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  1. Hi, Simon. 98 cents? What were you thinking? Oh well win some lose some. I did the same thing on comicconnect with an Avengers 4 by bidding 1550.00, apparently they only accept whole numbers without the decimal point which is the opposite of comiclink in which you must enter a decimal point followed by .00. ( If I am wrong about that please correct me). Still bothers me. Then it showed up on ebay a month later for 850.00 more and the guy wouldn't budge. Anyway you'll find a nicer one with a back cover some day. Or maybe this one will pop up again. All things things come to those who wait
  2. Yes, there it is. A slightly lower commision fee. It may have even been a smarter play that way because the BP is going to cause a lot of people to just not bid at all. Changing the usual business protocol in order to obtain a consignor, who does he think he is Frankie Valli or some big shot?
  3. Hi sky, so are you saying that all the books in the next auction with a 15% bp are from the same consignor? If so does that mean it won't be a regular thing on all other books in the future?
  4. I completely agree. At this point I have 25 books in my watchlist, 22 of them say a 15% BP will be added but 3 of them don't. I don't know why. But you are right about avoiding bidding I feel because to CC this is sort of a test run and if people continue to bid with wreckless abandon like they have been more and more in each big auction lately the 15% will turn into 20% sooner than later. As it is the past few months most of the books I've been waiting for have gone up considerably, last thing I need is to add another 15 or 20% (plus tax on that) to it.
  5. Ok all true I suppose but that stuff doesn't indicate which is a more accurate and/or consistent grading company. CGC is more popular but they were there first by like 15 years.
  6. Both of your posts have made me think, given me food for thought, sparked my imagination so to speak. Personally I have never submitted to CBCS. However most of the books I've seen graded by them seem to be accurate. Perhaps I have noticed less White page CBCS GA and SA's but I can't be certain. As far a resubbing I have cracked a couple of CGC books over the years, had them pressed, and resubmitted. If I recall they both got a one point grade bump upwards. I always thought most people crack the case and then send it in raw then hope for the best. Will CGC even take a resubmission
  7. 9.0 Curator pedigree last sold in 2010 for 145,000 is being offered again.
  8. First , wonderful looking book. Second, wow. They weren't even slightly brittle, they were full on full scale full blown brittle. Plus a grade and a half bump up. Seems like a good opportunity to say "Well I'll be a Monkeys Uncle".
  9. Well thank you for your input woo. I appreciate it. Thank you for you candor. I wish more would help me out with my query however (hint hint). To be clear however I didn't say I like either better, but I suppose I would rather have the 4.0 only because there is no restoration other than the trimmed cover. If there was either the slightest other resto I would choose mine because I hate trimmed anything. I believe even if one page is trimmed it is considered restored no matter what, don't you? But my opinion doesn't matter, I wanted to hear the thoughts of others when it comes to
  10. I'll bite. Does it have to be a book we currently own or any book at all? I'm thinking the former?
  11. Hi, I couldn't find the Action Comics thread even though I searched for 10 minutes so here I am. Looking for a little input if anyone is willing. This Action Comics 23 Restored 4.0 just sold for 10,200 on Heritage. I was surprised it went for that much. Notice it has a Trimmed Centerfold. This one is close in grade and has a Married Centerfold. Sold in 2020 for 3,600. Full disclosure I currently own t
  12. Thank you. Or you can wait a few months until your 9.6 is selling for 3K. Joking , kind of. I think Star Wars 1 is a good example of not supply and demand but irresponsible, uncontrolled, inexperienced bidding. Which I think may be the main reason there has been such a spike in auction prices of so many books (sports cards as well). A few weeks ago a Batman 181 9.8 went for 90K. Sure, there is only 3 of them. Detective 359 9.8 - 120K , there is only 6 of them. A few days ago Batman 227 9.8 went for 31K (when there was one on sale for 9K). The last sale was in 2019 for 5K (9 9.8's o
  13. 4,560? Looks to me by recent happenigs that the hobby is being overrun by people who have no idea what they are doing. For example this book is everywhere, not hard to find. But it seems people I'm asumming are new to auctions are just bidding with no self control instead of waiting for the next one to come. I'm pretty sure its not people who have been into comics for a while like most of us are who are driving the prices into Never Never Land.
  14. I added up his first action totals and it came to 1.4 million. I just added up this past auction and it came to almost 800,000. I'd say Randy's troubles are over. Kind of sad in a way seeing that collection broken up, could have made a museum out of them. Holy cow there's more? The fun never ends.
  15. I suppose many of you know who currently owns that 9.4 Marvel 1 (I don't). I suppose if they let it loose now they'd make a great profit. I'd like to see that. I'd also like to see one of the four 6.0 or higher Superman 1's come around to see where they would land at these days. I don't think any of them have been offered for at leat 20 years. I know.