 Newsstand 600 Joe Quesada Variant 608 Newsstand 610 Newsstand 612 Newsstand 613 Newsstand 614 Newsstand 616 Newsstand 617 Something is Coming 618 Newsstand 622 Newsstand 625 Newsstand 626 Newsstand 628 Newsstand 631 Newsstand 631 Heroic Age Variant 634 Second Printing 635 Second Printing 636 Newsstand 637 Newsstand 638 Joe Quesada Sketch Variant 638 Fan Expo Canada 2010 639 Joe Quesada Sketch Variant 640 Joe Quesada Variant 640 Joe Quesada Sketch Variant 641 Joe Quesada Sketch Variant 645 Newsstand 645 Bryan Hitch Variant 646 Newsstand 646 Mike Mayhew Vampire Variant 647 Steve McNiven Variant 648 Newsstand 648 Stefano Caselli Variant 648 J Scott Campbell Spider-Girl Variant 648 J Scott Campbell Spider-Girl Variant Sketch 650 Second Printing 651 Newsstand 657 Second Printing 658 Newsstand 661 Mario Alberti Variant 666 Newsstand 666 Midtown Greg Land Variant 667 Gabrielle Dell'Otto Variant 669 Stuart Immonen Variant 669 Stuart Immonen Sketch Variant 669 Ian Knight Variant 669 Captain Four-Color Variant 669 Victor Wooten Variant 669 Charsles Fitzsimmons Variant 670 Newsstand 672 Newsstand 673 Newsstand 674 Newsstand 674 Pasqual Ferry Variant 676 Newsstand 678 Newsstand 678 Joe Quinones Variant 679.1 Newsstand 680 Newsstand 681 Newsstand 682 Newsstand 682 Gabrielle Dell'Otto Variant 683 Newsstand 683 Gabrielle Dell'Otto Variant 683 Second Printing 684 Newsstand 687 Newsstand 687 Mike Perkins Variant 688 Newsstand 688 J Scott Campbell Variant 689 Newsstand 689 Matthew Clark Variant 692 Newsstand 692 Decades 1970's Variant 692 Second Printing 694 Newsstand 699.1 Newsstand 700 Marcos Martin NYC Skyline Variant 700 Joe Quesada Sketch Variant 700 Steve Ditko Variant 700 Midtown J Scott Campbell Variant 700 2nd Printing Humberto Ramos