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  1. I hate to break it to u Ryan but I don't collect moderns and hate to burst this plucky ducks bubble but having a book not professionaly valued by a qualified insurer means u could have whatever book u think is 1 million dollars and say it's worth whatever.. Amatuers I deal with really makes me laugh
  2. To say there is a higher grade Action Comics #1 out there then the one that was sold I believe 9.0 a few years ago for over 2 million is like me saying I have seen big foot. Oh I've heard this story a million times like Moby tale of the so called Dentist who has this copy just like the Duke of England no pun intended.. There's always someone saying soemthing and never have proof to back it up. I can say I have seen Aliens in my back yard and would my word be enough to say it's true? Of course not...but what amuses me the most from this hobby is facts.. When there is facts then there is proof,I'm sure there is plenty more Action Comics #1 out there just like Albedo 2 but the fact remains when u collect in this hobby and know a piticular value to something no one in there right mind is going to leave it ungraded for a certain amount of time. Every major book has a value to it once it is graded and with that grade comes "monetary"value. You don't stick a book in a blank vault let's say with a raw copy of Marvel Comics #1 and not having the book evsluated because that's like putting a IOU stub inside saying this is worth 100,000.. Eveything has "MONETARY" value. Insurance purposes for those who are smart.. Would u get your house uninsured?...The point is simple every major collector who collects comics seriously knows what the value is to their books they collect or what they see from over street to Cgc forum sites and most of all "eBay".. Ultimate fallout four how many are graded? Quite a lot aren't they.. You know why because people are cashing out at the right time. So to end this debate on a proper note anyone who has a book that has a massive value to it like Action 1 or TMNT 1 to etc has them graded because it's the smart thing to do. Next time you go driving your car don't insure it and see what taking ur chance happens...
  3. Then I guess Action comics #1 isn’t as rare also If everything is based off of census status correct??. Must be hoards of collectors who have thousands still locked away in their closets. Statistics that show how much is graded indicates what might be out there outside the census. To say for certain there not rare means someone obviously hasn’t a copy nor can’t except they are a rare book to find and aquire. But again what do I know I’ve only been a collector seller for over 20 years who’s had over 2 copies of Superman 1 to countless other I guess non rare items. It amazes me the defence mechanism one feels soon as one who hasn’t a book has to conjure a non evidence proof to their beliefs to make them think their right. I guess everything that is supposedly rare really isn’t then because of one persons opinion next to what is reality
  4. Thought I’d test the waters if anyone had a ASM #1 1.5 CGC copy for sale. 👌
  5. Whaaaaat that makes absolutely no sense at all...
  6. To say 2000 of them survived even 35yrs later is like saying I bought a loaf of bread back then and it's still as fresh today as it was back then.. SMH.. If there was then why isn't the market flooded with say 5-10 copies of it on eBay? No one is selling or are there as many out there as less then 200 are graded and 1800 still in raw state in collections? Far cry There's over 10 copies of AF 15 on every given day on eBay and yet you would think there would be more Albedo 2s? You sure about that they all survived? Let’s looks at Spider-Man #1in 1984 from 21yrs since 1963..Now how many survived? 1000-5000 as the census shows today there isn't even 5,000 copies around on census though it had a print run of what 200,000 copies? Are there 100,000 copies still floating around? And yet Albedo 2 to say has a survival rate of 100% after 21yrs in 2005 to 35yrs later today is as much chance as it raining in the arctic in Jan .
  7. Nope if in raw state unrestored il be glad to have also.. For the PC
  8. somewhere in these numbers for FMV
  9. Depending on the condition.. Do u have one for sale if so what condition is it in??
  10. Looking for a Albedo #3 if anyone has a nice copy for sale LMK.
  11. I know one dealer in piticular who had those TMNT issues and now sold most of them off. As for Albedo 2 popping up more as shows return there as rare seeing them at show as would be Elvis Presley returning to the stage
  12. Every major show I have attended each year mind u I have never seen 1 copy of Tmnt 1 first print nor Albedo 2 in a span of 25yrs.. That alone says a lot
  13. I would bet also all day long there isn’t
  14. The book is 36yrs old as is Tmnt 1 the odds of there being close to the original numbers printed in collections is as much chance there being 500 ActionComics #1 copies in grandpas old chest in the attic
  15. I seriously doubt there are close to 2000 in existence that’s like saying there would be close to 3000 first print copies of Tmnt #1 and 2000 still in raw state because collectors like them raw