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  1. Bueller Bueller Bueller looking for ASM #6 white page if possible Mid grade or Mid grade+ 5-6.0 first Lizard.. 🤔🤔
  2. X-men I love as the best group or team 100%!! Spot on. I watched the cartoons back in the 90s and that was it for me also with the amazing Spider-Man cartoon was my thing 😀👏
  3. No other character more popular then Spider-Man or Batman.. Superman I love but in today's world he doesn't fly..
  4. Well said.. Anyone who owns this historic book and character congrats.. 👏👏👏
  5. Great quote.. I have several AF 15s aswell and yes I don't stress what it's worth up or down. I just know just having them and key ASM issues is what I love collecting and cherishing. Enjoy the hobby folks stop stressing on investment gain on what u love collecting.
  6. 100% when desperate people need cash they will cause a cascade of a mess storm when a book drops because they will take what they can. You wanna save the comic market from dropping stop selling on auctions without a reserve.. If they don't sell ah well..
  7. A 5.0 was going for 10k in 2013 I remeber it well and it doubled to 20k in 2014/15. Has this taken a huge step backwards ooooh my tell me it isn't so... 😳😳😳 This is not I repeat not a good time to sell unless u litterly have no other choice. And this wil def leave u speechless when finally sales are final.. As Harry Carrey once said. Holy Cow!!!'
  8. Have we seen the end of high dollar Grail silver age keys? I think so.. Unless they are a Af 15 7.0 and over or for that matter any top silver age marvel over 7.0 will survive a crash better then the lower grades will.. Most sellers who deal in Grail marvel silver keys will have a cut off price before they loose there shirts and completely tank a book just to get any price out of it.. It's pure suicide of anyone does that. I would rather take a Af 15 3.0 or whatever grade for that matter to the grave then cut my throat and take 30-50% loss..
  9. Hey dude PM here and send a pic if u can. Thanks
  10. It's a great copy.. I can only say I'm so sorry what's happend and hope things improve for you.. What's happening today isn't really good for the world right now..
  11. Trying to find for sale a Tmnt #3 9.8 white page Raphael #1 9.8 white page ASM #6 5-6.0 ow/w or white page