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  1. kc2112

    Infinite Bronze Horror Thread

    Wow I guess that was Stan who wrote that, or maybe Roy Thomas.
  2. kc2112

    Infinite Bronze Horror Thread

    Here are 2 that just came back from getting new holders. Hooray for me. Took me about 5 years to find and finally nab this Spotlight 2, very elusive.
  3. Nice List. Good Work. So is this a list of most all Marvel Silver Age Comics which sell for at least 1K in 8.0? I don't think Sub-Mariner 1 sells for quite that much however. Perhaps Silver Surfer 4 would be an appropriate replacement? Or JIM 89?
  4. kc2112

    Cold Weather and Shipping

    Yeah it probably did warp it. Shame, it cost 33.00 to get a re-holder plus the cost to ship it to them. On the bright side those new slabs are sweet. I'd like to get all my 2nd gen slabs re-holdered.
  5. kc2112

    Cold Weather and Shipping

    Maybe you can ask your PO to keep it there for pick up if there is a chance they'll be outside all day.
  6. kc2112

    Cold Weather and Shipping

    Unreal. I was just thinking about this because I got a slab in the mail today from comiclink via fed-ex and it was in the teens today. It was outside for no more than 20 minutes but then again how warm can the back of a fed-ex or a PO truck be plus I believe the comic came from Maine. The slab I got was a current generation one and it looks fine (Warlock #1 9.2 hehe). But I don't know Xeno, seems to me that if a slab was outside in below freezing temperature long enough for it to actually freeze then yes it probably can damage the comic. How does it look? What Generation slab is it?
  7. I don't see many surprises in the future as far as Silver and Bronze go. We all know who's who and what's what at this point. The current comics with value will continue to rise slowly and even the non key issues, especially Silver and early Bronze will do the same.
  8. kc2112

    HP 7610 Scanner

    So an 8300 works with windows 10? That is good to know for future reference. Thanks
  9. kc2112

    Infinite Bronze Horror Thread

    You're welcome. Yeah I got a little obsessed with it. Searched for like an hour and nothing. Could it be from something that was never finished or released? Seems to me that Al is going to kill a dog.....maybe they decided to scrap it.
  10. kc2112

    Infinite Bronze Horror Thread

    I searched all of those writers and artists and couldn't find this at all.
  11. kc2112

    Incredible Hulk #181 - is it *that* red-hot?

    CGC 9.0 OW/White sold for 6,400 yesterday with 24 bids. ebay
  12. kc2112

    Advice: Selling Over $10,000 Comic

    Hey everybody, First thanks for all the advice and help. To be clear I can sell this anywhere but not on an account in my name because of the I R S. They have eyes everywhere now. So I'll sell on an account in my friends name since he'll be the one raking in most of the dough. ( I am in possession of the book). So yeah e-bay is definitely out. The possibility of a scam is too great. I sell a lot and I've seen some things, so I can't take that chance. The whole getting back an issue of Teen Vogue thing gives me nightmares. With my luck it would be a justin beeber cover too. I'll be calling Comiclink this week and start the process of getting it on a monthly auction if the conditions are right. I can deal with 10% commission fine, I just hope that is all it is. So thanks again and I'll keep posted how this went.
  13. Hi Everyone. Hoping I can get some help about something. A good longtime friend of mine has an incredible hoard. He has pretty much everything DC, Marvel, and everyone put out from about 1961 to 1980 (I'm Serious) . Plus Hundreds of Golden Age Comics also. Its quite a collection. He's been buying everything in sight since he was a small child. Most of it is mid grade and the Bronze Age ones are mostly VF-NM. I spent a long time inventorying most of it and I still can't figure out how he managed to pretty much not miss a single issue in 20 years. Anyway, he decided to start selling some and I manage his ebay account (meaning I create the listings and ship for him). He just dropped off a bunch of comics and he brought his only graded comic to me to sell. Its a Fantastic Four #1 CGC 4.0. So I saw that on Ebay a few 4.5's sold on auction for over 14K. I figure a 4.0 should get close to that. But I just read that paypal has a 10K sending limit. Selling a comic of this value on ebay already makes me nervous mostly because of their scammer friendly policy. I'm sure many of you have experience in selling comics over 10K. Any advice or suggestions from anyone please? Thank You. PS I can't sell it anywhere on my accounts (Ebay, Comiclink, ect because of the Taxman.)
  14. kc2112

    AF 15 vs ASM 1

    Thanks. I know there is no definitive answer but I wanted to get an idea of the overall consensus and opinions.