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  1. I haven’t received mine yet. So awesome that it’s double signed.
  2. Wow. That Metal Cover. Might have to treat myself to the CGC SS series as a Christmas present to myself.
  3. Looking forward to the cover reveal. Maybe tomorrow?
  4. Got mine in as well. I’m so glad that they got 9.8s on these with all the trouble with the print run on issue 1. It looks really amazing. My first SS series from Dell Otto
  5. This one has started out super hot on the preorders. I’m sure it will come down after it’s out but for a 1:50 these sales are a little crazy right now
  6. This is the image eBay sellers are using for the 1:50. Still not confirmed yet. Some retailers are already selling out and there is one Ebay sale for $130. It will be interesting to see where this one lands
  7. Awesome! One of his best covers no doubt about it
  8. Yea usually 1:50 start around $50 but depending on the price point of the regular cover and the artist they are starting much higher. The 1:100 Adam Hughes for Thor 700 preorder price was close to $200 because the regular cover was $7.
  9. Yea it’s a speculation at this point. I’m looking forward to the cover reveal
  10. There is speculation that this commission piece will be used for the 1:50 incentive cover for Venom Inc. #1. Preorders are starting at $100
  11. It’s a great cover. X-23 is one of the hottest characters in the Marvel U right now. It just doesn’t get better than Dell Otto. My favorite artist working right now
  12. Bulletproof just put Metal 4 Dell Otto cover on their website. A pretty intense design for The Flash!
  13. I like the NYCC cover better as well. What's more Metal than flaming swords?
  14. I will check them out. Since Rick Remender is heavily involved in the writing of the pilot I have very high hopes that it will be a great show. I just think one of the other networks that have a good reputation developing comic based material and promoting them heavily would've been a better choice. Obviously as a creator if you don't get offers or are asked to relinquish control then you would have to say no. In order for a comic tv show to be successful you are going to have to get people outside the comic world to watch your show. Deadly Class sells roughly about 20,000 books a month. They are going to have to get the non comic book fan on board I sure hope Syfy is up to the task. My wife and I love the comic and have been reading since issue 1 so definitely looking forward to it!