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  1. Hi, I've never posted anything in this section before so I hope I'm doing it right. I am auctioning off a run of X-Men books starting tonight starting tonight and ending between 10pm and 11:10 pm EST on April 18th. Issues 95 to 142. VF to VF/NM condition. I will give free shipping to any board member on any purchases totaling $100.00 or higher. Just message me on eebay prior to paying. Thanks for looking.
  2. What is this??????????????
  3. After pondering over the question all week I chose Action Comics 1. But I am very conflicted. Like the time I had to choose between two girls, in the end I chose the one with the nicer feet.
  4. According to this it has 68........ How many does yours have? Readcomicsonline doesn't have it.
  5. Just to be clear on this I created the thread but that is not my comment about "started collecting last month.". The way this is posted it looks like I'm the one who said that, but it was someone else's post.
  6. Gotcha Jazz, my main concern was that after being in a holder for 20 years the book might be stuck in/to the inner well holder.
  7. Thanks! That backing board method is a good idea and on a table is best so it doesn't bend.
  8. Yes, and I'll use an Aquaman book just in case. I do doubt they are completely waterproof or airtight. I'm only saying those inner sleeves look pretty well sealed around the edges. I think they may use a heat sealer to melt the edges together.
  9. Hi everyone, I have an Avengers 16 CGC 7.0 White pages that needs a good home. Rules: 1st I'll take it takes it. I will sell to any member here. Payment is due within 2 days. Paypal only. I will accept returns only if notified within 48 hours of delivery. I will pay usps shipping within the USA. Shipping to Canada is $25.00. I ship within 24 hours of payment and send tracking info same day. This book would sell for around 450 to 525.00 on auction right now I believe. Price here for fellow board members is 425.00 with free shipping. With the 1st apps of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver
  10. Hi, but the inner well holder? That looks like its sealed pretty good. Airtight I'm not sure but they look pretty thoroughly sealed, at least the few I've seen. I wonder if you put a cgc holder under water if the book inside would eventually, sooner or later, become wet.
  11. Hi everyone, I've only cracked maybe 2 or 3 slabs over the years, but they were new slabs a few years old at most. Does anyone know if there is any extra risk in cracking a 1st generation holder that about 20 years old? I've seen comics that were stored in old thick yellowed plastic sleeves for decades and if I recall some were difficult to remove because they were stuck to the plastic. It's probably nothing to worry about. I'm planning on cracking a slab from 2001 containing a Silver Age book and I am a little concerned that after 20 years it may be stuck to the inner well holder which
  12. Either I'm hallucinating or the Sunday night auction was just given another 24 hours. I was waiting for it to begin at 7pm est, at 7:15 it said it will start in 5 minutes. I came back into the room at 7:30 to see if it started and now it says auction starts in 23 hours 20 something minutes. Yeah, ummm. Hmmmm? I hate to be That Guy but I don't think that's quite right. I have some auctions ending on e bay tonight, maybe I could give them another day to get more bids. For some reason the word unethical keeps popping into my head.
  13. Arrived today, the early Post- Robin Detective I wanted. Happy with the overall condition for the grade but those darn rings of newton.
  14. Thanks for the responses. In the e bay photo I posted the book does look low in the holder, but not damaged as it was when I recieved it. But it could have been like that before. The seller although only 24 feedback seems legit when he told me it wasn't like that when he shipped it, and he authorize a return with little resistence. He has a lot of graded cards for sale but few comics and so far so good it seems. It was packed ok but there was a little room for movement in the priority box. The box did have a crease but not any dents. But still with that kind of dent , if it wasn't slabbe