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  1. Ok final bump and price drop for these. Special Marvel Edition 15 9.4 is now $1100.00 free shipping. Strange Tales 178 8.0 is $80.00 Free Shipping. Thank you
  2. I try not to comment on sales threads but heck yeah it looks like at least a 7.0. Nice example.
  3. Thanks I've been reading it wrong for years. your question- I'm not sure, I didn't try that one.
  4. Also I have a Strange Tales 178 CGC 8.0 for 80.00 Free US shipping. I am the original owner of this one. My ebuy is luvstosplooge68 Thanks again
  5. Hi, I have a real nice Special Marvel Edition 15 CGC 9.4 White pages if anybody's looking for one. This one looks good all around. Graded in 2011 so most likely not pressed. Case is perfect and always bagged/boxed. $1100.00 I'll pay shipping to US. Usual board rules, 1st I'll take it gets it. Paypal or money order only. I ship next day with tracking provided. Thanks
  6. Final price drop before putting it on ebuy. $860.00 Thanks for looking.
  7. Price drop to 875.00 free shipping. As low as I can go. Its been averaging at about 950.00 so far this year. Thanks for looking
  8. Hi, For Sale X-Men 94 CGC 9.0. Looks real nice for the grade. Submitted by me and never pressed. Case is perfect. $900.00 I'll pay boxed priority shipping US only. 1st I'll take it takes it. Paypal or money order only. I ship next day and will provide tracking info. my kudos Thanks
  9. Me too. 1st appearance. And man that 20% buyers premium is crazy, plus probably US sales tax on top of that. Superman 1 5.5 went for 456K. By far the most expensive non 1st appearance around.
  10. Bat 1 went for 175/210 and Cap 1 went for 190/228. So if they were in the same grade Bat 1 would have won by a lot.
  11. So the 3.0 is missing probably 1/6th to 1/4 of one page and it get Greened. The .5 a "Large Piece" of a page and its still Blue. Both comics are missing a part of a page but have different labels. It just seems inconsistent to me how they apply the Green Label. Same with the writing part of it. This one has writing but its blue (and didn't seem to even affect the grade) and this one has writing but its green. Like I said it just seems inconsistent.
  12. I was thinking Everly Brothers not Cars.
  13. Thanks for your time and that very complete answer. Very appreciated.