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  1. I haven't took inventory lately buy about ten years back I downloaded as many Bugs Bunny cartoons as I could find and labeled them in chronological order. I think I was only missing about 5 of them. And theyre uncensured. Pretty good quality too. I still have them.
  2. Super nice one you got there. Thats the kind of color I was hoping for on mine.
  3. Wow that is a sweet example. Thanks guys for posting that.The cover wrap is perfect as well. Nice.
  4. Thanks Buzzetta for that info and showing me another example. Thanks to everyone. I wasnt expecting an 80 year old book to look like a 9.4 Bronze of course, I just thought the colors would be brighter. Truth is I had the same situation with the only other graded GA book I bought years back which I've since sold, a Detective 103. . I had forgetten about that one. The colors were really dark. I think GA books are best bought in person if possible, well thats a no brainer actually I think another reason might be, and I oould very well be wrong, but just as interior pages darken over time perhaps the paper on the cover darkens as well and it can result on the darkening of colors. Here are a few quick pics of the book. With flash on it looks great. Flash off I guess not too bad.
  5. Wow yeah that is an extreme example I suppose. Thanks for the input Robot Man.
  6. I think if that were to happen yes there would be an intitial BOOM the first time around for each major key. After that I think they may wind up right back where the supply/demand market wants it to be.
  7. Hi Everyone, I'll start from the beginning. My CGC collection ranges from the time period from Fantastic Four #1 until Giant Size X-Men 1. I've always loved Golden Age books especially the artwork and the beautiful cover colors. So many are just absoloutely beautiful. Most of them I've actually seen in person have been at shows which I enjoy drooling to. Ok, so I bought my 1st graded GA book and just recieved it. I am kind of disappointed on the cover color. It appears very dark and dull. Not "Eye Popping" at all. It is a very clean book however. Its an Action Comics 34. I have seen many photos of this book from past sales and in most the colors look very bright and vivid. Yet in person mine looks very blah colorwise. It looks duller and darker in person than in these pictures. So I suppose my questions for the experts are is there much variation in colors in GA books within the same issue numbers? Were some printed bright and bold while others came out dark and dull within the same issue number ? Do some just get dull with age while others stay vivid maybe? Any ideas or comments? Of course one reason I'm wondering is beause I'd like to find another copy of this issue but if they are all like this I think I'll go with a different issue. Ok thanks all.
  8. Hi Everyone, Two nice early Bronze Age Superman books for the taking. Rules: 1st I'll Take It it takes it. I'll sell to anybody because I like you all. Paypal or Money Order only Please. I will send a proper invoice to buyers with all information and a photo included. I can only ship to the address listed on the paypal account. USA and Canada only. I will accept returns if notified within 2 days of delivery. Buyer pays return shipping. I ship within 24 hours of payment USPS Boxed Priority very well packaged. 15.00 shipping cost is included in price within USA. Canada shipping is $25.00 and I will refund the difference if it costs less. Thank you. Superman 233 CGC 9.0 White pages - 360.00 (Last sale was 490.00). SOLD Superman's "Ex-Pal" Jimmy Olsen 133 CGC 9.6 OW/White - 280.00 (Last Sale 6/26 Comiclink 358.00) Not Sold, moved to other venue. Both CGC cases are perfect and always stored bagged and boxed.
  9. Yeah I saw that. Personally most of my returns and non paying buyers have been dogs.
  10. And they actually had the B's to call it The Man Show.
  11. No lady just horny. Looks like ol Brad's just not getting the job done lately up there on Inspiration Point. Maybe if you took off the gloves and stopped being such a prude.
  12. The Mayan calender ended in 2012 and we all died. Since then its all been a computer simulation.