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  1. Have a really nice looking Hulk #1 1.8 ow CGC copy and looking to possibly trade for a 3.5-4.0 ASM #1 Thanks 👌
  2. Hi I just picked up a ASM 14 4.5 white page CGC nice looking copy if it intrests u. cheers
  3. Looking for a FF 53 9.0 white page..
  4. I have a 3rd print high grade raw over 9.0 signed by Stan Lee personally in 2012.. For sale
  5. The black covers are a "Error Priint" and was corrected when noticed on the press.. Any black error covers that were sent out were recalled to the shop owners. That being said yes they are rarer then the Greg Land variants 1:25 that had a run of 400.. So these I would assume are way lower then the Greg Lamd 1:25 cover. Anyone who says there the same as the purple first print is dead wrong. They fetch a higher premium. Only reason why CGC doesn't recognise it as a black error one is because there is no number count on how many actually made it to the shelves.. But they are indeed extremely hard to find.
  6. Long shot but looking to buy a “Out of this World #17” by Alas UK 1963. It reprints the Amazing Fantasy 15 story inside.
  7. Hi im looking to trade my Superman 199 9.0 for any X-men 94 8.5 CGC white page X-men 101 9.2 CGC white page, GSX #1 6.0 CGC Asm 31 8.5 CGC ASM 129 7.0 CGC FF 49 7.0 CGC any one of these books I’d do for a trade. Thanks
  8. I got a gorgeous 9.0 perfect centering with “white pages” PM me..
  9. Got a big book for this big book .. If you have a Hulk 181 9.6 white page let me know cheers
  10. Looking to see if anyone has a nice 4.5 CGC for trade for a AF 15 2.5 ow/w CGC and 2.0 ow CGC copy Thanks
  11. Looking for a white page ASM #1 CGC let me know if anyone has for sale. Even a sharp looking ow/w il take Thanks