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  1. I just went to the page and found out its gone. I've read it was sold and I've read it was coming back at some point. If anybody knows if and/or when it might be back please post.
  2. Bump and Price Drop to $1,800.00. That's tax free and free shipping. The previous sales in 2019 on this book according to gocollect have been 2,495 2,075, 2,650 2,241 and 2,114.
  3. Hi. I have an Amazing Spider-Man 5 to sell. Graded CGC 7.5 Off White to White pages. CGC # 2037455004. Case is perfect and has been bagged and boxed since new. The price is $1,800.00 which is much lower than it has been selling for. I'll pay shipping USPS insured priority shipping with signature confirmation. Payment methods are Money Order or Cashier's Check. No Paypal. I ship out right away and send tracking info to buyer. Basic rules are: 1st I'll take it posted on this thread takes it over any PM's. No returns please. US shipping only. Thank You The colors are brighter and more vivid than my scanner shows. Scanner also creates some glare along bottom edge of the comic.
  4. Basic board rules: 1st I'll take it takes it. Paypal only. Hi everybody, Just one comic selling for a fair price. Its a Hulk 105 CGC 8.5. Looks nice for an 8.5 and the case is clean and scratch free. I'll sell for 100.00 plus 10.00 towards shipping. I'll ship within 24 hours and send tracking number. Well packaged Priority boxed mail. USA only please. Thanks. I bought and sold a few things prior to making a kudos page. I'm easy to deal with.
  5. Sure were some nice books sold today. I almost pulled the trigger on this one but controlled myself because its an Action 19 that I really want. Looks pretty nice for a 3.0 - $2,880.00
  6. I just saw a few past sales on Heritage. These go for a lot more than I thought. Nice.
  7. Hi, so you had the first 9.8 ever graded? Wow. So if this 90K sale is legit I suppose this is a good day for you.
  8. Really? Thanks, I really needed that boost today. I was wondering if Bid History is available on Heritage. Probably not. Could this have been two or maybe three people just bidding each other up? Once it hit around 45 or 50K I would think most everyone would have just bailed. Also if This turns out to be a bad sale meaning a deadbeat high bidder does Heritage make that known? And my final question to anybody who may want to chime in is do you think this will set a precedent or do you think the next 9.8 will come back down to the around previous level price wise?
  9. This is why I don't post on internet forums much. I obviously got the year wrong. It was 2018 not 2019. But instead of just pointing that know. OH boy do I feel stupid now!
  10. Haha nothing like a good natured ribbing. I was serious when I said Am I missing something. I thought I may have been. I can't believe a comic of that value would more than double in price since the previous known sale. From 38k two months ago to 90k? I can't help but feel something might be not quite right.
  11. Didn't get much last minute action. Looks like 915K w/bp
  12. 780K with 14 hours left. I think its going to sell for between ONE MILLION DOLLARS and 1.1 million, So about 850k without the bp. Some nice stuff going off later today. That TMNT #1 9.8 is at 75k w/bp ? Yikes, I believe the record is 38k.
  13. Very cool. You can't tell they are that big you're right.