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  1. Yes...but have to use cgc fast track as well....most would probably say to have the book pressed prior to submitting. Will more than likely be cheaper and faster
  2. They must have new graders....I went 37 of 40 and didn't take any out of the bag when I selected...Never been better than 75% on half a dozen 9.8 prescreens
  3. My 9.8 Prescreen Received Mar 8th Shipped Today!
  4. Current turnaround times are posted under the submit tab>service and fees...remember its Business days... Also check the Comics General Forum for a current turnaround time thread from actual submitters
  5. Mine went to Grading/Quality Control this AM....Didn't realize they posted REJECTS in this New Status...Thanks...Had 37/40 not say Reject...Only actually expect 75% or so to pass
  6. Is that a typo? I have some received on March 8th that still haven't been graded.....
  7. I am on Day 36 of a 9.8 Prescreen received Mar 8th....current TaT has 37 days for Prescreen... Still showing SFG...
  8. most grades of ASM 194 has been rising. Two years ago you could get a CGC 9.4 for 250ish...Now $350ish. 9.0's are selling for $200-$225. I used to be able to get decent Raw copies all the time for around $ they routinely go for over $100. I have 50 copies of the book. Including 20 that are graded.
  9. SFG is the new verified...I have books that have been SFG for 4 weeks now.
  10. gregwynn

    Reholder Fee

    SFG is the new verified. Goes straight from Rcvd to SFG.
  11. SFG is the new Verified. Will go to Grading/Quality Control when they are close to being Graded. My submission was in SFG for 3 weeks...
  12. Not sure what you are asking. I pressed my books prior to submitting. CGC received them on 2/18 and they shipped yesterday 3/20. Went to Grading/Quality Control on 3/15.
  13. My modern non fast track received on 18 Feb shipped today!
  14. Yes slow track only. Had them pressed before sending in...yours aren't even SFG?