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  1. I don't know but finding a cover for it , if thats what one wanted to do, would be nearly impossible I think. But I would say one that you described would be in the 100K ballpark.
  2. Me too. It makes no sense really. Its the same book with the same defects. And I'm still confused how according to gocollect it sold as a 1.0 in March 2019 and as a 1.5 in March 2018.
  3. I'm going to rob a mafia poker game here in Jersey tonight, so if all goes well you'll get your wish.
  4. Well , I've been wrong once or twice before. Actually thousands of times. Actually, I'm probably wrong more than I'm right.
  5. Me too. I think it will end between ONE MILLION DOLLARS! and a little over 1.1 million. To quote Number Two some 20 years ago - "A million dollars isn't exactly a lot of money these days". There are a lot of very very rich people out there and I think at least two of them will be willing to dish out at least a million on this one especially considering how rare one of this grade comes around.
  6. Ok thanks for looking in to that. Just according to Gocollect the 1.5 was sold 3/21/18 on CC and the 1.0 on 3/15/19 on e bay. My brain is not grasping this.
  7. Probably old news but what happened here? A 1.5 in 2018 and a 1.0 in 2019. Resubmitted and got a lower grade or maybe got lowered during a re-holder process?
  8. I don't think it has anything to do with the corona or politics.
  9. One of my two favorite Pre-Bat Detective covers. The guy with the Thompson must have been a terrible shot. Where the heck do you guys find such nice raw books? That one looks so great.
  10. Ah ok. Thanks guys. I'm always trying to learn from the pro's. Can't wait to see some of these auctions at closiing time coming up.
  11. Hi, I'm curious why you feel that way. I looked at both and the 7.0 does look cleaner and a little nicer to me. Just wondering.