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  1. These are lovely - wish they were mine -- just amazing
  2. Be really careful with Hawbaker - one of my worst commission experiences ever and I had to write another PRO to get Hawbaker to deliver -- he has outstanding commissions for over 10 years so I would NEVER EVER commission him to do anything. Nor would I buy anything from him unless the item was handed over at the very moment I paid the cash. I would rate Hawbaker's ability to deliver on time as a F. To deliver ever is probably also an F.
  3. Most of you know me by my art collecting (One Minute Later theme and Golden Age) but I've just finished writing a 120+ page graphic novel with art by Ron Frenz and Barry Kitson, Mark Waid serves as editor and we have additional art by George Perez, Steranko, Mark Buckingham, Alan Davis and many more. I know lots of you have asked me how the project is coming -- there are 2 days left on the kickstarter -- you can support it here:
  4. Just 2 days left to get in on this kickstarter - art by Ron Frenz and Barry Kitson + George Perez, Steranko and many more
  5. Hi all, my comic book Kickstarter went live today featuring the return of Golden Age super-heroes in a brand new WW II adventure featuring art by Barry Kitson and Ron Frenz along with a STERANKO variant cover and tons of guest artists doing one -page origins including George Perez, Alan Davis and many more. Great news is there are a ton of original art rewards such as 11 x 17 Alan Davis Commission -- bad news is they are going fast - Bucky is sold out, Perez is sold out, Kitson is sold out so take a look and please support the book https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1522166099/the-liberty-brigade-graphic-novel-100-pages-of-act?ref=discovery&term=the liberty brigade
  6. I believe Dan had the SS cover; the Tombs may have been Hans. I was there. Bought zilch. Still mulling over a classic GA cover that I'd like to buy. M
  7. I'll just add that I have had great dealings with Mike (Romitaman) and that I've bought several items from him shortly after auctions and paid more. Mostly, I kick myself that I should have bought it and I don't begrudge Mike one iota -- buying undervalued assets is very smart. I smile every time I buy it from him but, hey, I'm often glad to know it is still for sale. For what it is worth, I asked Mike about the DD cover and he told me exactly what he said here -- "Had $90 and could let it go for $80" -- I don't want to get dragged into this but I felt compelled to say that I did here the 90/80 from Mike and heard it a day or two later when he reiterated it to a friend of mine at his SDCC booth. M
  8. That is a Finn original -- they are exceedingly rare.....yet, I'm sorry to say, of minimal value. Like many artists, his market will likely skyrocket about his death and people will clamor for his Snoopy renditions....
  9. I had 30-40 longboxes - sold everything for comic art -- I didn't bulk it out until the end as I had a ton of CGC Keys and Golden Age -- all gone.
  10. Hahah - it was great fun to have the NY Times in my house -- my family was impressed. But, I screwed up, shortly after the interview I learned of a FOURTH Hobo character from the Golden Age -- oops
  11. What is a THRID party authenticator? I read it carefully on the AH COA but I don't know what a "Thrid" is?